5 Reasons to Switch Your Instagram Personal Profile to Business Profile
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5 Reasons to Switch Your Instagram Personal Profile to Business Profile


5 Reasons to Switch Your Instagram Personal Profile to Business Profile

Instagram has always been a hub of selfies, outfit of the day, pets, food and all the random things in life that help people get through their day in peace and happiness. It is wild and hot on one side but really calming and soothing on the other side. Celebrities have used Instagram for their publicity, and people have even used Instagram to rant about their struggles and the things they had for dinner or just things they did with their friends. But recently, Instagram has taken a change in their pace by introducing their business side to all the users. [bctt tweet=”Converting the profile from personal to a business one comes with great powers too, like contact button and insights and much more that are covered in this blog. The business profile works as the face of your business.” username=”@SocialChampSays”]

You don’t have to beat yourself up with the dreading question of whether to change your personal profile to a business profile or not because we have jotted down a few pros of this situation. They are;

1. Insights

‘Insights’ is basically an option for analytical tracking of your posts and looking into the demography of your followers. Please don’t get thrown away because of the fancy words like analytical, demography, etc., they are very easy to understand and thankfully the team of Instagram has made it quite simple for us to see right through the brain of our profile and function accordingly.

First of all, the insights will show the performance of a week of the profile, meaning, number of views, reach, impressions, number of website clicks, increase in followers etc.

Secondly, it will break down the demography of the followers by age, location, gender and the time of the day that the followers were most active at. Also, it shows the days of the week where followers were more interested in the posts rather than usual. This helps in knowing if you need to change the content strategy according to the age, gender or the country where the posts are most viewed in.

Thirdly, and also most importantly, ‘Insights’ lets you view all your historic posts by impressions and engagements. The posts can date back a week, a month, 3 months or as old as 2 years.

In short, ‘Insights’ is an option that has all the activity of your profile packed into one convenient package, that is on the backend of Instagram.

2. Contact Buttons

Instagram offers wiggle room when it comes to information on a business profile. A personal account limits itself to a cramped-up space of just 150 characters to define you but when it comes to a business account, it might not seem like much, but, when you’re already stressed trying to figure out how to include all of your need-to-know information in your Instagram bio, having those extra features of adding a call, text, email or a direction’s button, certainly helps.

Needless to mention, the link in the bio can give enough leverage to the profile owners to add a connection to the website of their business. What it does is set up a marked divert URL as your profile link, which can be pointed towards any page you like when you publish a post. It makes it extremely easy to send individuals to various greeting pages, blog entries, and limited time offers without changing your profile interface.

3. Swipe-Up

Don’t you get tired of the whole “Link in the bio” and “If you want more info go to the bio” shebang? I know, I am. But once you hit a 10k target on your Instagram profile and start having that ‘celebrity of the businesses’ feeling, you unlock the best Instagram feature that enables you to add links to your stories. All you have to do is make stories sexy enough to make your followers swipe up and go to the link provided, which of course, will be a link of the webpage or the blog posts of your business. And just like that, BINGO! You get your audience, your views, your subscriptions and that’s how you grow your business.

You can’t obviously change the bio every time you want to connect your followers to the link to that new post that you’ve posted, it will become way too tedious. Also, going to the post, then going to the profile, then clicking the link in the bio, only then finding oneself on the page of that particular business, it’s just a lot of steps and to be honest, people nowadays try to be faster than they were yesterday. So, the best thing about this feature is that you can have different links in different stories.

This is exactly why swipe-up is one of the most powerful features of the business profile and also a game changer because it is the best way to drive traffic from Instagram to an external source.

4. Posts as Ads

All the hype of any business can easily be created through ads. The inspiring example is of the first ad on Instagram of the fashion brand, Michael Kors. The ad itself got about 4 times the number of likes the brand would get on its non-promoted posts. Imagine the business they would’ve done!

For these ads to work, there are just two things that you need, a. A business profile on Instagram, and b. A Facebook page, and BOOM! You become the champ at advertising your product on Instagram.

5. Promotions

Instagram has the same powerful and influential tool as Facebook, with the help of an Instagram business page you can start, run and track promotions as sponsored posts in people’s feeds. It is done almost exactly as the promotions or boosts on Facebook pages work.

-Creating an Instagram Business Profile:

Now that you’re caught up on the benefits of Instagram business profiles, it’s time to make the switch! Fortunately, switching to an Instagram business account is actually very simple and can be done within the mobile app:

• Go to your profile and tap the “gear” icon.

• Tap “Switch to Business Profile.”

• Select the Facebook page that you’d like to connect to your Instagram business account. If you don’t see your business’ Facebook page as an option, make sure that you’re listed as an admin in the settings menu. Once the correct Facebook page appears, select it and tap “Next.”

• Choose a category. Make sure your profile is set to public. Private accounts can’t switch to business accounts.

• On the “Set Up Your Business Profile” page, review your business’s contact information, including your phone number, physical address, and email. Once everything looks good, tap “Done” to save your Instagram business account settings.


Now that your business account is all set to go, your customers can reach out to you directly through your profile. You can also view follower Insights and promote your posts, all within the app!

As a business on Instagram, with clear marketing goals, the upsides that come with switching from a personal profile to a business profile, totally outweigh the downsides! You shouldn’t really overthink about converting your profile, don’t let speculations hold you back. Just keep yourself stress-free and adapt to the situation. Because, at the end of the day, you can always switch back to a personal profile from a business profile if you decide that you don’t like features.
The best part about having a separate business profile is that you can have a personal profile all dedicated to you and pictures of cute puppies and kitties or food or whatever your cup of tea is!