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10 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools To Power Your Workstation

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In this post, I have gotten a chance to look at a few of the more beneficial social media scheduling tools. We all know how necessary it is to have closeness on social media, both for businesses and for people wishing to be perceived as influencers.

It can be exciting to keep an active social presence without taking over a sizable cut of your time and consideration.

Customers anticipate the firms they deal with to be running online now. Indeed it is often seen as a fundamental trust metric.

Several social networks have several peak times when their users are most active. 

If you want to mesh with as many of your audience as achievable, you need to post at the top times.

It would be near improbable for a business to get all of their posts “live.” It would be a highly unproductive use of their time and quickly ‘a social media manager’s life. 

In conclusion, software providers have grown up with solutions to make social media posting flexible. You can design and bulk schedule various posts at once. You can also do this at a time that satisfies you, and then uses your option to deliver your posts at the most suitable times.

With social media scheduling tools, you can conduct your social account efficiently. They also provide you time to plan and push more content. Your viewers will expect posts at a specific time, and your post scheduler does it more likely that you can make that occur. 

Social media management tools will help you manage multiple social profiles in one place, schedule posts in advance, run contests, track analytics across platforms, and the list goes on. The social media scheduler really are game-changers for your social strategy!

And lucky for you, I’ve rounded up a list of the ten best free social media scheduling tools to incorporate into your marketing strategy, starting with my personal favorite, Social Champ!

Top 10 Social Media Scheduling Tools at Your Disposal

1- Social Champ

Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

One of the top features of Social Champ when it comes to social media scheduling is the Bulk schedule feature. 

Social Champ provides a CSV template where you fill-up the details of your post, and the rest is taken care of by them.

The other valuable feature from Social Champ is their Post Repetition tool.

With post repetition, you can repeat a post on Social Media several times, and after specific time gaps. This makes sure that your content is always getting eyeballs.

This is a must-have feature if you are a social media influencer or marketer. The reason behind this is, the change of content in social media feeds is so rapid. In a few hours, feeds entirely change, and to make sure your content is visible, you’ll need to repeat posts. You can automate this with Social Champ, which makes it a breeze on social media. 

Social Champ makes scheduling look like child’s play among the other social media scheduling tools, starting from $10/month on a professional plan with two accounts.

2- Buffer


Buffer works a freemium model, where you can schedule 10 social updates for no charge, or with a prepaid plan, you can engage in unlimited scheduling. This gives an amateur enough opportunity to discover whether social media automation is likely to value them.

As its name shows, Buffer allows you to raise a selection of relevant posts you need to share, which can then schedule to operate out at more suitable, relevant times for your audience.

It enables you to customize your messages for the various social networks. The Buffer web browser extension and the mobile app make it simple to quickly add web page links, titles, and images to your Buffer schedule.

It recommends the most suitable times for you to post to each of your networks. Buffer also contributes to analytics showing how successful your posts were.

3- Hootsuite


Hootsuite enables you to schedule posts to publish at your selected time in the future. Depending on the plan you prefer, you can post to a broad range of social accounts. You can both produce posts yourself for future (or certainly current) publishing, or you can select existing posts to post in the coming days ahead.

Hootsuite maintains a wide range of platforms, including individual accounts, business pages, and other social activity types.

It does extend a free plan, which limits you to scheduling 30 messages across three social profiles.

The $30 / month Professional plan is more convenient, allowing you unlimited scheduling over ten social profiles. At this level, you can insert up bulk scheduling as well.

If you have especially serious social media scheduling requirements, there are also a $129 / month Professional plan and a $599 Business plan, each additional computing feature.

4- AgoraPulse


AgoraPulse is of the most affordable social media scheduling tools for teams and agencies. It allows four plans from $39 per month aimed at Solos, to a $239 Enterprise plan. The principal difference between each choice is the number of social profiles and users provisioned for, although there are also variations in data retention and ad comment monitoring.

You can work with AgoraPulse to publish, engage, report, and collaborate with your social networks. It champions Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +, and YouTube.

You can post to all of your social accounts centrally, with a queue or schedule guaranteeing your content is delivered at the most desirable times. It allows you to re-queue or reschedules evergreen posts. You can tweak each post to take advantage of features particular to each social network.

5- Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media scheduling tool. It permits you to both schedule and post beyond multiple networks. Marketing teams can utilize it for collaboration, with user-level permissions providing explicit access to marketing managers, writers, and everyone in between to add to a social media calendar.

Sprout Social’s calendar feature gives the team a bird’s eye view of what’s being distributed and promoted daily.

The package also incorporates a variety of social media analytics to understand how well different pieces of content function.

Plans vary from $99 to $249 per month after a free 30-day trial.

6- Later


Later lets you post to a diversity of social networks, but its primary stress is on Instagram. Unlike many social media scheduling tools, you begin a post in Later with an illustration, rather than its text. You upload the picture to Later and then create the accompanying caption.

It can initially be intimidating to set up Later to post straight to Instagram (thanks to Instagram’s revamped API). Still, once you have developed your Instagram account to either a Business or Creator account, the method becomes easy.

At the core of Later, you have a Media Library. You create each post by uploading pictures to your Media Library, and they remain accessible for future posts. In advance to that, You can attach notes and labels to your media pieces and add a star to any image you want to highlight. You can strain your photos in many ways.

Also, you can upload and administer videos if you have one of Later’s paid plans. Later also encourages you to upload and produce Stories for Instagram.

With Later’s Quick Schedule, you can use the feature of drag and drop posts into time cuts in your schedule. This is Later’s equivalent of a queue. Later populates your subsequent open time slot with your media posts.

Having Later’s business plans mean you have admittance to Conversations. Conversations enable you to manage your Instagram comments right inside Later.

7- CoSchedule


CoSchedule presents a way for you to schedule and plan your marketing. For an entrepreneur or influencer, this may just include coordinating your blog and social media posts. If you are a company, you may have other retailing activities that need to be centrally coordinated. It even enables agencies to manage all of their outlines for every client.

Social media scheduling, therefore, is just one component of CoSchedule’s offering.

Plans begin at $60 per month. This provides you one integrated calendar, with blog and marketing schemes, and all-in-one social development. You also accept email marketing integrations and business analytics. The more valuable Professional and Enterprise plans add extra features, mainly related to other marketing campaign projects.

You can efficiently maintain and publish all your blog content and social improvement in one place. You can produce a standalone social campaign or attach a social campaign to any project. Your promotion can exist in the same area as your planning, so your entire team is on the same page.

You can quickly schedule posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

8- MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar allows most of the usual tools enabling you to schedule content across a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They require the addition of Instagram and Pinterest soon. Technically the tool is described as Edgar – and the webpage/app is where you “meet” Edgar.

You can utilize it to queue your content as feasible with a minimal preoccupation on your part. Also, you can produce multiple categories for different content types, such as promotional materials, blog posts, quotes, and questions. You use the social media calendar to continue post categories when you need them to go out.

It executes reposting evergreen content incredibly simple. Edgar salvages your updates over time, so your posts don’t go to waste after their original publishing. Edgar automatically reuses your content over time; it enhances visibility to more people and different audiences, without you doing any additional work.

MeetEdgar grants a single clear pricing plan – $49 per month, with reductions to military and non-profit users.

9- Feedly


Feedly lets you classify the blogs you follow into feeds so you can quickly group similar topics. When you have similar posts in one feed, you can inspect everything from that feed and disregard the other, less related feeds. Feedly is a strong feed reader that aggregates knowledge from around the web into one handy place. You can use it to see updates on any topic you’re involved in, whether they come from social media posts, news, blogs, RSS feeds, or other origins.

The best element about Feedly is that you can utilize it to share social media content. The power social media scheduler allows you to schedule the same bit of content multiple times in the future. I would suggest only using this feature to list out tweets. You can then eliminate and edit the section of content to say whatever you would prefer. It’s nice to have no longer to emphasize finding 3rd party content to share on your social platforms and not have to a billion different websites when you’re available to schedule.

10- SocialOomph


With SocialOomph, you can maintain your Twitter accounts for free. This includes scheduling your tweets for Twitter, tracking keywords, collecting and reusing drafts, and more. You can combine and manage up to five Twitter accounts (extensive with the paid plan).

If you sign-up for a Professional account ($25 per month), you obtain similar Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn features. You also earn the ability to tweet via email and schedule and post blog posts.

With the paid plan, you can handle all of your tweets (for all of your Twitter accounts) from one Tweet COCKPIT. This enables you to combine your timelines and pull in further tweets containing specific keywords despite whether you follow the tweeter.

One unique feature available to SocialOomph Professional users is self-destructing (time-limited) refreshes for Facebook and Twitter. These concede you to post updates to Twitter and Facebook that will automatically be removed from your Twitter account / Facebook feed after a time you select.

You can also fix up recurring updates, which publish at regular interludes (hours, days, or weeks). You can provide alternative text options so that each post is not identical.

Conclusion – Social Media Scheduler – A Blessing?

Companies give a lot of money these days, creating killer content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the numerous other social media platforms out there. Whatever business you’re in, reaching your customers, clients, and readers relies a meaningful amount on social media sites’ ubiquity.

But there’s no point spending time and resources on fantastic Facebook posts and tremendous tweets if you don’t know how to monitor their impact and influence effectively—counting how many followers you have only told part of the story.

For example, while social media is often granted essential by companies, they often don’t understand that social media audiences are not in a transactive state of mind. So, direct sales don’t usually work unless time-limited. However, as communication platforms for brand development, social media can be beneficial.

Getting the most out of your chosen social media platforms will be an integral part of your content marketing as part of your overall online marketing strategy. 

This is why we tried making your work easy by giving you the value of social media scheduling tools.

Social media scheduling tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- What are a social media scheduling tools?

Ans- Social media scheduling tools are automation tools that help you schedule social media posts for multiple social media accounts ahead of time. You can not be active by yourself on social media all the time, so using a social media scheduler helps you be proactive.

Q2- What are the best social media scheduling tools?

Ans- The best social media scheduling tools are Social Champ, AgoraPulse, Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, SocialOomph, MeetEdgar, etc.

Q3- What is the best free social media management tool?

Ans- There are many high-quality social media scheduling tools, most come at a cost. Some offer a free trial like Social Champ, Buffer, TweetDeck, Socialoomph, Later, etc.

Q4- Why social media tools are the most useful for business?

Ans- They all make the process of managing your social media accounts more manageable. The various social networks have different peak times when their users are most active. If you want to engage with as many of your audience as possible, you need to make posts at these peak times. Using these tools, you can design and bulk schedule multiple posts at once at the optimal times.

Happy Scheduling!
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