Key Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2018 By Top Social Media Influencers #SMMW18 - Social Champ
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Key Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2018 By Top Social Media Influencers #SMMW18


Key Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2018 By Top Social Media Influencers #SMMW18

World’s largest social media marketing conference is going on with the industry’s top social media professionals are sharing fresh and exclusive insights. Ideas that will transform your marketing, your content, and your business. Hosted by Social Media Examiner, the world’s leading online social media magazine for businesses, offering the leading podcast and live video show covering social media.

Well, not going to Social media marketing world? Don’t worry, Social Champ will share with you our favorite insights during and after the conference with following agendas by your favorite social media influencer.

Achieving Social Media Success by Defying Conventional Wisdom

Session by: Guy Kawasaki –  Chief evangelist @Canva. Silicon-Valley-based Author of thirteen books. Former Chief Evangelist of Apple. Speaker. American Marketing Specialist, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist.

Well, the best part is here, and the most interesting & controversial session of #SMMW18. Guy Kawasaki is going to show you how he DEFIED social media wisdom and what happened.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Take a stand. Use LinkedIn 4 social. Don’t complain. Confront. Express concern. Make it worth bookmarking your page. Repeat your posts. Get over your timeline. Always experiment.
  • Repeat the posting of your content until you see complaints
  • Use LinkedIn as social media. It is not a business development platform anymore.
  • Don’t complain, don’t explain
  • Pick your issues and take a stand. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean on social media
  • Taking a stand on a particular issue is ok
  • Go all in!
  • When you consistently add value you earn the right to promote your product or service
  • Lots of blocking and deleting of comments happen. It used to be best practice to allow all points of view in the conversation. Maybe not anymore. Is this good or bad for users? Thoughts?
  • Social Media is fast, free and ubiquitous…the holy grail of marketing
  • 1. Take a stand 2. Experiment 2. Add value 4. Repeat, repeat, repeat
  • You don’t have to worry about gaming the algorithms if your page is bookmark worthy
  • What are they gonna do? Stop following me?

The Future of Facebook: What Marketers Need to Know for 2018 and Beyond

Session by: Mari Smith – Owner, Mari Smith. Premier Facebook Marketing Expert.

Mari has broken powerful secrets on exactly how businesses in a variety of industries around the world are using Facebook to raise awareness, get discovered, showcase products, collect leads, boost sales and much more.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Whether on desktop or mobile, these strategies work seamlessly to have your message show up in the exact places where your audience spends their time.
  • We are living in unprecedented times with the ever-growing presence of Facebook. The social networking giant gathers an inordinate amount of user data and, in turn, offers incredibly accurate targeting methods to help businesses grow. Whatever your sales goals, you can accomplish them using Facebook’s marketing tools.
  • Think more like a screenwriter, not a ‘buy my stuff’ copywriter.
  • The future is relationship.
  • When the marketers move in, the members move out. The key is to think, act, behave like a member first.
  • Facebook right now is where YouTube was 8-10 years ago with video. They are just starting to find their way for video.
  • People gaze 5x longer at video vs static content.
  • Post with strategic intent.
  • When the marketers move in, the members move out… the key is thinking like a member first and a marketer second.
  • When the marketers move in, the members move out. We tend to ruin the experience of communities.
  • With FB up against these subscription viewing platforms, thinking more about ads. FB is putting a huge effort on Insta, especially stories & ads
  • If you can only get a series on a specific platform, hose are dedicated eyeballs.
  • Instagram is Facebook’s next Facebook.

Social Media Marketing in 2018: What the Newest Research Reveals

Session by: Michael Stelzner -the founder of Social Media Examiner, and the host of Social Media Marketing World Podcast.

Michael opens Social Media Marketing World with his keynote ‘2018 – what the newest research reveals.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • We have been about numbers for too long in social media. Small is the new big from here on out.
    • You probably remember that fateful day.
    • Figure out how to be human at scale.
    • Short form video storytelling is the future of marketing Not comfortable on camera? Work with influencers
    • We expect Stories are on track to overtake posts in feeds as the most common way people share across all social apps.
    • Short-form video is the future
    • We need to be ok with smaller, highly targeted audiences. Small is the new big.
    • A smaller, more relevant and engaged audience is more valuable than a larger, less engaged one
    • Those That know how to advertise well, will win in this game.

How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy That Generates Results

Session by: Neal Schaffer – Owner Maximize Your Social. CEO of PDCA Social. Digital Marketing Consultant. Author. Keynote Speaker. Social Media Power Influencer.

Neal Schaffer was there to guide your company into maximizing influencer marketing spend to ensure you meet whatever objective you might have for engaging with influencers.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Influencer marketing works because humans trust other humans.
  • Build (not buy) a good influencer campaign.
  • Build relationships. Start by sharing and engaging with their content before you reach out. Influencers are 3x more likely to share your content if asking them to share your content was not your first ask. And, measure success like you do with ads.
  • Create that Influencer audit! Identify who’s working for you best.  -or just have @trylately do that for you
  • It is really simple: should you buy influence or build influence? You can pay for a social endorsement, but it’s short term & users know it’s paid.
  • What to consider when evaluating an influencer:
  • Reach Relevance
  • Resonance
  • Cultural Fit
  • Relationship
  • Influencer marketing is all about a community and not a campaign. It’s all about people power.
  • Social media was built for people, not businesses.
  • Social media replaces nothing but complements everything.
  • Give, give, give and keep giving before you even ask for something in return.
  • Be human and send a personalized message.
  • You have to assume organic networks may get worse. Social was made for people, not brands. You leverage people power, which becomes an economic issue. Businesses are investing about 5% of their budgets toward Influencer Marketing.
  • Influencer marketing is not a one-night stand, it’s a marriage of their community.Buying influence is short termist, you need to build influence

How To Create Your Killer Live Video Show: Tools and Tips

Session By: Ian Anderson Gray– Digital Marketer, Social Tools Strategist & Web Developer, Select Performers Internet Solutions

Increase your visibility with live video to get the best following rate.

Takeaways From the Session:

⦁ Top tools to broadcast.

⦁ Promote and repurpose live videos to Facebook.

⦁ Usage of Graphics in videos.

⦁ Inviting people as guests

⦁ Include audience and comments

⦁ Present yourself with confidence and authenticity.

This session was ideal for content creators who already have an existing Facebook or YouTube presence, are ready to embrace live video and take it to the next level.

Creating Better Content in Less Time: 5 Real-World Writer Secrets

Session by: Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer MarketingProfs

This session is all about how we can create an authentic, engaging tone of voice, some great tools and best practices for creating a copy with integrity and how we can inspire people to love you. And let’s also inspire your writing soul.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Why are some great writers prolific while others are seeming slackers who write only sporadically? Learn what the former group knows that you don’t.
  • Best practices from famous writers from history—and from prolific modern content creators, too.
  • Practical tools to help manage your writing, ideas, and workflow—even if you are allergic to words like “workflow.”
  • Charlotte was the world’s best social media marketer. Every word she wrote had to count.
  • If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Write every day. Even if you don’t publish every day.
  • She opped in as a marketer, but you need to be a writer first. Be a writer first and a marketer second.
  • The difference between being creative & desperate is having an abundance of ideas
  • Prep – Writing – Editing.
  • Inspired to try to be a better writer with
  • 5 fastest ways to level up your writing.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Long Term Traffic

Session by: Peg Fitzpatrick – Director of Content Strategy and Social Media. Pinterest expert and co-author of _The Art of Social Media

Social media algorithms killing your blog mojo?  Peg Fitzpatrick told us HOW and WHY to use Pinterest to drive qualified traffic to your website and shard the exact strategies and techniques that you can use to grow your email list.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Create 2+ pins per blog post, Canva does gifs, & link a pin to an email capture.
  • Don’t post content and forget it – fan the flame.
  • Check your status for top 5- 10 pins in the last 30 days.
  • Add them a loop. Share them on social media as a separate post with a link to the pin. Pin it for later. Add popular pin in your email signature. Promote them.
  • Embed Pin in the blog post.
  • Create a blog post and around this topic and share your pin in the article.
  • Create content that inspires, teaches, and is visually appealing!
  • Pinterest’s goal is to build the right brain of the internet; associative, visual, and subjective.
  • Pinterest can be your number one traffic source when you use it correctly. And it’s long-term traffic.
  • Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

10 Mind-Bending New Ideas for Our Social Media Marketing Future

Session by: Mark Schaefer – Social media Strategist and Educator Schaefer Marketing Solutions

Author and consultant Mark Schaefer riffs on the trends that will affect social media marketers the most in the next five years. This an essential (and entertaining!) count-down of the ideas you need to consider NOW to stay on top of your game and lead your company to the next level.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Be original…  Be superior… Be human. Embrace the chaos.
  • Top Skills need.
    1. Data/ Analytics.
    2. Digital Advertising.
    3. Ability to quickly test and adapt.
  • Five reasons to be enthusiastic about the future of social media marketing

How to Best Attribute the Results of Your Social Media Efforts

Session By:

Dennis Yu – Chief Technology Officer, BlitzMetrics

Michael Melaro – Director of Marketing, Ashley Home Store

Takeaways From the Session:

  • We’ve heard that video is key, but if video truly is key, that means you’ve got a video editor in-house, that means you’re creating video as your core content strategy, not something on the side. – Dennis
  • Just pull out your smartphone, point it at yourself and tell your story – and that’s my focus for 2018. – Michael
  • Working in such a fast-paced industry with new features, techniques, and best practices are popping up every single day – Dennis

The Past, Present, and Future of Social Media

Session By:  Brian Solis– Principal Analyst, Altimeter, a Prophet Company.

Brian Solis is one of the founding fathers of digital, social media and mobile marketing. His research and books help executives, and also everyday people, better understand the relationship between the evolution of technology and its impact on people and also the role we each play in evolution. As a result of his work, Solis also helps leading brands, celebrities, and startups develop new digital transformation, culture 2.0, and innovation strategies that enable businesses to adapt to new connected markets from the inside out.

In this session, he shared the roots of social media, where social media went astray and how you/we, can make social media matter again in the future of business, relationships, and society at large.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Tweet others like you want to be tweeted.
  • Social Media spark a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change.
  • Now is the time when we have to take social media back. Everybody is an Influencer in their own way.
  • There is a science behind influence: it is trust. This is where the future of social media begins.
  • Earlier tonight, I witnessed one of the best keynote presentations I’ve ever seen in my life. Sure got me thinking about the future of social media.
  • Inspire others to rise and that’s real influence. This is our time.
  • We are becoming a society of digital introverts. We communicate differently. We think and act differently. We are literally reprogramming our brain, and we don’t realize how much we are changing
  • It’s not about followers, it’s about TRUST.
  • Social Media is less about technology and more about arthropolgy, sociology, and ethnography.
  • If you invest in great communication with customers you win.
  • Social media is just people helping people.
  • Social media has allowed us to make the world smaller and build it into a real community.
  • Social Media democratizes information and influence.

Augmented Reality and the Future of Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know

Session by: Cathy Hackl – VR AR Evangelist, Cathy Hackl

Get a lot on the future of marketing and how immersive technologies are being used in business today and how they are being integrated with social media marketing strategies by AR Expert Cathy Hackl.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • What’s coming in Augmented Reality is a seismic shift for users – a world beyond commercials. The future is not slowing down.
  • Educate yourself on the coming of AR VR in the social PR mix. Beyond the hardware.
  • Content Shifting from content that is 2d to content that is 3d, 360 and sometimes holographic.
  • VR and AR will be powered by 5G, Al and Blockchain
  • VR can change the way we handle education as well as business
  • ARKit has enhanced detection
  • iOS-11.3 has a higher resolution and auto-focused support.
  • ARKit is Apple’s kit to let you create AR apps
  • Microsoft Hololens – Can be used to repair machinery like an elevator
  • ARCore – AR system from Google
  • Imagine AR mirrors at stores and the data they could collect (sizes, preferences, colors, etc.)
  • You could use AR as a more advanced reviewing system (like AR Yelp)
  • You might be able to measure heart rate and other body signs with AR when you’re dating
  • Eventually, we won’t use phones – we’ll look at out VR
  • Chatbots plus AR makes for a fun experience and a great selling opportunity
  • Social VR on Facebook – Spaces – proves VR can be a social rather than isolating experience
  • AR will become incredibly important because it will solve many pain points

Next Level Blogging: From Content Creator to Audience Architect

Session by: Brian Clark – Founder Copyblogger Media, LLC. Blogging and content marketing pioneer

Well, today’s smart bloggers know that content isn’t king, the audience is. And yet it’s a more strategic approach to content that gets you not only an audience but the right audience. Brian Clark expertly walked, through the process of taking your blogging to the next level.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that have great readers.
  • A lot of things in content marketing have changed. And a lot of stayed the same.
  • Speak individually to people while making them feel like they belong in the tribe.
  • Speak directly to individuals problems and desires while instilling a feeling of belonging.
  • Content is not king – the Audience is the King
  • An Audience Architect attracts the perfect audience (for you!) and bonds with them. Audience is king and an asset
  • You’re not going to get people to love you if they don’t even like you.
  • Email segmentation with tagging – creates a CMS within your email program to categorize & segment people into different buckets.
  • Ask people what lane they see themselves in to build personalized content based on the audience. ?? Higher value content for them which leads to better engagement.
  • Taking your blog to the next level. The more you know about your audience, the better you can serve them.

Creative Techniques for Engaging Your Audience With Instagram Stories

Session by:  Sue B. Zimmerman – Owner, Sue B Zimmerman Enterprise

Sue B. Zimmerman shared how to effectively drive engagement and build community in unique ways with lots of ideas on how to create a story, methods for maintaining viewer retention, and how to drive traffic to your website, blog, or landing pages.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • The rapid growth of Instagram’s hottest feature, Stories, has proven that it can’t be ignored as one of the most effective places to reach your followers online.
  • Even better than reach is the growth in engagement possible with Stories.
  • Creative Techniques for Engaging Your Audience With Instagram Stories session.
  • No one will guess what you want them to do. You have to tell them exactly what you’re looking for. It’s your job as the marketer to make it clear.
  • You can share live web links in Instagram DMS
  • Your story needs to be edu-taiment.
  • It’s the REAL, RAW, AUTHENTICITY that connects you to others.
  • Instagram is constantly updating Instagram Stories with new features.
  • Instagram Story philosophy.
  • Tools for Instagram stories.
  • Conversations are the GOLD in the DM. The conversation is the opportunity for the conversion

The Future of Online Video

Session by: Zach King – Owner FinalCutKing.com

This session is about creative ways and strategy to grow your youtube business and make videos that people want to share based on the experience generating over billion organic views.. From identifying trends to thumbnails, titles and the sharable video formula everything is here by Zack.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Story ideas come from Fear. Wishes. Inventions. Illusions.
  • These are just 24 frames per second that are somehow able to convey so much emotion; I have to be a part of that.
  • Real but with a little bit of magic.
  • What to consider when creating video: 1. Curiosity (does it inspire a sense of wonder?) 2. Clean (can everyone watch it?) 3. Contagious (is it cool enough to share?)
  • Design your content to be timeless.

How to Make Visual Content Your Social Media Secret Weapon

Session by: Rebekah Radice – Creator Authority Matrix.

Rebekah has presented how to identify the exact type of graphics your audience is looking for, a 5-step solution to developing your brand style guide, and an easy formula to help you create highly shareable social media images in minutes. Plus, the can’t-miss tools for easy visual content creation.

Takeaways from the session

    • A confused mind doesn’t buy. Neither does it like, click or comment.
    • How to limited to average experience creating graphics for social media.
  • How you can leverage visual marketing to build a powerful and persuasive online visual brand.

How to Best Use LinkedIn Native Video in Your Marketing

Session by: Viveka Von Rosen – Founder, Author and LinkedIn Expert Linked Into Business. Chief visibility officer and Co-founder of Vengreso.

By now you have seen and probably ventured into LinkedIn’s native video feature. But are you getting the very best results from your efforts? Viveka shared everything you need to know to master LinkedIn native video. She eased learning all about LinkedIn including what it is and what it’s not, where to find it, how to use it, some ninja tricks, and more with integrating LinkedIn native video into your marketing strategy.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Use LinkedIn native video to share tips, testimonials, book or profile reviews, interviews, teach, demo, showcase, live audience, and (soon) reply in groups.
  • Marketing needs to work with sales to ensure you are making content for EACH step for the customer journey.
  • When suited for a video, it’s good to have the equipment, but what’s most important is to have a personality.
  • 75% of business managers watch work-related videos hebdomadal.
  • 54% of business administrators share work-related videos with co-workers at least weekly.
  • Create content for all stages of the funnel
  • Starting off the day with “How to Best Use LinkedIn Native Video in Your Marketing

Tips and Tools for Visual Storytelling on Instagram

Session By: Donna Moritz Social Media Consultant & Visual Marketing Strategist | Social Media Expert, Socially Sorted

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Whether you are a beginner at Instagram or already getting leads, story-telling will give the digital boost
  • Develop social impact and knowledge for better regeneration.
  • Understand and leverage the right content for increasing the growth of your list

10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Blogging That Will Shortcut the Growth of Your Blog

Session by: Darren Rowse – CEO Problogger. Blogger, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Online Entrepreneur.

He wished to know the 9 things before start blogging, the important one from his notes is, “Focus Less upon getting eyeballs, and more upon engaging hearts”

Takeaways From the Session:

  • The biggest challenges for bloggers today are noise and distribution.
  • Blogs are still relevant for building authority & trust and driving traffic, but we need to adapt how and where we broadcast our blogs.
  • Any social media platform can be treated like a blog because that is where people are listening.
  • Blogs are no longer just about the text. Incorporate a variety of media i.e. infographics, video, embeddable content, etc.  To engage different learning styles and increase time on page.
  • Eyeballs don’t benefit in the long term

From Click to Customer: How to Use SlideShare to Tell Stories That Sell

Session By: Ana Hoffman – Founder, TrafficGenerationCafe.com

Description: Money loves speed! The two fastest ways to get consumers to go from click to sale are to A) tell them a story that converts, or B) tell them a story that spreads. Tell a story that both converts AND spreads and you’ve hit yourself a home run.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Take the overall data with grain of salt
  • There’s more to views then you think
  • Audience retention will tell you if your videos are too long, boring or unfocused.
  • Don’t take YouTube’s Demographics reports too seriously.
  • Watch Traffic sources and Device reports like a hawk.
  • Likes and Dislikes only matter if the reaction is extreme.

How to Create 30 Days of Instagram Content in a Single Day

Session by: Jasmine Star – Business Strategist, Photographer, Helping entrepreneurs grow social platforms

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Post regularly, consistently and with purpose and from your 9-12 categories, and do 1-1 interaction
  • Overwhelmed with comments? Only respond to those that are 4 words or more to teach your audience how to engage with you.
  • There’s nothing special for somebody to be successful because the “success of what makes people successful is THEY SHOW UP”! They post consistently, with a purpose. They are dedicated
  • Choose 9-12 categories for your Instagram. Post 1 photo for each and repeat in your content calendar.
  1. What are you comfortable sharing?
  2. What are you selling (literal and figurative)
  3. Who am I trying to attract? (be specific)
  • If you want to grow your business on Instagram you must post a minimum of 1 times a day – but it may not ever have to be more.
  • The things that set us apart in social and in life is our brand

How to Turn Social Customer Service Into a Marketing Strategy

Session by:  Shep Hyken – Customer Service & Experience Expert, Shepard Presentations. New York Times_ bestselling author and award-winning speaker.

Shep Hyken gave us the bulk of knowledge with you some of the most important strategies and tactics to take your social customer care to the next level.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • It’s more than just handling a complaint or answering a question. It’s responding to comments (and that includes both complaints and accolades) as well as engaging with information that enhances your customer’s experience with you, leading to more business and potentially customer loyalty.
  • How to eliminate friction on the
  1. Tell people how long the wait is
  2. Offer to call them back instead of waiting
  3. Let them choose the time to call them
  • Perfect fives scare customers. They like to see some 4s—it’s actually more powerful than 5s.
  • The best companies know how to be proactive AND reactive with Customer Service and Experience.
  • Social media customer service is a spectator sport.
  • More
  • How to deal with negative Social Media posts:
  1. Acknowledge
  2. Apologize
  3. Own the problem
  4. Act with urgency
  5. Resolve (in DM if needed)
  • Companies often know what their top 3 Customer Experience problems are… but they haven’t done anything about them.
  • You probably know your customers’ top 3️ problems. Why haven’t you eliminated, or at least mitigated them?
  • Empower your customers to help answer questions about your business. They will help with both #marketing and Customer service.
  • If I wanted my [customer service] question answered on social in nine hours, I’d wait nine hours to ask it.
  • The average company will take up to 9 hours to respond. 25% of customers who complain expect an answer within an hour. Is this reasonable?
  • 89% of social media messages to brands are ignored.
  • For the first time, customers have a voice that’s louder than ever. When brands engage or respond on social media, customers spend on average 20%-40% more.
  • “The best companies are consistent in proving great #customerservice and are true to their brand promise every single time you interact with them”
  • In the customer service world, the response ‘fine’ is the f-word. Fine is the F-bomb of customer service. Our goal should be to delight our customers.
  • 62 billion dollars were lost last year because of poor Customer Service. That’s up from the previous year. People know what a good Customer experience is; customers are smarter than ever before

Mass Seduction: Proven Techniques to Engage and Build Your Audience

Session by: Alex Khan – Founder Attractive Media GmbH

Video expert Alex Khan shared his learning and experience from more than 1,000 live broadcasts for himself and brands like Red Bull and SAP. You´ll pick up various ideas every business can use to gain more reach and engagement using live video about mass seduction and how you embrace the power of live video to build your reach and engage with your audience. How you leverage your audience in the best way, what’s the best tech gadgets and much more.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • 2 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and customers every month via facebook messenger.

How to Innovate by Thinking Differently: The Disney Way

Session by: Duncan Wardle – Chief Innovation Officer ID8&innov8.

Duncan Wardle created an engaging workshop that will not only answer these questions but leave participants with tools to take on challenges in new and different ways that deliver tangible results. 87% of your brain is subconscious – what are you doing with the other 13 %?

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Your river of thinking (experiences, knowledge, background) is your single biggest barrier to thinking differently.
    • The opposite of Bravery is not Cowardice, it’s Conformity.
    • Your expertise is your biggest barrier to innovation.
    • Innovation is about getting to an idea you couldn’t get to yourself.
  • The moment you can turn ‘my’ idea into ‘our’ idea, you have nurturing. The second you want to pass judgment, suspend judgment and ask a question to try and gain understanding.

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How to Build and Monetize Your Personal Brand

Session by: Chris Ducker – Founder and CEO Live2Sell Group

Chris Ducker revealed that people want to do business more so today than ever before, with other, real people and teaching strategies and tactics that’ll help you build a powerful personal brand, with a strong focus on monetization to become the go-to leader in your industry, but also build a future-proof business in the process.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Stop comparing somebody else 100th step to your first.
    • Forget B2B or B2C. It’s all about the P to P: the PERSON to PERSON relationships.
    • “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” -Zig Ziglar
    • Change what you’re worth and don’t apologise.
    • Ways to monetize your personal brand.
    • You build relationships by answering questions and solving problems.
    • You have to be social on social – don’t ignore it when someone replies to you.
  • How to monetize your brand: coaching and consulting, affiliate marketing, create and sell digital products, memberships, live events.

Selling With Webinars: How to Make Webinars That Convert (and Your Attendees Love)

Session by: Tim Paige – Webinar Superhero Tim Paige Webinars

Tim gave a detailed session to craft a webinar that leaves prospects thrilled that they attended and converts like crazy without feeling like you need to take a shower after? That’s what this workshop is all about.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • In this step-by-step walkthrough (based on over 1,000 live webinars generating $10mil plus in revenue), you’ll learn:
    • Why the sales pitch is the least important part of your webinar (and where to devote your attention instead)
    • How to structure your content so people leave being able to do something they could before
    • The biggest mistake most people make when building webinars
    • The best thing you can do to increase engagement and stick rate (plus quadruple conversions)

How to Write Copy That Sells Without Being “Salesy”

Session by: Ray Edwards – Owner Ray Edwards International, Inc.

Ray provided you with tools, tactics, and templates that will help you communicate with more impact in the session.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Persuasion is something you do FOR people. Manipulation is something you do TO people.
    • Content Creation PASTOR Framework.
    • Sell more than ever without being “salesy.”
    • Write post titles and headlines that draw eyeballs like a magnet.
    • Make your writing predictable persuasive.
  • If you have anything to say or sell, make sure you attend this workshop.

How to Grow a Highly Profitable Consulting Practice Without Adding Overhead

Session by: John Jantsch – President Duct Tape Marketing.

John Jantsch shared his 5-step approach to scaling your consulting practice without the need to add permanent resources and overhead.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • The 3 types of partners you must build your business on.  
    • Sell people what they want, not what we want to sell them. Fix their pain first.
    • Even in digital marketing, no substitute for talking to customers. The only way to get qualitative data about the customer experience.
    • Nobody wants what you sell, they want their problems solved. PERIOD. This is true for your clients too. Remember this when doing content creation.
    • Moving to consistent retainer billing; nobody likes to get paid by the hour.
    • People don’t buy a product. They buy time, confidence, and especially clarity.
    • Three types of partners every consulting firm needs- strategic partners to complement offering, executors to scale, and marketing partners.
    • Content becomes an asset over time.
    • Why do your customers need to be on social media? Tell them what real life problems it will solve; that’s all they care about, the result. The company that defines the problem best is the one that wins the business.
  • Solve a problem first to be a welcome guest instead of an unwelcome marketer.

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As Easy as a Phone Call: How to Shine On-Camera

Session by: David Lawrence XVII – Founder and Lead Instructor VO2GoGo, Inc.

In this session, television, film and voice-over actor David H. Lawrence XVII (HEROES, LOST, The People vs. OJ, The Mentalist and 35 years on network radio) walked you through what you need (and need to avoid) to project complete authority and leadership when on camera, brought volunteers from the audience up on stage to play with his new system, Camera Ready You, live in front of the attendees. And he’ll give you strategies and tactics that can help you attract (and keep) more listeners and viewers to your work – and make more money in the process.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Be (and look) supremely interested on video.
  • Know your avatars and genuinely feel for them. Be yourself. Relax and breathe.
  • Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t
  • 3 point Lighting 1_ Key light, 2_ Fill light (50% of key light) 3_ Back light (50% of key light)

How to Create High-Quality Videos With Your Smartphone

Session by: Justin Brown – Director Primal Video.

This session is ideal for marketers and content creators with limited to moderate experience creating videos if you want to create amazing videos using just your Smartphone? With the right apps and a little know-how, it’s easy! In this hands-on session, video production specialist Justin Brown guided you through the tools and techniques to maximize results with your Smartphone. You’ll learn simple, actionable tips that can 10X the quality and speed of your Smartphone video creation, from shooting right through to editing.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • How To Make Visual Content Your Social Media Secret Weapon

Magic Words: The Art of Using Persuasion, Psychology, and Nuance In Your Copy

Session by: Mike Kim – Owner Mike Kim Enterprises LLC.

Mike Kim hosts the #1 ranked podcast on personal branding in iTunes, The Brand You Podcast, and has crafted marketing campaigns for some of today’s top thought leadership brands including StoryBrand, Suzanne Evans, Ken Davis, and Catalyst Leadership. This practical workshop will teach you how to use persuasion, psychology, and nuance into your copy in a way that sounds like you.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Most marketers know that great sales copy can be the difference between a customer choosing you over someone else. But how do you write sales copy in a way that sounds persuasive and authentic to your brand? How do you know what to say, when to say, and how to make it count?

How to Get Traditional Media Exposure Using Social Media

Session by: Josh Elledge – Founder upendPR.com

Would you like to create a massive buzz in the media – resulting in big traffic and sales? Would you like journalists to regularly use you as their go-to expert? PR expert Josh Elledge (UpMyInfluence.com) has appeared in the media more than 2,000 times and will reveal step-by-step how to make successful connections for more impact, fame, and income.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • PR is going through a transformation right now. People are figuring it out. Gatekeeping is changing
  • Marketing advice that helps media credibility (and SEO): “Be helpful and serve audiences
  • I spend so much time building my clients’ social media, I’ve slacked on building my own.
  • Don’t have a pinned tweet? You’re leaving $$ on the table.
  • 95% of traditional media actively use Twitter
  • Serve authentically, without expectation. Don’t have an ask.
  • One rule of Twitter: Don’t be creepy
  • “Develop relationships and it’s game, set, match
  • If your LinkedIn profile is not up to par, you’re leaving huge piles of cash on the table
  • Maximize your LinkedIn profile if you want to be considered an authority. It’s one of the first things a potential media contact will Google.
  • The press does not connect with boring, corporate web pages.
  • If you want to be interviewed on TV, include videos of you speaking on your website
  • You need a strong website and solid branding to be considered credible and authoritative
  • There is a correlation between the professionalism of your brand and the quality of deals you are closing.
  • Sharing your media successes lets your followers be proud that they are part of the movement
  • The exact moment to “news jack”
  • Minor but important detail, update your copyright year to 2018 on your website
  • There is a difference between influence and authority! Authority is currency it is only valuable as it is spent
  • Engage with HARO and you could become the authority that the reporter is looking
  • Nobody throws away fan mail
  • Social Media is about helping others 1. Classify 3. Curate 3. Connection 4. Collaborate
  • Hot tip :10X your authority with a good media kit on your website
  • If you want to do TV, show video on your website and press kit
  • Homework: build a press kit! Gotta make it easy for the press to work with our clients!
  • People love to be part of a winning team. Media validation makes you a winner
  • Influence vs authority is really about capacity vs power
  • Exposure is everything

How to Automate Your Business to Get More Clients Without Working More Hours

Session by: Greg Hickman – Founder System.ly

Greg Hickman in this session told how to automate your sales and fulfillment process to get more clients without working more hours and how to create a systematic selling experience to get more clients each month without needing to be a sales ninja and how to systemize your fulfillment to “create good clients” that love working with you.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • To get the most of marketing automation you need to automate the right things in the right order. First, we need to streamline our sales process so we can get the number of clients we need and second, we need to upgrade our current process to handle that many new clients.

How to Clarify Your Brand Story to Amplify Your Impact and Simplify Your Life

Session by:  Park Howell – Founder & President, Park&Co

Still having a hard time being heard, understood and appreciated. If so, participate in this popular, immersive 90-minute storytelling workshop and learn how to use Park Howell’s proven 10-step Story.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Clarify your brand story to differentiate your brand and be heard in a crowded market
    • Amplify your impact in your social media and content marketing with purposeful storytelling
  • Simplify your message through a focused narrative that will help create authentic and lasting engagement in your community

How To Use Speaking to Build Your Business Online and Offline

Session by: Pete Vargas – CEO and Founder, Advance Your Reach

Pete’s help, you will be able to start winning stages online and offline in the next 24-48 hours! In this session, he taught the step by step process to finding your ideal stage and walk through the campaign that he and his team have used to win over 25,000 stages.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • The untapped potential of speaking engagements and grow your online business.
    • Highlight the 5 types of revenue-generating Stages
    • Scalable Stage Matrix: 80 online and offline stages to target
    • Research hacks: how to find your “Dream Stages”
    • How to make sure you are great on every stage.
    • How can you win a stage in the next 24-48 hours?
  • Making sure the value of every stage you are on is high!

Relationship ROI: How to Grow Your Business by Focusing on Repeat and Referral Relationships

Session by: Jessika Phillips – Founder, Now Marketing Group. Host Magnet Marketers and creator of the Relationship Marketing System

Jessika Phillips shared the Six-step Relationship Marketing C.A.R.E. plan. By the end of this session, you’ll be well-equipped to grow, engage, convert, delight and measure your marketing to drive 200% ROI to your business.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Relationship Marketing is the art of focusing on repeat and referral relationships instead of only focusing on new sales.
  • By the year 2020 the #1 reason someone will choose a business over@their competitor is experience
  • Fact- 60% of the buyers journey is over before someone speaks to a representative within your company. How can you ensure your online marketing is building relationships with your audience?
  • Relationships will always be more powerful than marketin

How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan

Session by:  Rich Brooks  – President, Flyte New Media

You’ll learn how to generate more leads online. If you’re looking to uncover how social media fits in with the rest of your digital marketing and want to discover how to grow your business, this workshop is for you check out this session by Rich Brooks.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Build – To develop a platform that converts visitors into leads and sales
    • Attract – To drive qualified traffic to your site
    • Retain – To stay in touch after they’ve left your site
  • Evaluate – To read and analyze your traffic reports

Photo Storytelling: How to Create Emotional Connections With Your Fans

Session by: Jenna Kutcher – Owner/ CEO, jennakutcher.com

Learn how you can beat the algorithm using images and captions partnered together and how to create a feed that is not only captivating, but that creates 7 A Blueprint for Running a Successful Mastermind that turns more followers into paying clients with Jenna Kutcher this session.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Why story telling? 1. Memorability 2. Persuasiveness 3. Engagement
    • Tell stories of transformation. Day 1 for me has been all about telling stories. Your story. Your client’s story & their transformation
  • Conversion is king and popular has never paid the bills!
  • Include what you sell in your posts but do not consume posts by your service
  • It’s essential to determine how to SHOW and not just TELL your story
  • Facebook and Instagram’s #1 goal: how long their users are staying on the app at a time
  • It’s important to learn how to SHOW and not just TELL your story
  • It’s essential to determine how to SHOW and not just TELL your story
    People have the capacity to treat visual information 60,000x faster
  • Did you know 30% of our minds are consumed by neurons consecrated to visual processing as compared to 8% dedicated to touch and only 3% consecrated to hearing?
  • 2 kinds of people online 1_ Image lover, 2_Caption Reader
  • Take these two personalities and transform them into someone who connects with the solution you offer
  • Everyone online is looking for SOMETHING they just might not know what it is yet
  • People don’t buy products and #services. People buy magic
  • Remove all adjectives from your posts. Give your followers a reason to engage with you
  • Guide people into really great testimonials. Use testimonials and transformation photos. Let your clients tell your story. Transformation
  • Be intentional about your grid
  • Never post in Real Time… put the damn phone down and Be Present
  • Trying to stay super organized and not be distracted but 58 minute countdown to…. you
  • Bringing the heart back into Marketing
  • Everyone is looking for something when they are scrolling
  • Create and share content that is most relevant to your ideal clients. ”Captivate their attention before they need you.”
  • A brand is the image and personality of your business. Your feed is like an editorial look at your brand
  • Be present. Take the photo and then put your phone away. You don’t need to live post (plus it keeps the social media creeps away)
  • What good is that follower number by your name if it’s not reflected in your bank account?
  • You or your product may feel uninteresting, but everyone and everything has a story. Put more people & heart in your feed
  • My passion is influence over impact, regardless of if my audience buys from me or not
  • Flex that ‘ask for help muscle’

How to Convert More Site Traffic With Split Testing

Session by:  Chris Dayley – VP of Testing and Site Optimization, Disruptive Advertising

Chris Dayley presented you how to easily identify and test opportunities to improve conversion rates on your website. You will learn a step-by-step analysis process you can implement for your site in this workshop, will leave the session with multiple low-hanging fruit opportunities.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • To craft the core customer conversation, be relevant and resonant. Does it speak to their top of mind pain AND do so in the words they use? Too often this breaks down.
  • Know “what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to and why it matters. Otherwise, you’re just shooting in the dark”
  • Email marketing for dummies with pregnancy metaphor
  • He pretends not to be an expert and that he randomly ended up talking about

7 A Blueprint for Running a Successful Mastermind

Session by:  Aaron Walker – Owner, View From the Top

You will learn how to select unbiased trusted advisors that will take your life to the next level with the developed processes and systems that make the impossible, possible with Aron Walker If you want to learn how to create, run and profit from an effective mastermind, you do not want to miss this session.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • If you are working to quit, quit now. You need a purpose in life
  • You need to be able to delay gratification to get what you want

How to Double Your Email Engagement and Double Your Sales

Session by: Jason Van Orden – Business and Marketing Strategist, Van Orden Marketing and Media, LLC

Discover a new, more effective way to leverage email marketing to boost engagement and increase sales while your competitors are still sweating about drops in delivery and open rates by applying a combination of counter-intuitive strategies (backed by test data), time-tested techniques, and fresh insights, you’ll leave with a customized plan that will breathe new life (and income) into your email marketing initiatives.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • He pretends not to be an expert and that he randomly ended up talking about Email Marketing
  • Email marketing for dummies with pregnancy metaphor
  • Rules for content and email marketing: Know “what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to and why it matters. Otherwise, you’re just shooting in the dark”
  • To craft the core customer conversation, be relevant and resonant. Does it speak to their top of mind pain AND do so in the words they use? Too often this breaks down.
  • Understanding what the customer/client journey is…crucial!
  • What is the cost of doing nothing? What is the cost of the status quo? Money, time, whatever…

How Top Creators Accelerate Their YouTube Growth and You Can, Too

Session by: Tim Schmoyer – YouTube Video Strategist Video Creators

It’s not difficult to use a specific tactic to grow their video audiences to millions of subscribers and raving fans and requires no additional budget or equipment. You can do it on your YouTube channel, too, and if you do it well, you, too, can see explosive growth. It really comes down to the power of relationships and how you get people to care. Tim in his session shared the fastest way to grow your YouTube subscriber base: by collaboratively tapping into existing audiences on YouTube and told that how the system works, what it takes to get other people’s audiences to care about your channel, and a step-by-step process for being featured by some of YouTube’s top creators, even if your channel is small. The best part about it is that not only does your YouTube audience grow, but this growth tactic turns into one of the most rewarding experiences of being a YouTube creator.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Videos are not the product. People are. Videos are just tool we use to reach them and impact their life.
  • Collaborations are key to growing on YouTube
  • YouTube has three goals: does your video bring people back to YouTube, watch time, session experience (what do they do when they’re done)
  • With collaborations, you have a team of people who are naturally promoting each other
  • Get someone else’s audience to quickly care about you
  • Grow videos in a way that continues to build over time
  • How does collaboration happen? Appear in each other videos, Promote each other’s videos.
  • The viewer wants to know if the video is right for them and why do they care
  • Let people know who you are so they care
  • Generic video = generic responses” (when it comes to creating valuable content on YouTube – creating content for your specific audience is key!)
  • Telling your story helps people know, trust and like you. Include the what and why.
  • Pitch your value prop right from the start.
  • Make it easier for viewers to care, Make a story, Pitch your value proposition, Share belief.
  • Reaching out for a collaboration – even if you can’t offer a big audience, you can offer value (e.g. visual effects, music, script, expertise, shooting location, etc.)
  • hen you reach out for a collaboration, thinking about what value *u* can offer another creator, e.g. offer visual effects, music comp, script, shooting location.
  • Remember that every view represents a real person
  • Where to find collaborators
  • Collaboration ideas
  • Suggested reading – Primal Branding by @hanlonpatrick

How to Create Closer Customer Connections With Live Video

Session by: Vincenzo Landino – CEO and Creative Director Aftermarq.

Landino’s words will help you discover the power of having a live video presence across a variety of platforms, who should be live streaming, where brands can best utilize live content, and tips to help you stand out from the noise.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Proper planning prevents poor performance.
    • Planning is key, announce to your audience when and where, invite interaction, and repurpose the content.
    • Do all the things you want to do. Don’t let others dictate how your enjoy your time.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share insights.
    • Finally, just be yourself. You’ll attract people you want to be around and spend time with and bounce ideas off of.
  • #GetCurious isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a principle.

How to Build a Responsible and Profitable Online Business around Your Podcast

Session by: Cliff Ravenscraft – Founder Podcast Answer Man. Podcast & Online Business Mentor

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Do something, or be someone, worth talking about
    • I’m concerned about being attractive to my exact ideal customer
  • Anything you can be interested in, you can find other interested in it

How to Ensure Your Facebook Ads are Profitable Every Time

Session byNicholas Kusmich – Founder H2H Media Group. world highest ROI-ing Facebook ads strategist.

This session is ideal for all marketers who have an understanding of basic digital marketing, Facebook ads, and want to get even better results. Nicholas shared  4 essential elements to being profitable with your campaigns from day 1 and complete solutions against tiring participated in “Facebook Philanthropy” if you still couldn’t get the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Make the shift from mass marketing to micromarketing. It’s not about being seen by all, but the right people.
  • We’re not in the business of transactions. We’re in the business of relationships & community.
  • A good message is when your ideal prospect feels understood by you.
  • The highest performing button known to man is Download Now >>. (Don’t forget the two carets!)
  • Can you target people on Facebook based on their dope shoes?
  • Why don’t people work with us? They don’t trust us. They don’t trust themselves. They think they have unlimited time to act.
  • Four elements to a great landing page. 1. Acknowledgment 2. Video 3. Give them an offer they can’t refuse 4. Put a deadline on your offer.
  • How do you make your tree stand out in the midst of the forest?
  • I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but BUY MY SHIT!” Please don’t do this. Marketing Gone Wrong
  • Reaching a quality audience with your Facebook ads is key. Don’t target the masses, use audience targeting to hit the right people.

How to Set up Your First Marketing Chatbot in Less Than 45 Minutes

Session by: Andrew Warner – Owner Mixergy

Eager to know about messenger marketing and about its whats and hows. Andrew delivered amazing and knowledgeable words on how to set up a Messenger marketing campaign and how to use advanced chatbot techniques to simplify customer service and grow your sales and steps to leverage Facebook’s Messenger platform to delight their customers

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Need an enterprise level tool to help you build a mega chatbot and take advantage of all the users on  Facebook messenger? Check out .
  • People are spending more time messaging than in email. Email is crowded. Messaging is exciting.
  • Wondering if a chatbot can benefit your business? Yes! So many use cases from ordering to? booking travel.? Allows marketers to teach and build better relationships over time.

Facebook Strategy in Light of the Facebook Apocalypse

Session by: Brian Fanzo– Founder and CEO isocialfanz.com. Millennial Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Change Evangelist.

“Meaningful Interactions vs Engagement” Brian described it and walked the audience through the strategy shift to create meaningful community interactions, empower employees, and leverage both influencers and fans.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • If your social media strategy is similar to that of a billboard then times are changing and I’m here to help you build a strategy back to ROI as doing social media without measurement is a waste of time for your business!
    • Relatability is the future of marketing.
    • Only 35% of marketers are currently using live video with a strategy in 2018
    • Social Media Changes: The latest news feed change and how that impacts organic reach and Facebook Ad spend.
    • Conversational Content: How to build a content strategy from the fans perspective focusing on creating “participatory content” targeted at an active audience rather than social spectators.
    • People Empowerment: What role employee advocacy and influencer relations will have on creating social media conversations and organic reach of content on social media.
  • 4 T’s: Framework needed to embrace this change & build a scalable strategy through Trust, Transparency, Training and Technology.

How to Automate Your Video Production So It Works Without You

Session by: Grant Thompson – Producer The King Of Random

Are you working 14-hour days, on the verge of burning out, and wishing you had a carbon copy of yourself to hold things together so you could take a break? Grant Thompson, one of YouTube’s largest creators shared his secrets for how he automated his channel “The King of Random” to work completely without him, and generate millions of dollars a year for a successful v-logging.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Build a process, document it, build an application form, give the checklist to someone else, find out what’s not working, modify and repeat until you have a process that works all the time
  • Take notes on all the steps you follow to create content – at the end you’ll have the perfect checklist of how YOU like things done
  • Brainstorm about what is holding you back, then write the opposite of that on the other side of each problem. Boom – you’re developing solutions

How to Use Facebook Custom Audiences to Get Better Ad Results and Lower Your Costs

Session by: Rick Mulready– OWNER RICKMULREADY.COM. Facebook ads expert and host of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast,

If you want to take your Facebook ads to the next level, creating smarter ad campaigns that get you bigger results while reducing costs? This session helps you very much. Rick Mulready, shared the exact steps for strategically using Facebook’s Custom Audiences to increase engagement with your business, grow your email list, get more customers and sales, and increase the lifetime value of your customers with actionable tips and strategies that’ll allow you to immediately start creating more effective Facebook ad sales funnels and campaigns.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Starts with understanding who your target audiences are; being clear on the value you bring them; solving their challenges; communicate clearly to position yourself as their go-to solution; building relationships & trust
  • Place FB Pixel on site/landing page, confirm its working, THEN create your audiences
  • You can only target people you have permission to contact
  • Can target all website visitors, specific pages or categories, people who visit some pages but not others, how long they spend on pages, events (eg add to cart)
  • Create lookalikes for all custom audiences
  • Use Facebook custom audiences to get better ad results and lower your costs. So many of my clients are going to benefit from this!
  • I worked in web advertising in the Wild West days; people are going to jail now for the stuff we were doing back then
  • Facebook Ads success is based on the fundamentals of marketing
  • How I define custom audiences: People who’ve engaged with you in some way who you can then retarget
  • Cold traffic goes in the top.
  • Website traffic: Retarget people who have visited your website or landing page
  • You can create an audience of people who did OR didn’t take an action – or exclude them Longer views: more engaged Shorter views: maybe not interested, or maybe need to be warmed up with more value
  • How long should the video be? As long as it needs to be for what you’re trying to do. Shorter is better.
  • You can create audience out of any kind of engagement with your FB content
  • You can use Pixel Helper extension for Chrome
  • Email list: WARM traffic
  • The 4 must-have custom audiences
  • Allows an additional touch point to be in front of your ideal audience (plus email open rates aren’t great)
  • Crate look alike audiences out of your sub audiences
  • Make sure to export your unsubscribes & bounces and upload as an audience to EXCLUDE
  • You can also add an LTV (lifetime value) to your list if you know it
  • Test different day windows (the more recent the website visit, the
  • FB Live, create your engagement audiences, amplify the video to your fans warmer the audience)
  • Facebook loves Live videos; retarget them based on how long they watch
  • Gauge your fans’ reaction to it, get their feedback, then use it to advertise to colder audiences
  • In addition to the 1% lookalike audiences, don’t be afraid to use higher percentages too; FB loves larger audiences now (this is a recent change!)
  • If it makes sense, put multiple warm audiences in same ad set
  • For smaller warm audiences, use Reach objective to reach as many as possible
  • In business manager, create new (real) ad account & share all your audiences with it as a backup
  • Get Creative with your Facebook Custom Audiences, targeting, A/B testing.
  • Retarget with Messenger at the bottom of the funnel
  • Video engagement audiences based on how long people are watching our videos
  • Facebook Custom Audiences – video strategy
  • DO NOT FORGET this is permission-based! It’s to further engagement, not push info on them!
  • Consolidate your social proof: use warm traffic to build engagement, then use same ads to bring in cold traffic for higher relevancy scores & lower cost

How to Improve Your Marketing Using Instagram Analytics


Forefront blogger on Instagram marketing. Author, consultant & speaker here to help you succeed with online marketing!

Takeaways From the Session:

    • The only time people will read your bio is the first time they follow you. That’s your elevator pitch.
    • Impressions are how many times a post was seen. Reach is how many people saw the post. Ideally, you want more impressions than reach!
    • If something isn’t working on Instagram, the algorithm will hurt you.
    • Instagram is going to crack a billion users this year.
  • Don’t use a scattershot approach on Instagram

How to Sell Your Product or Service With YouTube Ads

Session by: Billy Gene Shaw – Founder & CEO Bill Gene is Marketing

Billy Gene was there to show you, step-by-step, how he uses use simple and affordable videos to find new customers with YouTube ads… As known as the biggest missed opportunity in 2018.

Specifically, he’s taught, what to say, how to say it, which cameras to use, who to target, how to target, and how to get an ROI.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Search for popular videos on YT and place ads on them
  • You can also find and select specific websites to place your ads on
  • Keyword planner – Find people based on their interest
  • The equipment is the least of your worries.
  • Increase sales triggers: 1. Giving something away 2. Discount 3. Environment 4. Associations (show them who they hang out with) 5. breaking down the fourth wall
  • Triggers: Asking for payment asking for personal info asking to meet up asking for their time asking them to engage
  • Emotion has to be greater than resistance.
  • Use an obnoxious call to action. Make it crystal clear (I am paraphrasing here)
  • MUST SEE Tool: Displace Planner – Free tool from Google that will tell you which websites are getting the most traffic based on search topics. Use to figure out which websites to advertise on.
  • Avoid bumper ads unless you are targeting your current clients who LOVE you and ask for referrals
  • You can have the best video in the world but if no one sees it, it’s useless.
  • An inspirational video is powerful for selling
  • The more polarizing you can be at the beginning of your videos the more you will stand out.
  • Sadness is a great way to hook people
  • Everyone is spending $ on Facebook ads but not as many are spending $ on YouTube. So where is the opportunity?
  • In fine print: *void bill, for entertainment purposes only!
  • Number 1 emotion to make people buy from your videos? Curiosity.

How to Convert Twitter Conversations Into Customers

Session by: Samantha Kelly– Founder @WomensInspireIE. @Tweetinggoddes. TEDx speaker, Brand ambassador for @ContentCal_io and @SmSummitIrl

Samantha is here to take you through why Twitter IS excellent for converting into sales with a complete guide to how chatting with real people can result in them buying from you, for an stronger customer engagement.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • 60% of followers saying they follow small businesses, inorder to be able to offer feedback and share ideas.
    • 72% people are more likely to make a future purchase from a small business after they follow or interact with that business on twitter.
    • 30% followers are more likely to recommend you.
  • 86% of the followers are most likely to visit a business if a friend recommends them.

Seeing Into the Future: Predictive Analytics for Social Marketers

Session by: Christopher Penn – VP Marketing Technology @shiftcomm, ninja, Marketing Over Coffee co-host, keynote speaker.

Christopher really took you into your future with predictive analytics forecasting for social media marketers to every aspect of businesses.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Data is the new oil.” Crude oil is like crude data. It needs to be refined before its usable
  • About half of AI will take away your jobs of analytics. About half of it will still have to be taken care of by humans     

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Zero to Published in 90 Days: How To Use A Book To Double Your Following & Revenue In 2018

Session by: Chandler Volt – Founder & CEO Self Publishing School

Chandler Bolt was all set to break down the 3 step process used by 3,500+ SPS students to go from no idea to published author in 90 days. Wanna successful book writing, check it:

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Offer the audiobook for free if they buy your book.
    • Your book launch team can be created via your Facebook group, email list, etc.
  • Three steps to a successful book launch
    1. Get a good cover that grabs attention
    1. Build a Launch Team
  1. (advanced) Get ongoing reviews to keep Amazon Algorithm on
    • Get a good cover that grabs attention, title pops, title in upper third, and is easy to understand
    • Writing a book is so easy an eight-year-old can do it!
  • How fast you can have a rough draft
    1. Ideal length of book: 40-75 doc pages, 15000-35000 words
    1. The average person speaks 150 words/minute.
  1. Easily speak your book in 1 hour 40 mins – 2 hours 47 mins
  • How to speak book in 3 steps
    1. speak/record
    1. Get it transcribed
  1. Polish it off
    • Everyone still awake? That’s a WIN!
  • Get as specific as possible with your book idea
    1. There are no new ideas
    1. You must get SPECIFIC with your book
  1. There’s no such thing as ‘too specific’
    • When you write a book you are instantly more legit
    • You can’t edit while you write your book and you can’t write more than one book at a time
  • How do I know which book to write first
    1. Which one solve the biggest pain for my current and potential customers
    1. Which one can I finish fastest? (have the most content/ life experience)
    1. Which one am I most likely to finish
  1. Which one is going to make me happy

The One Metric You’re Not Watching That Is Killing Your Sales And Stealing Your Time: Cost Per Idea Implemented

Session by: Brad Martineau – CEO and Co-Founder at SixthDivision, Co-Founder at PlusThis

Attention Agency Owners, Implementers and Business Owners that want their ideas actually implemented, this session has shown you exactly how to get more of your ideas implemented and producing meaningful business results so that you can start living life today and stop wasting precious time.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Spend time on most proven and highest probability activities TO MAKE MONEY” If social media is proven to you, crush it. If not, don’t count on it as part of your Game Plan.

Understanding The Youtube Algorithm For Short and Long-Term Growth

Session By:  Dan Markham, Founder – What’s Inside

So if your brand is using YouTube as part of your social media strategy, traverse in to one of the fastest growing channels on and gain insights that will apply to your channel for both the short term and long term.

Takeaways From the Session:

The content and video styles that attract specific audiences.

The best practices for leveraging influencers.

Walk away with the inspiration and know-how to take your YouTube presence from zero to millions.

How To Grow a Blog to a Multi-Million Dollar Business Without Advertising

Session By:  Robyn Openshaw– Owner of Greensmoothiegirl.com

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Don’t be afraid to tweak your methods to see what works best for you and your readers.
  • Making money blogging can take a lot of persistence, but it can pay off in the long-run if you’re starting out from scratch. The session is for content creators and marketers to consummate the blog and take it to the next level.

Winning With Influencer Marketing: What Top Brands are Doing Now

Session By:

Tiana Madera– Social Media Manager, 1800-Flowers

Tyler Anderson– CEO/ Founder, Casual Fridays & Tack

Ursula Ringham– Director, Digital Marketing, SAP

Beverly W. Jackson– Vice President of Social Portfolia  Strategy, MGM Resorts International

Working with influencers is a great way for brands to cut-through the noise and reach audiences that trust the influencer and in turn their recommendations. It’s also relatively inexpensive and has global reach. Discover how brands are extracting into these amazing storytellers and content creators.

Takeaways From the Session:

Brands need to set a goal for how many to reach with their campaign.

Brands need to watch out for earned impressions, Social Engagement and Earned Impressions go hand in hand.

Conversion rate is a great additional metric which proves a campaign’s success.

It’s important to keep an eye on distribution and understand how people are arriving at your content. Give influencers a budget for social promotion. And don’t put the same distribution behind every influencer, look for quality and adjust accordingly.

Ensure social shares are of the highest quality, that the headlines and images are looking good, as it’s an important way to pull in more traffic.

Bloggers might be slick content creators, but they’re not always experienced in creating content for brands. Ask for content examples.

Understanding the YouTube Algorithm for Short and Long Term Growth

Session By: Dan Markham – Founder, What’s Inside

What started as a science fair project overnight transformed Dan Markham and his son into YouTube superstars with more than five million subscribers to their “What’s Inside” channel, and combined video views of more than 750 million.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Unique content is the key to get viral
  • YouTube updates its algorithm to get listed on the first page frequently, update yourself.

How to Create a Live Video Strategy for More Views, Leads, and Sales

Session By: Luria Petrucci – Founder, Live Streaming Pros

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Engagement rate with the audience will lead to massive sales
  • Growing business needs metrics that have more interaction

How to Up Your Twitter Game With Smart Tools

Session By: Madalyn Sklar – Twitter Marketing Strategist

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Use tools that can increase engagement without spamming
    • Schedule and repeat
    • Analytics must be viewed of every tweet
    • Twitter is to talk, Facebook is to post
  • Word-of-mouth is the major 2018 priority

Cashing In On Content: How to Master Affiliate Monetization

Session By: Mark Mason – Founder Late Night Internet Marketing

Maximize the value you deliver to your audience and monetize at the same time.  Sound impossible?  Learn how creators of authority content (just like you) are in a unique position to deliver value and create revenue with affiliate marketing.  Discover fundamental strategies, valuable tips and lessons learned over a decade of affiliate marketing that you can start implementing today.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Know your target audience
    • Ask relevant questions
    • Observe visitor behavior
    • Learn from discussions
    • Reviews and Purchase Activity
  • Create high-value content

150,000,000 Downloads & Counting: A Tried & True Recipe for Podcast Success

Session By: Michael O’Neal – Founder, The Solopreneur Hour

Building a thriving podcast takes a lot of work and elements of the process – from logistics to the nuts-and-bolts of production. In this session, Michael discusses the actionable steps that can be taken for a successful podcast.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Core idea
    • Identify or reveal your brand
    • Be in touch with your audience
    • Personal assortment
    • The art of the interview
  • Monetization strategies

How to Turn Mediocre Customers into Powerful Brand Advocates

Session By: Shama Hyder – CEO, The Marketing Zen Group

Every company says it wants to be “customer-centric” and deliver great “customer experience,” but only a handful are able to turn their customers into brand advocates.

Takeaways From the Session:

Excel at individual interactions.

Engage customers via multiple channels.

Provide a consistent, connected customer experience.

Make it easy to do business with your company.

Collect—and then act on—customer feedback.

Connect silos to gain the most complete view of customer data.

Involve employees in all steps of the process.

Rethink customer service metrics.

Evaluate cross-organizational performance around customer experience.

Cultivate a customer-obsessed culture

Handle Negative feedback to ways to build positive momentum

Making Your Sponsor The HEro: How to Crush a Brand Deal

Session By:  Shaun McBride– Owner, Shonduras.com

The branded amalgamation can be taken as an opportunity to make content and the writer of it to try new things. The session offering to learn how to work with brands, come up with more creative ideas, and crush your sponsored content. Shonduras has marked itself knowingly in internet marketing. He will share the tools that could make your content reach the next level.

Crisis Communications: Tips from the Trenches

Session By: Gini Dietrich– CEO, Arment Dietrich

Every organization is vulnerable to crises. If you don’t prepare, you will incur more damage.Experience demonstrates that organizational leadership often does not understand that in the absence of adequate internal and external communications, the operational response will break down. And stakeholders will not know what is happening and quickly become confused, angry, and negatively.

Takeaways From the Session:

Case studies from some of the crises you’ve heard of—and some you have not.

Tips, tools, and templates to maintain your cool during a crisis

How to work with your legal team ahead of a crisis.

The one thing every communicator should include in their crisis planning.

Tools, Tech, and Processes to Scale Your Enterprise Social Media Programs

Session By: Megan Conley–  CEO & Founder, Social Tribe– The Social Engagement Agency

Chances are your organization relies on a range of software solutions to run more efficiently.The days of large organizations being locked into a single, all-encompassing software program to run all mission-critical processes are long gone.So, if the social media solution you rely on works seamlessly with the tools other teams use, it makes everyone’s workday run just a little smoother. And because your teams are already familiar with these solutions, your IT and training budgets get a break.

Takeaways From the Session:

Integrate and align within large marketing ecosystems.

Support multiple stakeholders,

Account for regional and global audiences.

Capture the right data to drive business insights.

Guides about the best technology platforms to support business target.

Persuasive processes for a smooth work medium.

Usage of right tools for seamless execution and measurable ROI.

How to Create Videos People Want to Share: Science and Applications

Session by: Jeremy Vest – Founder & CEO, Vidpow

This session is about 12 actionable ways to create videos that people want to share based on the experience generating over billion organic views for Jeremy’s customers. From identifying trends to thumbnails, titles and the sharable video formula Jeremy will not hold anything back.

Takeaways From the Session:

  • Humans are starting to take back the reality of media. The most consistent advice throughout all of these sessions is: Be human.
  • Let’s not talk about cat videos today. People want to share videos when you make people feel things.
  • Why do people share a video? You’ve made them FEEL something.
  • You need to capture people’s imagination within 2 seconds.
  • The average view duration in Facebook is 6 seconds.
  • Know your audience.
  • Gonna add “don’t use chatbots” to this list.
  • Eyeballs on thumbnails is biggest thing you can do for thumbnail. Followed by action in background.
  • Video share-ability formula: Hook in 5 sec Emotional trigger, Revel the problem, Emotional trigger, Intro to solution, Emotional trigger, Solution benefits, Emotional trigger, CTA.
  • Humor, fear, excitement – all help your audience get invested in your videos.
  • You have to capture people’s attention within the first two seconds.
  • You don’t have to be extreme to capture viewer.
  • Within TWO seconds of a video you have to captures people’s attention. Start FAST and have a hook.
  • You don’t need a unicorn pooping rainbows ice cream in order to capture attention.
  • Create intrigue in the first 2 seconds and end with a hook in 5 seconds. Give people a reason to watch the rest of the video.
  • The Title (Hook) Matters! Don’t do clickbait — that’s when the video doesn’t deliver.
  • Clickbait is when you don’t deliver; having a powerful hook isn’t clickbait.
  • People want to be entertained, to learn something, or to be moved.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of publications to boost your audience.
  • Build a business plan for how you will distribute your video with 40-50 ways you will distribute it. Reddit is huge for video distribution.
  • Use ANY KIND of emotion to engage your viewer. Humor, fear, excitement… doesn’t matter. Emotion is the only reason people share, and it should also be your inspiration for every video you create.
  • Try not using words on your thumbnails and instead reveal the story within the graphic.

Getting Over Your Live Video Fear and Thriving on Camera

Session by: Amy Porterfield – Online Marketing Expert and Trainer, Amy Porterfield, Inc.

This is and strategy-packed session, where you’ll discover tips and techniques to embrace video with a more personal, casual approach while creating a stress-free, seamless experience that attracts your perfect audience by Amy Porterfield.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Prepare, but don’t script.
    • Casual and conversational does not equal unprepared!
    • Bare-bones outline what you want to cover.
    • Keep your equipment simple.
    • Tech flubs are moments of humanity that make you relatable.
    • There is a difference between an interview and a discussion on a podcast.
    • You have to make it MORE ABOUT THEM and less about you.
    • Being more RAW will set you free. Be unapologetically yourself.
    • Your WHY has to matter more to you than your insecurities.
    • If you don’t have a mindset shift around live video, the tips and tricks and tactics won’t get you anywhere.
    • The reason you go live has to matter more than your insecurities.
    • Practice being on camera! Start small with Insta stories.
    • Prepare, but don’t script! Have an outline read
    • When we mess up, the only thing that matters is how you bounce back.
    • You will screw up the technology. It’s how you bounce back that matters most.
    • Your WHY has to matter more to you than your insecurities
    • Being more Raw will set you free
    • You have to make it more about them and less about you
    • When I finally opened up about the things that I was afraid to talk about, my world changed. Be raw, people will flock to you.
    • Ease into live video. Don’t live stream alone – have a team member or friend on the other end to let you know it’s working. Use Instagram stories as practice.
  • Use messenger bots or email notifications to alert when you’re about to go live.

How to Create a Blogging Sales Funnel to Increase Your Revenue

Session by:  Leslie Samuel – Founder Become A Blogger. Head of training for the Social Media Marketing Society.

Leslie Samuel shared his intellectual sights on how you can use your blog and email list to turn visitors into paying customers on autopilot.By the end of this session, you’ll be empowered to create the right sales funnel for your blog so you can start selling your products or services immediately.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Use personal stories – it helps people connect with you.
    • You can’t propose to your customers at your first interaction. You need to build the relationship first.
    • Flirt online first – don’t go in for the sale at first meeting.
  • For many speakers, (#SMMW18) is the pinnacle of the year.

“Sexy” Content: How to Create Content That Moves the Sales Needle

Session by: Marcus Sheridan – President, The Sales Lion.

You will find the key types of textual and video content that are truly moving the sales needle for organizations around the globe today.If you’re looking to up your content game, get noticed, and dramatically increase your bottom line (while having a dang good time!), you won’t want to miss this session with Marcus Sheridan.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • To move the sales needle, be willing to create content that turns people away
    • From B2B to B2C, you’ll see what “sexy” content truly looks like and be inundated with content ideas for your organization in 2018 and beyond.
    • 90% of businesses don’t discuss pricing, costs, rates, etc. and yet that’s exactly what the customer is looking for.
    • More
    • Followers are not your core metric — ever
    • They must see us before we see them. They must hear us before we hear them. They must know us before we know them.
    • By 2019, 80% of all content consumed online will be video.
    • Content that rules people out is self-selection.
    • Ignorance produces inertia” @TheSalesLion. Make your pricing easily available – it’s ‘sexy content.
  • Even the big price tag items – put the price on your website. Even when your competitors don’t – don’t follow them.Even the big price tag items – put the price on your website. Even when your competitors don’t – don’t follow them.Even the big price tag items – put the price on your website. Even when your competitors don’t – don’t follow them. Even the big price tag items – put the price on your website. Even when your competitors don’t – don’t follow them.

Advertising on Pinterest: Insider Tips for Successful Promoted Pins

Session by: Alisa Meredith – Owner, Alisa Meredith Marketing

Alisa is all ready to share the basics and the insider and troubleshooting tips you need to know to get the very best results for your money. You’ll walk away ready (and eager) for Pinterest Ads success.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • How does a $4 return on every dollar of ad spend sound? That’s what you can get with Pinterest Promoted Pins!
    • Use this formula from to determine what you should spend based on your product, clicks, and conversions.
  • On @Pinterest , broad match keywords = more save while exact match keywords = more conversions.

YouMake YouFortune on YouTube: Making Money on YouTube

Session by:  Steve Dotto – Founder, Dottotech. Host, Executive Producer, and Social Caster Galileo Consulting Ltd.

Steve shared some secrets on the passive and active revenue opportunities on YouTube for creators both great and small.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • YouTube is the best place to make money, in the social media space. It is as simple as that.
    • Let your community lead you to the revenue.
    • Want to know the single most important thing is to Steve Doto as a creator? It’s “reputation.”
    • At least it’s a real community at YouTube, not like at Facebook where you are treated like a cow – they feed you grass then take the milk.
    • No two YouTubers money make money the same way.
  • YouTube is the only platform that you’re an actual partner with.

From Fans to Friends: How to Create a Loyal Community via Facebook Live

Session by: Lou Mongello – Owner, WDW Radio

Learn the importance of building and nurturing your community, and how to do with through live video, how (and why… and when) to use Facebook Live. What to do before, during and after your live stream. Check tips and strategies to get the most out of Facebook Live and more straight from  Lou Mongello.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • They don’t fall in love with your logo, they fall in love with you. That’s why Facebook Live is so powerful.
    • We Are in the relationship business.
    • People don’t fall in love with a logo, they fall in love with you.
    • Treat your fans as your friends, cause that’s how they see you.
    • Never say ‘only’” it’s not how many are watching, but how many are listening.
    • Engage your audience, Fan= Friends= Community= Loyalty= Evangelists.
    • Don’t talk at people, talk with people.  The important aspect of creating community from.
    • Why a community? “Because everyone matters, everyone counts.

Essential Steps to ROCK Sponsored Posts (and Keep Sponsors Coming Back for More)

Session by: Monica Pruett – Owner, The6FigureBlog.com. Founder, HappyandBlessedHome.com

Monica Pruett shared the 9 Essential Steps you need to ROCK sponsored posts and keep sponsors coming back for more and tricks to start pitching brands, small businesses, and networks and earn more revenue from creating killer sponsored content.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Working with sponsors and brands is one of the fastest ways to grow your audience and monetize your platform at the same time.
    • Presentation packed with action items you can implement NOW to pitch, land, and create awesome sponsored content.
  • How to take existing blog and are ready to take their content to the next level.

Four Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Better Results

Session by: Azriel Ratz – CEO, Ratz Pack Media

Tired of getting inconsistent results with Facebook ads? Learn the strategies your business can start using to get in front of your best possible audiences with the best performing ads for the lowest price.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Once you’re asking 4 questions you may as well ask 7…and for their banking information, they may give it to you.
  • Create ads around your business goals, find your best potential audiences, engage with the best performing ads, and optimize for highest quality results.

 How to Use Twitter Data to Improve Your Content Marketing

Session by:  Nicky Kriel – Social Media Strategist and Consultant Nicky Kriel Social Media

There are a billion tweets on Twitter every two days. Data is meaningless unless we can make sense of it and use it to help us become better marketers. This session will share Twitter data to help us understand our customers, find out what they are interested in, and what content does or doesn’t work and Twitter Analytics to help create better content, improve your reach and get better results, you need to attend this session. You will be inspired to look at your Twitter data with fresh eyes.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Think of tweets as headlines & consider using Twitter cards vs. images for improved CTRs, BUT test, test, test.
    • Tweeting frequently isn’t just about increasing reach and exposure. It helps you get enough data to make some conclusions
    • Tweeting just two times a day is not enough when you do business around the country or the world. You are missing put on traffic.
    • It’s so easy to get caught up in vanity metrics. Vanity metrics don’t bring business value. Just because you can measure it, that doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Look for patterns.
    • If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. You’re on Twitter to build relationships and drive traffic. Use the data.
  • How we often do our day-to-day social media management on a computer, but most of the content experiences happen on mobile. Think about the device type and location.

How to Use a LinkedIn Company Page to Reach and Engage Your Ideal Clients

Session by: Jo Saunders – Social Media Strategist | Social Media Coach | Social Media Marketing Specialist Wildfire Social Marketing

In this session, Jo Saunders, Australia’s LinkedIn Demystifier made us to deep dive into the business case for investing in a LinkedIn Company Page marketing strategy with secret formulas to allow you to understand and be inspired to optimize your company presence, strategically anchor your message and mission, and leverage your team’s online presence for maximum return.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Your LinkedIn Company Page is the hub of your business presence but there is so much more to an organization presence than just setting up this free landing page.
    • Position your organization effectively
    • Reach more people through your team
  • Build LinkedIn into your business communication and marketing

How to Grow Your Influence and Income With YouTube Live

Session by: Sean Cannell – Creator THiNK Media TV & Video Influencers

If you’re feeling unsure, intimidated, nervous … smile. And embrace this phrase from the magnificent, learn to grow your reach and influence on Youtube live.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • How to stream from mobile and desktop and live streaming gear recommendations  
    • The 3 biggest YouTube live mistakes (and how to fix them)  
    • Tips for grabbing and keeping viewer attention during broadcasts  
    • How to 4X your views AFTER the live stream is over  
  • And live Q&A with the instructor.

How to Generate Quality Ideas to Fuel Consistent Content Creation

Session by: Heidi Cohen – Chief Content Officer Actionable Marketing Guide

What is good content?  How can I create it? How can I just fuel this creation? I wish good content appear on my screen with magic! Well, this session is for your guys. If you’ve ever lost your content inspiration mojo this session is for you Heidi has ideas to arm you with a strategy, ideas and tools to help you generate content your audience actively wants and seeks.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Get a month’s worth of quality content ideas.
    • Learn how to transform your quality content so it standouts out on social media and third-party platforms.
    • Tap into writing tricks to balance your content creation resources and remain sane.
    • I wish I had half the thoughts I’ve thought of.
    • 3 TAP sources to find content ideas
        1. Transform ideas from frenemies, influencers and top-class.
        1. Acknowledge the audience and their need.
      1. Piggyback on trends and events.
  • Use this format to create an outline for your next blog post,
      1. Introduction
      1. Body
    1. Conclusion (there’s much more)

Mastering and Measuring YouTube Analytics for Video Marketing

Session By: Roberto Blake – Founder, Awesome Creator Academy

YouTube can be a powerful asset for marketers, but opportunities can be missed if you don’t take advantage of the robust information in YouTube Analytics.

In this session, you will learn how to navigate YouTube Analytics and what information is vital to your channel’s growth opportunities and continued success.

Takeaways From the Session:  

    • To track your YouTube marketing with Google Analytics, first you need to actually set up Google Analytics for your YouTube channel.
    • Track Traffic From Your YouTube Channel Profile Link
    • You’ll want to track the traffic from your YouTube videos inside Google Analytics. The same tactic applies: you’ll just use UTM parameters with your video links.
  • Once you’ve set up all of your UTM parameter tagged URLs, all you have to do is wait for visitors to start clicking them.

Related Article: “Growth Hacking Tips for All Digital Marketers By Mack Collier

How to Leverage Blogging, Email, Podcasting, Facebook Ads and Webinars to Make a Million+ Dollars Annually

Session By:  Steve Chou – Founder, MyWifeQuitHerJob.com

In this session, Steve taught you how he leverages all of his web properties to generate over a million dollars per year in profit WITHOUT a team. He broke down his exact strategy for blogging, podcasting, email marketing, Facebook ads, and webinars.

And by the end, he explained how to maximize automation to create a 7-figure platform.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Off the wall business ideas that have worked for Steve
    • How I made money before I started my online store
    • 7 different ways to make money that are simple and don’t require much upfront investment
    • Why you need to start selling something today
    • Why your potential for making money is much greater than you think
  • Easy ways to make money right now without any technical knowledge

How to Get Speaking Opportunities at Social Media Examiner Events

Session By:

Phil Mershon – Director of Events, Social Media Examiner
Mike Stelzner – Founder, Social Media Examiner

Takeaways From the Session:

    • It will take time as most speakers are impatient
    • Practice your talk within your surroundings
    • Practice until you can cross-answer every cross-question
  • Keep improvising

Visual Marketing for Non-Designers: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Session By: Jeff Sieh – Host, Manly Pinterest Tips

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Narrow Columns
    • Hierarchy is compulsory
    • More White Space
  • Group related stuff

How to Turn Attention Into Revenue With a Facebook Ads Autopilot Strategy

Session By: Amanda Bond – Owner, The Ad Strategist

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Turn (intentional and strategic) attention into cold, hard cash
    • Scale your revenue—without turning into a launch machine!
    • And, create a sales sequence that works for you… so you can stop being a slave to your own business
  • The strategy System way of running ads includes three key phases: Connect. Commit. Close.

How to Collaborate With Instagram Influencers to Speed Your Marketing Objectives

Session By: Branden Harvey – Owner, Branden Harvey Stories, Inc.

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Find a blogger or brand influencer you want to work with.
    • Yes, the number of followers you have matters.
    • Contact the blogger or brand influencer!
    • Decide on the details of your collaboration and collaborate.
  • Collaborate
      1. For lifestyle images and brand awareness
      1. For a shoutout
    1. To host a giveaway

5 Branded Content Best Practices From the World of Journalism

Session By: Melanie Deziel – Founder, The Overlap League

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Truth and Accuracy (Is It Right For You And The Story?)
    • Independence (Can I Use An Off-The-Shelf Solution?)
    • Fairness and Impartiality ( Remember That Data Alone Is Not Enough.)
    • Humanity (Unlock The Power Of Your Networks.)
  • Accountability (Determine Your Approach On A Case-By-Case Basis.)

How to Prove Social Media Works to Skeptical Managers

Session By:

Caitlin Angeloff –  Global Social Strategy & Operations, DocuSign
Kelley O’Brien – Director of Social Media, Krispy Kreme
LaSandra Brill – Head of Digital Planning, NVIDIA
Jay Baer – CEO, Convince & Convert

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Assess Your Goals
    • Do Your Homework
    • Focus on the Opportunities
    • Be Honest About the Potential Risks
  • Estimation
      1. Estimate the hours a week needed to maintain Social Network Pages
      1. Estimate the cost of creating professional-looking Social Network Pages
    1. Include a budget for ads.

How Brands are Breaking Through to Generate Results on LinkedIn

Session By:

Neal Schaffer – Owner, Maximize Your Social
Lizi de Jong Reuveni Sr – Digital Marketing Manager, VMware
Jason Schober – Social Media Manager, U.S. Bank
Amisha Gandhi – Head of Influencer Marketing, SAP

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Every now and then, LinkedIn will offer you an ad credit as an incentive to run ads. This is something you’ll want to take advantage of. Just set your limits so you don’t go over budget.
    • LinkedIn is really good about metrics. Sort by amount spent, clicks, impressions, click-through rate (number of clicks divided by number of impressions), average cost per click and social actions.
    • You can do up to 15 variations of one ad. You can change the image, headline, text, and destination. For example, use the same image three times with three different headlines, use different images with the same headline, etc.
  • Once you choose your audience, it’s a matter of paying for it. As previously mentioned, do cost per click on sponsored ads if your goal is brand awareness. Pay per impression is usually three to four times more expensive.

Blogging as a Business Asset: How to Use Story to Drive Success

Session By: Chris Brogan – CEO, Owner Media Group

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Your brand (what we’re calling your brand/story) and your sales success are directly connected.
    • Two aspects of your brand/story are crucially important: your brand/story must clearly articulate your position and your brand/story must be consistently expressed through your touchpoints.
    • Research shows that your brand/story does matter in life science marketing.
    • Communicating your life science organization’s brand/story
  • The main job of your brand/story is to translate your business strategy and position into accessible verbal, visual, tactile, auditory, etc messages that can be clearly understood by your external audiences.

How to Grow Your Following With YouTube Collaborations

Session By:

Jorge Narvaez
Peter Hollens – Owner, The Hollens Creator Academy
Owen Hemsath – President, The Video Spot
Antonio Centeno – Owner, Real Men Real Style

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Some of the best examples of collaborations on YouTube can be seen in the (often connected) Some of the best examples of collaborations on YouTube can be seen in the (often connected) Gaming and Comedy communities.
    • By far the most difficult milestone for a YouTuber to pass is their first 500 subscribers. 100 may seem like a nice, round number, but with just a few good videos that number can be reached. 500 requires regular quality content, with a few pieces getting noticed.
  • Smaller YouTube channels can band together to become stronger than the sums of their parts. Big YouTube channels can do collaborations to foster even more ridiculous growth. And sometimes, big channels work with small channels to help them grow.

9 Content Marketing Tools to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Session By: Ian Cleary – Chief technology and tools guy, razorsocial – social media tools

Creating a Pinterest Marketing Plan for More Clicks, Subscribers, and Sales

Session By: Kate Ahl – Owner, simple pin media

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Upload Your Pins Via Your Website, Not From Your Computer.
    • Choose The Appropriate Category For Your Pins.
    • Verify Your Website Or Blog.
    • Optimize Your Boards
    • Optimize Pin Descriptions
    • Use Rich Pins
    • Increase Engagement
  • Install The “Pin It” Button

How to Build SuperFans That Speed Your Growth

Session By: Pat Flynn – Founder, Flynndustries, LLC

Takeaways From the Session:

    • Don’t be a one-hit wonder. Everybody remembers a good, catchy song, but if it’s the only one ever produced by the group, people are not going to remember the band.
    • Get feedback directly from fans. Though it’s important for teams and musicians to know what reporters and reviewers are saying about them, it’s even more important for them to hear directly from their fans.
    • Make your one-man band a supergroup. From John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, people can be great talents in their own right, but they can become transcendent when onstage or on the field together.
  • Vary your playlist. The same rules apply to rewarding loyalty as they do to earning it in the first place.

In Nutshell

World’s biggest social media marketing convention ended with the industry’s highest social media professionals sharing fresh and particular insights. Ideas that will change your marketing, your content, and your business. Entertained by Social Media Examiner, the world’s leading online social media magazine for businesses, offering the leading podcast and live video show covering social media.

Well, not going to Social media marketing world? Don’t worry, Social Champ will share with you our favorite insights during and after the conference by your favorite social media influencer.

If you attended the conference and learned anything new not mentioned above, let us know so we can add above.


Sameer Ahmed Khan

Cofounder @SocialChampSays & @OuzelSystems | Ex #NokiaDeveloperChampion | #MSCommunitySpeaker | #Coder in love with #Water, #Adventure, #Design & #SocialMediaMore about me: http://www.sameerahmedkhan.com/

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