How To Kickstart Your Social Media Brainstorming
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How To Kickstart Your Social Media Brainstorming


How To Kickstart Your Social Media Brainstorming

With the growth of digital marketing and impact of social media in our everyday life, the production of high quality and relevant content is becoming more essential for brands. Before this evolution of social advertising content used to take months to approve and then execute, but today brands have to provide that amount of visual content, which took months before, several times a week. With this increasing demand for ideas, how can one keep up his brain flowing with fresh ideas?

Every brand who is looking forward to lasting long in the digital world has to involve in team brainstorming sessions for problem-solving and critical thinking. Brainstorming sessions are creative, productive and fun events which help the team to collaborate and work on different projects while improving teamwork and taking different perspectives into consideration.

Some of the important perspectives to keep in mind before calling brainstorming session are:

  • Identifying the goals
  • Preparing the team before getting together
  • Appointing any leader of the moderator to track the flow
  • Inviting people from diverse groups
  • Setting a time limit
  • Writing down the key points
  • Welcoming additional feedback

Creative brainstorming has its importance in every industry and often takes the control before starting any new project, or taking on a new client, or for solving any internal or external challenge. When any team gets together to collaborate and solve the problem creatively it has many positive outcomes.

Brainstorming Game Has Changed A Lot.

Those days are now past when the company’s boss used to call all the employees for a meeting and only a single person had the right to speak. This approach doesn’t apply in digital marketing anymore. Today’s real-time marketing and social network management require strategies and content that is more connecting, engaging, creative and has a shelf-life more than a single tweet. If you are a digital marketer you might have noticed user’s demand for reliable and quality content which speaks personally to their needs. The new digital marketing reality is that brainstorming is the most powerful tool and is no longer an event which should hold for few times a year.

These sessions are fun and productive when your team is excited to put fruitful input and you have the right strategies at hand. We have got some of the best strategies for digital marketers that can brighten your next brainstorming session.

  • Reviewing Your Top Performing Content

Dealing with social media management can give you hard times while looking for fresh content. When you don’t feel much motivated and inspired to produce healthy content the best place to look for stimulus is the well-performed content you already have. Having an insight of the previous successful content might help you to cut out the inefficiencies you are facing right now. Your team can have the sessions where they can discuss new ideas of how to replicate the previous success and avoid failures in future.

  • Going Seasonal

We live in the world of social media where there is a hashtag for every single day, whether it’s to celebrate or denounce. From celebrating #EarthDay to #MemorialDay there are many national holidays and fun festivals which can grab the audience’s attention. Your brainstorming sessions can improve and be more productive by keeping an eye on the upcoming holidays or seasons in your content calendar and discussing it together with the team on how they can make sense for your brand’s online celebration. Review the trending news and hashtags and put team’s effort to come up with creative details of it appropriate for the brand. By putting a little effort and using the most convincing hashtags you can definitely increase your customer engagement.

  • Exploring the Counter-Idea

There is always a second side of the picture, why not explore that side? Seeing both sides of the idea will boost your possibilities and can troubleshoot the angles which you have been thinking about. The main point is to look at the same thing from a different point of view to craft any new marketable twist.

  • Getting More into Visuals

Organizing and putting your ideas into visual content is another important step in your social management.

According to statistics more than 80% of the communication online will be visual in 2018.

If you’re still in doubt, have a look at some of the most used and fast-growing social media networks like Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest. Bringing up different ideas and connecting them through text and images will make you think innovatively and give the spark yours to the social profile.

  • Assigning Each Member’s Task

Many marketing teams fail when it comes to concluding a meeting with a clear plan of action. Getting together and tossing around resourceful and fresh ideas is just an incomplete task. It wouldn’t result in a way you plan if each of the team members doesn’t know what he or she has to do. When you only discuss the ideas and not define how the team members are going to work on it individually it can create a chaos and sometimes let the whole team to out their efforts in one single task neglecting the rest. Once the session is over, the one who is leading the team should assign the tasks and the time limit for every individual.

  • Encouraging Free-Thinking & Pushing the Boundaries

The process of brainstorming should be encouraging and supportive in such a way that it allows people to share their ideas without hesitation. The team should feel free to share their thoughts and ideas no matter how ridiculous they might sound. The culture of making fun or criticizing ideas can destroy the whole concept of this kind of sessions. Some of the most fertile ideas for social advertising will come up through these open sessions where negativity is not invited to join.

  • Investigating Your Competitors

Out of ideas or losing the grip? A good place to visit when you are feeling a little down on ideas is your competitors’ land. Have a look at what they are doing and how can you do that better. Getting through a comprehensive analysis of your competitor or sometimes just a quick scroll acts as a kick start for your brain rolling.

  • Solely Review Your Goals

Every once in a while get your team involves in reviewing your goals and objectives you have regarding social media optimization. What was your vision statement and how far you have come to achieving your goals? Sometimes all you need is a reminder to head start or to get in the right direction. Asking the team to give their views and ideas on what kind of content will help them in achieving the targets.

  • Changing the Environment

Working in the same tedious environment can make you less driven and motivated towards fresh ideas. To get into the flow before brainstorming you can listen to some good music or any exciting podcast. To get inspired nature is the best therapy. Go outside, get some fresh air and release the stress out of your head to tune into positive ideas. Have a quality time with nature and it will give you an extra boost to stay focused.

  • Get Organized

Getting yourself organize by using any social media planning tools like SocialChamp will let you be more handy and productive. These social media management tools are a great way to work on many social platforms with a single tap access.

By infusing these few easy and creative catalysts for your next brainstorming session will give the resourceful flow and output you are looking for.

Sadia Munir

Sadia is a content and marketing strategist at Social Champ and loves to write to help readers learn more about social media marketing. When not working on content strategy, she's either sleepy or wondering what to eat! You can ping her at sadia@socialchamp.io.

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    Posted at 03:50h, 01 August Reply

    Nice article. I agree with the fact that corporate meeting environment doesn’t fit with today’s digital marketing world.

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