How Is AI Taking Over The World? – Google I/O 2018

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The world’s most anticipated Google I/0 2018 is going on with the industry’s top-notch company, where I/O stands for input/output, as well as the slogan “Innovation in the Open”. Google is sharing fresh and exclusive insights of their new innovations and product launches! Ideas that will transform your digital presence, the outlook of life, your way of carrying out basic tasks, and your business. It is organized by the executive team.

Well, not going to Google I/O 2018? Don’t worry, Social Champ is sharing with you the exclusive insights during and after the conference, highlights are below, as we wrap-up the breaking news portion of the developer conference. The big product announcements are over.

You’ll find all of the exciting new advancements from Tuesday’s opening keynote and Day 2. Without a doubt, a key Google IO highlight has been the Android P update. You can download the Android P beta – and it’s a lot more handsets than just Pixel phones. The Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, and even the forthcoming OnePlus 6 have access.

But this week’s Google IO event has had so many more announcements. It’s not just about Android this time around. Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Gmail have new features you’ll want to know about.

Starting the keynote, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, first explained how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the industry without damaging it since AI is considered to affect jobs vacancies, he explained how and why AI needs to be part of everyday routine.

Here’s all of the big Google IO news ranked and explained.

Gmail Smart Compose

Gmail got the new feature Smart Compose which uses Machine Learning to suggest phrases for the users while composing emails & messages as they type, just by hitting a tab while typing. This feature will be rolled out for all users in this very month.



Google Photos Suggested Actions

With the use of Machine Learning and AI, Google Photos will now suggest actions based on the pictures you have taken, as the example quoted by Sundar Pichai,
You went to a wedding and you’re looking at those pictures we understand your friendly says in the picture and we offer to share the photos with Liza and with one click those photos can be sent.

This is not the limit, now you colorize, decolorize, remove the background, and much just by a single in Google Photos.

This feature will most likely be rolled out in a couple of months.


Google Assistant Gets The Upgrade


New Voices

Following the explanation of AI, Sundar Pichai announced 6 new voices for Google Assistant which voiced these phrases:
Good morning everyone.  Male
I’m your Google assistant.  Female
Welcome to the shoreline amphitheater. Male
We hope you enjoyed Google I’ll. Male
Back to you Sundar. Female

Continued Conversation

Moving forward, the user won’t be required to say, Hey Google every time, and you just have to say it once you started the Google Assistant.
Google surely knows which requirements annoy the user 😉

Google Duplex

This is one of the coolest announcement of this year, Google Duplex allows you to make calls via Google Assistant. This feature uses AI, Ml, Natural Language Processing, Text-to-Speech, and Deep Learning providing a seamless user-call experience.

Google News

Trystan Upstill, Head of News Product and Engineering explained Google News.
Google News is all revamped up with three objectives or you can say three points to be cared about:

  1. Keep up with news you care about
  2. Understand the full story
  3. Enjoy and support the news sources you love

This will be rolled out on Android iOS and the web in 127 countries starting right at the moment.

Android P

I know you have been waiting for this, in fact, every user is excited about Android P. AI underpins the first of 3 themes in this release which are:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Simplicity
  3. Digital wellbeing

Adaptive Battery

For Android P, Google partnered with DeepMind to introduce Adaptive Battery, which is designed to give users a more consistent battery experience, and then with this understanding operating system adapts to user’s usage patterns so that it spends battery only on the action services that the user care about.

Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Brightness learns how a particular user likes to set the brightness lighter given the ambient lighting and then does it automatically in a power-efficient way.

App Actions

Google is going beyond simply predicting the next act to launch to predicting the next action user want to take, calling this feature App Actions.


Slices are your new API for developers to define interactive snippets of their App UI that could be surfaced in different places in the OS.
If the user types Lyft in the Google Search, the user can now see a slice from the Lyft app installed on the phone. Lyft is using the Slice API’s rich array of UI templates to render the slice of their app in the context of search and then Lyft is able to give the price for the trip to the user’s work address on the Slice’s interaction, so the user can order the ride directly from it.


ML Kit

Machine Learning Kit is a list of APIs available through Firebase with which the user gets on-device APIs:

  • Image Labeling
  • Text Recognition
  • Face Detection
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Landmark Detection
  • Smart Reply

Android Dashboard

Android Dashboard would actually give you full visibility into how you’re spending your time. Apps where you are spending your time, the number of times you unlocked the phone on a given day, the number of notifications you got, will be going to really help you deal with the digital world in a better every.

Android P will show a dashboard of how you’re spending time on your device, the new improvements are:

Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode will silence not just the phone calls and text but also the visual interruption that pops up on your screen


A new gesture, Shush. If you turn your phone over on the table it automatically interest do not disturb so you can focus on being present. No pain vibrations or other distractions.


Starred Contacts

Starred Contacts will help you set up a list of contacts that can always get 30 you with a phone call even if Do Not Disturb is turned on.



Wind Down

You can tell the Google Assistant what time you aim to go to bed and when that time arrives it will switch on Do Not Disturb and fade the screen to greyscale.

Google P Beta

Android P. beta is available on:

  • Essential Phone
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  • Vivo X21
  • OnePlus 6 (released soon)
  • Google Pixel and XL
  • Google Pixel 2 and XL2

Google Maps

Maps now automatically add new addresses, businesses, and buildings that are the extract from St Even satellite imagery directly to the map. This is critical in rural areas in places without formal addresses in a fast-changing city.

For You

A new tab is added to maps, For You. It’s designed to tell you what you need to know about the neighborhoods you care about, new places that are opening what’s trending now, and personal recommendations.

Google has created a score called Your Match to help you find more places that you’ll love. Your match use machine learning to combine what Google knows about hundreds of millions of places with the information that you’ve added restaurants you rated, cuisines you, ve liked, and places that you’ve been to.

Have trouble choosing a restaurant when you go out in a group? A long-press on any restaurant will add it to a new shortlist, and you can then share that list with friends. They can add other options, and the group can then choose a restaurant from the group list.


New Way Of Navigation

Google has been working really hard to combine the power of the camera, the computer vision with street view and maps to re-imagine walking navigation. Now you can start to see nearby places so you see what’s out on you.
These new features will roll out to Maps this summer.


Google Lens

Google Lens is also coming to additional devices in the coming weeks, and there are new features coming as well.

Smart Text Selection

The lens can now understand words, and you can copy and paste words on a sign or a piece of paper to the phone’s clipboard. You can also get context — for example, Google Lens can see a dish on a menu and tell you the ingredients.


Style Match

New shopping features let you point your camera at an item to get prices and reviews. And finally, Google Lens now works in real-time to constantly scan items in the camera frame to give information and, soon, to overlay live results on items in your camera’s view.

These will be implemented next week, pretty cool?
Thanks, everyone for reading. It’s a great reminder of how AI and can play a role in helping people in new ways all the time and I hope you all find inspiration in these announcements!

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