Channels to Online Marketing for Stronger Brand Impact
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How to Get The Maximum From Digital Marketing Channels


How to Get The Maximum From Digital Marketing Channels

Digital marketing is no more a ‘newer’ thing now, but definitely has become more influential, principal and demanding day by day, with emerging newer fields, developing google algorithms and media and successful one includes SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing as channels but what so important here is a perfect understanding of the product and best medium for it. No matter what medium we are using all we want just a perfect hit on our target while marketing.

Online Marketing is all about to hit the perfect audience with relative information Marketers generally use social media marketing and email marketing as an important part to boost their online presence and effective branding and both are successful in their own ways. A good result can be generated by using either of them, the basic thing is an optimum strategy for successful marketing.

Social media has become a major fixture in the online marketing landscape and is easy to see why Facebook, Twitter and other social platform make it easier and more powerful than ever to share updates and promotions with a virtual crowd. But that definitely does not mean that Email marketing has been knocked out of the competition. It secures all it’s worth along with fruitful results. Social media helps you to grow your brand publicly, and it’s gratifying to see people like and share your posts in real time. While, with over 144 billion emails sent each and every day, email marketing remains one of the elite channels of business communication.

Here we are going to discuss a number of attributes, common we need in the both, shows their connection and minuses a ‘versus’ between them.

Make your campaign Objective

Either it is your social media marketing or email marketing program, it is a must thing to set a perfect, defined goal. Staying focused and organized with keeping the main point in the mind is one the principal elements in strategies for both that help to define how successful tour efforts have been over time. Evaluate your results in the past and set some points to achieve improvements in the points that are most concerned. Typically, social media objectives are a greater number of followers or clicks or conversions, analyze what tactics you will carry out to achieve those objectives. If the target is to get a maximum number of fan or followers, make it sure to design a flawless campaign that covers all the focused points.


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Choose the right audience in right way

Send the right message at the right time to the right person; this is a fundamental premise of marketing that is maintained in the digital marketing strategy. For example, sending some email about a unique feature of your technology brand to an artist or targeting some tech geeks for household shopping voucher is surely not a point of interest for them and put your time in vain. Discover at what times your audience is more attentive to what happens in Social Networks by determining in which opportunities users click and share.

Further, you all know how they respond to certain emails have promotions or contents or conversation builds but it takes time to discover those patterns. You will need to find the right message and timing for your posts and updates in Social Media and essentially make it formal through Email. Email here can give an impact of individual focusing on users rather than a massive target.

Repost your content

Researchers have proved that repeated messages (with proper strategy) can be more effective in marketing, however many marketers take it as failing move – but it is not. Forwarding a piece of content is an opportunity to get a greater viewership. The first time it was not read may have been due to fatigue or an issue that was not the most indicated. Email marketers know that it takes several tries to get the right nail to make readers loyal. In email marketing, forwarding a piece is an opportunity to get more people to see it. Rescheduling your posts is also important in social media. Repeating content does not exactly mean, ‘copy-paste’ of same tweet or post. It needs a bit human editing would it be for a different wording, or emphasizing a different part of your news, but related to one main subject of the post.

Its need to be twitched by “devising an algorithm which could identify for 2 tweets if they talk about the same news even if they are not identical copies. It performs very well, with 90% precision thus giving us the ability to scan through tweets and automatically identify those which are repeats.” For example, Twitter users only get to read 10% of what people or organizations that follow. This means that most likely not even the most complete inbox will be as complete as the Twitter timeline. You can repeat your content on social media several times with a complete scheduling and automatic deleting of previous one, with a reliable social media management tool.

All the tweets with repetition, and for each repetition, and normalized its performance with the performance of the initial tweet. Performance being RT + Favorites. Recycling content is a bit more advanced thing to repurpose your old content after a considerable interval of time. This results in a greater engagement on Twitter as a comparison to Facebook, because of effectiveness on the platform. 55% of the twitter accounts are repeating their tweets. And among the 1M tweets, 3% are repeated.


Don’t be afraid to repeat your tweets. Though it is, the more it is repeated the less the performance it gets but according to analytics, repeating a tweet gets you 86% as much performance as the initial tweet, even after 6 repetitions, we’re still at 67% of the first tweet. While on average only 14% of your followers will see it twice tweet.


We have an experiment showed clearly about the above said. A tweet was repeated five times through “Social Champ”. The graph of clicks has fluctuated many times hence started from 90 and dropped at 61 on the last tweet. In spite we get 274 more clicks out of 364 clicks up on repeating the tweet, while on the first tweet it was just 90 clicks.

Promote them to your success

Creating some good and useful promotions can be helpful to create a friendly environment and definitely effective strategies. Target your customers with unique promotions. It is not right to treat your followers or customers in an average way especially to those who have chosen to interact with you through Social Media as well or are using your brand. A little helping promotional email or post can escalate your marketing to a new fruitful level. This will attract them to continue interacting and to be more connected to the brand.

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Content Scheduling

Making a calendar or some scheduling can be helpful and put your marketing out of the mess. Not only this, it has allowed to give you to boost your marketing particular at a specific time. If you plan the contents in advance you will avoid having any repetition conflicts in these channels. The Email marketers have their timetables are often campaigns with months or even years in advance. Although social media does not need to be so much in advance, it is highly recommended to have a calendar of updates and publications in advance per month. If through your efforts you have managed to convince your fans or followers to subscribe to your database, make sure you are not offering the same on both channels or you will lose your audience.



Make Brand more visible

We have an idea that keeping your brand in discussion and mind of other people is the ultimate success. For this, you do not need to spend a lot of dollars on it. Propagation and discussion are two main targets in both of above online marketing.  Reposting your content as well maintain your social media platform with relative content is important and same comes for staying in touch via regular emails is important but you should make an effort to become more visible online in general as well. This will keep you create a greater engagement with the brand on social ways helps to stay in touch and strengthen your reputation as well.



In a nutshell

A final thought is email marketing and social media marketing can be useful in two separate manners but with one basic purpose behind in your business development strategies. It is believed that Social Media needs a strategy completely different from the rest, but in reality, it is not. Yes, it is true that you have to involve users in an appropriate way, but fundamentally there is a group of strategies in common with the two platforms and you can use to optimize your presence in the Networks. But as you do with your email marketing campaigns, you need to take a few steps back and observe how your social media campaigns are performing, like when is it shared more? What are they sharing? What links are they clicking? Which keywords are the most clicked? How long do they stay on your website? Are you converting after the click? Use this data to compare it with your initial goals and adjust it when necessary, if you have a good email marketing strategy you will be able to take those prospects to your social networks.