Instagram Marketin 101

Instagram Marketing 101: A Super Cool Guide To Know Everything!

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The term “Instagram Branding” is fresh yet profitable for social media marketers for customer engagement. Instagram has always been a core of selfies, outfit of the day, pets, food, and all the unexpected things in life that benefit people get through their time in peace and happiness.

It is wild and hot on one side but calming and soothing on the other side. Instagram is no more a universal networking app just for selfies and mouth-watering food snaps with some modern hashtags.

It is no more a photo-sharing social media platform disseminating among some high school kids or fashionistas. It is more generally being used as a tool for business marketing. Instagram has been continuously increasing in 2019 and can’t be ignored by digital marketers.

It is eccentric to get a higher engagement out of the blue to any properly adjusted posting, as we all strive for. If your likes are deteriorating day by day, or engagement is getting weaker! It is maybe not your fault. This is probably because you can see the numbers of a platform in the corresponding popularity.

Well, this is not ‘just’ the reason. Instagram had operated out non-chronological feedback to 2016, which manages photos to be shown at first and on later in the feed with its secret algorithm.

Maybe your main idea behind Instagram using is a high number of followers, but this is not the end.

Mobile tap
Instagram is a fast-growing platform, and businesses are eager to establish a presence and encourage engagement on the network.

It might be laborious to winch your flag in fierce competition but yes not so impossible. Recently, Instagram has taken a change in its pace by proposing its business side to all the users.

First things first, if you want your business to pick up on the platform of Instagram, the first step to take is to transform your profile from personal to a business one!

social champ
Here’s how you can do it;

Switching Your Personal Profiles To Business Profiles

Fortunately, switching to an Instagram business account is very simple and can be done within the mobile app:

  • Go to your profile and tap the “gear” icon.

Social champ settings

  • Tap “Switch to Business Profile.”

Switch to business

  • Select the Facebook page that you’d like to connect to your Instagram business account.

choose page
(If you don’t see your business’ Facebook page as an option, make sure that you’re listed as an admin in the settings menu. Once the correct Facebook page appears, select it and tap “Next.”)

  • Choose a category. Make sure your profile is set to public. Private accounts can’t switch to business accounts.choose category
  • On the “Set Up Your Business Profile” page, review your business’s contact information, including your phone number, physical address, and email.

set your business profile

  • Once everything looks good, tap “Done” to save your Instagram business account settings.

Now that your business account is all set to go, your customers can reach out to you directly through your profile. You can also view follower Insights and promote your posts, all within the app!

Why Should I Switch To Instagram Business Profile?

There are several reasons to make the switch, that are beneficial for your business! You don’t have to knock yourself down with the dreading question of whether to modify your personal profile to a business profile or not because we have listed down a few pros of this situation.
They are;

Instagram Marketing With Social Champ

Track essential metrics, edit eye-catching visuals, and schedule tons of Instagram content at once using Social Champ!

Loading up on Insights


First of all, the insights will determine the representation of a week of the profile, meaning, number of views, reach, impressions, number of website clicks, increase in followers, etc.

Secondly, it will split up the demography of the followers by age, location, gender, and the time of the day that the followers were most productive. Also, it confers the days of the week, where followers were more engrossed in the posts rather than usual.

This assists in knowing if you need to modify the content approach according to age, gender, or the country where the posts are most viewed in.

Thirdly, and also most importantly, ‘Insights’ lets you inspect all your past posts by impressions and engagements. The posts can date back a week, a month, three months, or as old as two years.

In short, ‘Insights’ is a selection that has all the activity of your profile packed into one handy package, that is on the backend of Instagram.

Direct Buttons to Contact


button to contact
Instagram allows wiggle room when it comes to knowledge on a business profile.

A personal account restricts itself to a cramped-up space of just 150 letters to represent you, but when it comes to a business account, it might not seem like much, but, when you’re already emphasized trying to figure out how to include all of your need-to-know information in your Instagram bio, having those unique characteristics of appending a call, text, email, or a direction’s button, certainly helps.

Needless to discuss, the link in the bio can give enough advantage to the profile owners to add an association to the website of their business.

What it does is set up a designated divert URL as your profile link, which can be denoted towards any page you like when you declare a post.

It makes it remarkably accessible to send individuals to multiple greeting pages, blog entries, and limited-time offers without changing your profile interface.

Swiping Up to Goodness In Insta-Stories


Instagram Marketin 101
Don’t you get tired of the whole “Link in the bio” and “If you want more info go to the bio” shebang? I know, I am.

But once you beat a 10k target on your Instagram profile and start having that ‘celebrity of the businesses’ reaction, you unbar the best Instagram feature that empowers you to add links to your stories.

All you have to do is create stories sexy enough to give your followers swipe up and go to the link presented, which of course, will be a link to the webpage or the blog posts of your company. And just like that, BINGO! You get your viewers, your views, your recommendations, and that’s how you grow your company.

You can’t obviously improve the bio every time you want to connect your followers to the link to that unique post that you’ve posted; it will present way too tedious.

Also, going to the post, then harmonizing to the profile, then clicking the link in the bio, only later finding oneself on the page of that precise business, it’s just a lot of levels, and to be honest, people now try to be quicker than they were yesterday.

So, the best thing about this characteristic is that you can have different links in different stories.

This is precisely why swipe-up is one of the most compelling highlights of the business profile and also a game-changer because it is the guaranteed way to drive traffic from Instagram to an outer source.

Posts as Ads

post as add
All the hype of any business can simply be created through ads. The motivating example is the first ad on Instagram of the fashion label, Michael Kors.

The ad itself got about four times the number of likes the brand would get on its non-boosted posts.
Visualize the business they would’ve done!

For these ads to run, there are just two things that you require, a. A business profile on Instagram, and b. A Facebook page, and BOOM! You become the champ at promoting your product on Instagram.


Instagram has the same authoritative and influential tool as Facebook, with the aid of an Instagram business page, you can start, run, and track improvements as sponsored posts in people’s feeds.

It is done almost correctly as the promotions or boosts on Facebook pages work.

Can’t Make Up Your Mind About Instagram Branding?

Combining Instagram into a social media marketing plan has become an indispensable part of any business or brand that requires to grow their audience.

For those who are affected by numbers, here are a few:
“Around 15% of the people around the world are utilizing this platform. Instagram mobile ads are demanded to accumulate around 6.8 billion dollars annually.

Facebook has around 32% of user commitment with brands, while Instagram provides 68% of user engagement with brands constantly.

The engagement ranked by the likes, comments, and shares from the customers on Instagram is also ten times greater than Facebook, 84 times than Twitter, and 54 times higher than Pinterest.

Most of the millennials and Gen Z consume more than 50 minutes per day on Instagram than any other photo or video distribution network.”

The Core Ingredients of Gaining Audience Engagement on Instagram

Audience Engagement on Instagram
Instagram is the ideal social networking platform to showcase your brand’s visual appearance and creativeness. Your trademark doesn’t really have to be “visually appealing or attractive” to have an “Instagram-Worthy Snap.”

Many “monotonous industries” like packing manufacturers or IT consultants are doing a great job by providing engaging content & compelling visuals every day.

Here are a few simple things you should contemplate to make your Instagram branding strategy much immeasurable.

  • Modernizing Your Bio

The first and leading thing to do after building the Instagram account for your brand is to renew your bio. Since Instagram only provides a single link in the bio, be sure to place the link which lands to the central landing page of your business website.

  • Focusing on Real Followers

When the primary emphasis is on developing an engaging audience, try to concentrate on getting “Real Followers.” Don’t just continue followers to improve the numbers instead make loyal customer support.

  • Engaging with Audience

“Actually, communicate with your customers. Use the language that they use. Chat about the things they talk about. Never feed salad to a lion.”- Jay Acunzo, Vice President, NextView

Don’t neglect your audience. Try to engage with your audience through comments and reply to their queries.

  • Getting the Perfect Shot

Instagram’s essentially is a visual-centric platform, so make sure the picture you’re posting doesn’t show your weak photographic/graphics skills. The light, head of the photograph, shapes & color should be on point.
Instagram filters are prepared to add the remaining climactic effects to your post.

A significant factor in securing your brand on Instagram is only posting the highest point images and graphics. With a compelling photo and video editing app like Instasize, you can produce professional edits in a snap.

In addition to photo editing tools and filters, it allows you to add the call to action message with chic text layovers, or frame your images with border and cropping tools – all reasonable means to generate the highest quality Instagram posts for your label.

  • Caption The Capture

Instagram is all about captions! Placing rich, essential content in a precise way can just do miracles for your post. Try using well-planned and call-to-action phrases that don’t seem too conventional or frantic.

  • Using The Live Feature

Many brands and social media influencers are practicing Instagram stories and live video features to connect with their audiences more efficiently.

You can also utilize these features to promote your brand’s relevancy in follower’s feeds, call them to some behind-the-scenes anecdotes, or collude with other brands to extend the reach. Increase the audience with high-quality live videos & story marketing.

You can also connect your audience in a Q&A session to develop a trustworthy relationship with them. “Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” – Ann

  • Using Social Media Scheduling Tool

Maintaining all social media accounts definitely and timely is another vital part of your social media marketing strategy.

Make certain to be synchronized with all your social media content management. For an intelligent and appropriate administration of your social media accounts, we suggest using a tool like Social Champ for the social media posting schedule.

It will assist you to be more fruitful & post like a pro on every social media account with a single tap.

Schedule instagram post

  • Using Suitable Hashtags

Instagram hashtags help you to get your content or post visible, but to use them effectively is also an art. Instagram gives a limit of 30 hashtags per post. Many try to appropriate the total limit while others focus on the trending one.

“90% of Instagram posts from top brands use seven hashtags or fewer.”

“In the World Full of Bots, Be A Human”

Every person has a different aesthetic & personal taste when it comes to deciding the picture to post. The best advice or trick is to act & write more humanly to stay connected with your followers while using hashtags effectively. A hearty caption is a key to engagement!

What Kind Of Content Attracts the Audience the Most!?

Attracts Audience

Converting your profile to a Business profile was the easy part.

The next step is not only crucial, but it is also the most difficult of all the steps. And it is; CONTENT!
Instagram gives you the leverage to post several types of content, which includes photos, videos, and Stories.
Let’s talk about the different Instagram post kinds and some of the best practices to engage the followers into following the content of your profiles!

  • Images

Instagram Marketin 101
Pictures are the kind of content that made Instagram what it is today! When posting images, it’s vital to share a bunch of photos.

The variety will not only show your brand is diverse but will also engage your followers in different ways.
It’s also important to remember that Instagram users are looking for genuine posts from brands, not blatant advertisements.

Be Relatable!

Try to capture your work culture with lifestyle shots and behind-the-scenes looks. Avoid posting too many photos of your business or product.

And if not the company culture, then use images that speak to the audience, and not just sell the product!

  • BTS, BTS, and more BTS!

Instagram Marketin 101
While showing the work culture, a few behind-the-scenes are helpful in marketing the brand the BTS however, should appear to be very natural and not as if they have been faked.

  • Reposts

Get your team to repost the content that has been shared on your company’s profile. This helps in awareness of the product!

Just be sure to tag or credit the original poster. This is the best way to humanize your brand. The authenticity will make the audience bond well with the product as well as the employees.

  • Posts With Knowledge

Instagram Marketin 101
Your brand can share informative posts too. Posts about history, or recipes, or movies. Just information about ANYTHING!

The photos or videos usually present the instructions in a way that is quick and easy to follow. Or they show information about things that might excite the audience!

  • Posts that Motivate

Posts that Motivate
A motivational post contains a simple and plain image/visual with a quote or an uplifting text.

These posts encourage your audience and amplify your brand values. While effective, try to post these sparingly to avoid looking cheesy. These posts help you connect with the followers on a frequency that is hard to gain if not used productively!

  • Videos

With IGTV being up and running, videos have been a very vital source of content publicity.

Show your products in a cool, sexy way. Not only can you now post 60 second Instagram videos, but Instagram is taking on both Youtube & Snapchat with their upcoming video channels. There’s no better time to get acquainted with Instagram Video than right now!

In an Instashell!

With millions and billions of active users every day, Instagram has for sure picked up great power and strength in the marketing world.

Instagram users value high-quality content. Create visuals that provide your audience with interesting information or showcase your brand in a new, unique way.

Optimize your content by writing entertaining captions that engage.

Happy Instagramming!
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