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Growth Hacking Tip: How to Auto-Response User’s Comments with a Chatbot

Growth Hacking Tip: How to Auto-Response User’s Comments with a Chatbot

Have you ever come across a situation where you see a beautiful product posted by a brand and people start asking for the pricing?

Or starts praising the product right in the comments?


You spend tons of money on a Facebook advertisement to generate engagement on your Facebook posts while Facebook sends you valuable engagement. Maybe your support and responses are too slow that your ads-budget goes in vain.

At Social Champ, we also believe in conveying out cool social media hacks to improve your brand visibility and conversions.

One of such tools, we recently discovered is Botsify.

Botsify allows you to create all Chatbots for Facebook, as well as for your website and Amazon Alexa. Whenever someone asks me about the best Chatbot builder, my ‘goto’ choice is this platform. Building automated conversations is as easy as talking to someone! And extensive documentation does the rest.

In this growth hacking tip, I am not going to teach you how to build a chatbot. But using “Auto Respond on Comments” feature of Botsify along with Social Champ to convert your leads into conversion

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Create an engaging Post with Social Champ

Writing engaging content is art, well many of us are functional on this. Sign up with your social media profile at Social Champ and integrate your Facebook pages.


Choose the page that you want to post your content on and post instantly.

Here you can check the preview of what is going to post on the Facebook page.


Sign up at Botsify and create your Bot

Head over to (sign up with Facebook). Once login you will see a dashboard like in the screenshot.


Choose “Bot for Facebook,” name it, and connect it to the same page on which content was posted in the first step.


Create “Media Blocks.”


Choose “Option Media Block”


This is the message you want to send to people when they comment on your Facebook post.



Create the Comment Option

Now that we have created the message to send it to our users. It will tell when to send this message, i.e., to which keyword and which particular post. Obviously, we don’t want our message to be sent to every Facebook post.


Now choose “Comment Option” feature.


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And then choose the keyword and my page. See multiple keywords can be given to send this message on.


And here is how it works!



Not only that but  also get complete stats on how many people ever commented with this keyword on the post right in


We hope you can already think of tons of new ideas you can implement using this growth hack. Instant replying your users is the key to success in your social media business.

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