Social Media Posts - How Images Are Important For Social Media Content
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How to Make Your Social Media Posts For Marketing Better with Images?

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How to Make Your Social Media Posts For Marketing Better with Images?

Allen Klein, an award-winning expert keynote speaker, once remarked that 80% of what people learn is through social media posts.

We all know that images are a vital element of any blog or social media posts. 

Besides the fact that they might be compulsory in some formats, they also make your post more charming and attractive.

They are a crucial part of content marketing, as people tend to look at the image first and then decide if they will read your headline (and what else comes after it).

We live in the age of the “camera in everyone’s pocket.” 

With more than 2.5 billion camera phones in use, we are entering a new dynamic era around image creation and content.

Marketing firm MDG Advertising discovered that content that was paired with an image attracted 94% more views on average than content without visuals. 

Is “a picture worth 1,000 words?” Definitely yes — if you have the best-looking pictures.

Also, a picture is still worth a thousand words, but today it’s also worth a thousand pins on Pinterest or hearts on Instagram. 

Today, people have a concentration span of fewer than nine seconds or even less than a goldfish. 

As a result, images are more powerful than ever, especially on social media.

Hubspot also reported, after analyzing 8,000 different posts from B2C and B2B companies, that Facebook statuses with images had 53% more likes, and 104% more comments, than statuses that were text only.

A huge part of the brain is directed on social media visual processing, allowing humans to treat images at an incredible speed. 

The human brain can remember a familiar object in only 100 milliseconds, making images the ideal way to communicate in today’s short-attention world.

Every day, 300 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook. Instagram has an average of 95 million photos uploaded daily.

First, let’s discuss the big: WHY?

Why Are Images Important for Social Media Posts?

Using relevant images on social media allows you to earn attention, build loyalty, deliver vital information, and improve engagement

If you desire to stand out, develop a social media visuals brand identity just as accurately as you prepare your sales pitches. 

When you stay constant and connect images with your marketing message, your brand will have more staying power.

Images Get Your Audience’s Attention

Because our brains reply so quickly to pictures and color in contrast to other types of information, an image is an almost invincible draw on social media.

Of course, to actually get the concentration you want, you have to share images that are of matter to your target audience. 

You need to find out what social media visuals matter to your followers and fans.

Varied Images Keep Audiences Interested

When you switch image types from time to time, you dodge having a social media feed that shouts “same old, same old.” 

You won’t control the risk of losing fans due to monotony and repetition.

Whatever you do, avoid selfies. 

Your social media demeanor should be about your audience, not about yourself!

Images Help Your Audience Remember Your Message

Researches show that people only remember 10% of what they learn once 72 hours have passed. 

However, if you pair a fitting image with your content, people can retain 65% of the information after three days.

Now for the big: HOW?

How are Social Media Posts Important for Marketing Strategy?

If the images you add to social media don’t look expert level, they’ll hurt your brand image. 

That’s why I distinguished these seven tips to increase your social media visuals marketing photos.

Love Grid Lines

Love Grid Lines

The precept of thirds is one of the most basic photography crafts you should know.

This method will improve the style of your photos and create balanced, visually appealing images.

You should put your subject and anything worthy in your photo where those lines cross.



Symmetry is another visual detail we are naturally drawn to.

If you have the possibility to capture symmetry in an image, you should clearly do so.

It’s simple, but it serves.

Your pictures demand to stand out to draw the consideration of your followers.

If it resembles as if a learner is taking the photos, it will exhibit poorly on your brand. 

We both understand you don’t want that to happen.

Crop – Don’t Zoom

Another rookie mistake I see businesses make all the time is practicing the zoom feature.

Manually zooming on a point is a big no, unless you’re utilizing a professional camera.

But as I said earlier, that type of equipment is useless. 

Your smartphone will take pictures that are good enough to post on social media.

However, once you begin zooming, you will ruin the quality of the photo.

Instead of zooming, get more adjacent to your subject. If that’s not feasible, don’t worry about it. 

Take the photo from where you are, and use the rule of thirds to enhance the composition.

Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

Just like balance, patterns are another excellent way to capture the attention of your followers.

Sometimes, getting the right pattern is all about asking from the right angle and perspective. 

The subject may still be consistent enough and usable for your social media visuals marketing campaign, but it can be enhanced by using this strategy.

Find a New Prospect

Find a new Prospect

You don’t want your social media marketing pictures to look like everyone else’s.

Your brand requires you to come up with new scenes to separate yourself from the crowd.

Just like the image; it is a spiral staircase but the new perspective that it portrays is that it can be taken as an eye too.

Get Abstract

Get Abstract

Think outside the box.

I am certain you realize how many pictures are overflowing the timelines of your fans daily. 

If your marketing images don’t jump off the page at them, they’ll utterly keep on scrolling.

At an initial glance, a social media user might not even apprehend what they’re looking at.

But it’s positively enough to stop them in their tracks for additional examination.

Be Funny

Be funny

Okay, certain companies need to be more serious than others. If your company practices in services such as commercial investments or funerals, you probably shouldn’t be breaking jokes on social media.

But those kinds of brands are rare.

If your company markets products or services to a mark out audience that can enjoy some humor, don’t be scared to take a funny photo for your social media campaigns.

Like the picture above, it can easily be used to market sunglasses, and who doesn’t like doggos. They’re ADORABUBBLE!

Stop taking yourself seriously.

In fact, 36% of customers are prompted to acquire after seeing a funny post from a brand on social media.

Posting a humorous image can do much more for you than just encourage engagement. This strategy can directly lead to sales.

Just make sure you stay away from controversial subjects.

How Can Social Champ Help?

Posting on Instagram – The world of images.

Use Social Champ to schedule your content on Instagram and make your Insta-profile lively and fun!

The most basic level of sharing on Instagram is to offer your audience continuous content! In a busy life today, not everybody has the time or tool to post content every day. 

This is where the Social Champ app steps in to make your work easy!


Adding hashtags (#) is a great way to get new followers and share your photos with more people. 

If you want your post to reach a wider audience, use 5 to 10 relevant hashtags, avoiding the most common or mainstream ones. 

Social Champ offers a variety of hashtags relevant to your content through the software!

Royalty-Free Images

You don’t have to go through the hustle of downloading images to add them to your posts to schedule on Instagram. 

Social Champ provides you with a large range of royalty-free images (without a watermark) and makes your work easier by every second through a single platform!

Fill Your Board With Creatives on Pinterest

Social Champ lets you keep your board fresh and attractive and keeps your audience interested in your content while being a Pinterest scheduling tool.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Through Direct Links on the Pins

Social Champ lets you link your pins directly to your blog. 

So the link will directly pop up when the pin is clicked, instead of going through the link in the bio of the pin!

social media visuals

Just a Little Help With Social Media Posts.

Get Images for Free

There are plenty of online sources where you can find great images for free. And all that you will need to do is to search for it in their library and download your favorites. Here are some options for you:

  • MorgueFile
  • Pixabay
  • StockSnap.io
  • Unsplash
  • Visual Hunt
  • Picjumbo
  • LifeofPix
  • SplitShire
  • Negative Space
  • Creative Commons Licence on Flickr
  • Reusable Images in Google’s repository

Despite the fact that they are free, you might be asked to credit the photographer or digital artist who creates the image, for your social media posts. So read the instructions carefully and check if any attribution is required, so as not to infringe anybody’s copyright.

Paying for Images

If you are looking for professionally taken/created images, or if you need a high number of them, you might have to consider a paid stock images service instead. There are many online companies offering great options for you, such as:

  • Fotolia
  • iStock
  • Getty Images
  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime stock
  • DepositPhotos
  • Bigstock
  • Corbis Image
  • 123RF

On these websites, you will find high-resolution images. You can either pay for those you need or buy a subscription if you think you will need to have access to new options regularly.

Creating Your Own Images

If you already have something to start with, such as your own pictures, you can try to use one of the online and offline tools and software available to make the necessary adjustments, so they look more professional:

  • GIMP
  • Canva
  • PicMonkey
  • Visme
  • Fotojet
  • Snappa
  • Piktochart

All the options above are very intuitive and come with several features free of charge.


If you have an online store, issue press releases or even just have a Facebook business page, then here are 6 reasons to publish images and photos as part of your business marketing tactics.

  • Articles with images get 94% more total views
  • Including a Photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45%
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results
  • In an e-commerce site, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is paramount in selecting and purchasing a product
  • In an online store, customers think that the quality of a product’s image is more important than product-specific information (63%), a long description (54%) and ratings and reviews (53%)
  • Engagement rate on Facebook for photos averages 0.37% where text only is 0.27% (this translates to a 37% higher level of engagement for photos over text)

If you want to manage successful social media visuals campaigns, you need to converge more attention on the quality of your marketing photos.

All you require is some necessary photography skills to get you started in the right path.

After that, decide what types of photos will speak to your target audience on these platforms.

Use this guide as an inspiration for your future marketing photos.

Happy Social Media Posting!

Zahra Farid

I'm a wordsmith at Social Champ. When I'm not busy creating masterpieces with my words, I stay weird and random, and daydream about dragons, unicorns, and soup! And I stream all the mess in my head into the articles that I compose! Happy reading. Feel free to ping me at zahra@socialchamp.io <3

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