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Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips To Drive Targeted Leads

Your business can never support only its existing customers. It needs to relentlessly fill the transaction funnel with new prospects who present interest in your business contributions through Linkedin Lead Generation.

For your marketing and sales teams to deliver opportunities to cessation, it’s essential first to have quality possibilities. Hence, your marketing efforts must principally be aimed towards a fundamental part of your sales funnel, the lead generation.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

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But, what have businesses been correctly doing to supply their sales funnel with essential leads? Well, they are frequently using social selling to catch lead generation challenges with considerable success.
All this brings us to the point that social selling is a vital part of your lead generation process.
But which social media platform is the best for B2B lead generation for your business? After all, you don’t want your immense sums of retailing budgets to be advanced in a platform that gives you miserable returns.
When it proceeds to B2B lead generation, LinkedIn is the most chosen platform by marketers. Let’s understand what makes it the most favored option for B2B lead generation for small businesses.

Why Do B2B Marketers fancy Linkedin Lead Generation Most?

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the world’s largest professional network, and it is used by 94% of B2B marketers to distribute content, and the professional content is trusted by 7 out of 10 individuals. Follow the below tips for effective LinkedIn lead generation.

World’s Largest Professional Network

largest professional network
LinkedIn is the most comprehensive online platform for professionals to unite for business needs. It has roughly 590 million users across 200 countries. Such is its uniqueness that 80% of B2B influences come from LinkedIn.  Moreover, 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all different social platforms.

Not only this, an ordinary decision-maker reads ten pieces of content before making the investment judgment. Hence, it makes you stand out to potential consumers by devising content around your destination market’s needs and attract them into the sales funnel.

Strong LinkedIn User Demographics

What distinguishes LinkedIn from other social platforms is the affluent demographics of its user base.
It’s not a platform that younger age groups use for fun. Instead, it’s practiced by middle age groups for meeting professional requirements. A glimpse at the demographics of LinkedIn users further confirms why its the most robust network for connecting for marketing needs.

Specific Targeting That Produces Business

LinkedIn users come together for engaging in professional needs. Hence, they have the motivation to keep their profiles accurate and up-to-date. You can reach these user profiles in a much-targeted way with the help of specific filters. This helps you to concentrate on the mass of the audience you want. Here are some of the filters that help you do that:

  • Company – Company name, Company size, Industry, Followers, Connections
  • Experience – Job Title, Job Function, Job seniority, Years of experience
  • Education – Schools, Degrees, Fields of study
  • Interests and Identity – Groups, Skills, Age, Gender, and Location

That being said, LinkedIn is indeed going to be your choice for B2B lead generation. Now let’s see how you need to do it.

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn?

generate leads on linkedin

1. Have good discussions as often as possible

Never rely only on the one-directional interface such as websites, blog posts, and videos. Try and have a genuine conversation with your candidates as often as possible.
If your user asks about a characteristic in chat, don’t only offer a link to an information base, provide a 10-minute call to walk them through. This will provide you yet another opportunity to sell.
If you are emailing with your direction, attempt a video call. If you have a video call, offer to meet. Work and get more familiar with your leads every time you communicate with them.

2. Use Twitter for lead generation

Twitter goes for every industry because it’s so big. The challenge is to find the best people. After that, it’s all about interlocking them, which can be as simple as copying them or taking part in a dialogue.
You can use Twitter exploration to find people using appropriate hashtags or keywords, or practice  LinkedIn to find exciting professionals. You can also use professional tools such as Social Champ.
Using Twitter effectively for lead generation demands a significant quantity of time, but if prepared right, it can yield excellent outcomes.

Capture LinkedIn Audience With Social Champ

Create and schedule long-form content with hashtags and mentions on LinkedIn using Social Champ’s all-in-one content dashboard!

3. Generate leads from your website visitors

Leadfeeder tells you precisely who’s visiting your website by relating to Google Analytics and distinguishing companies from your unknown website visitors. It then enhances this data to present contact information for critical candidates at those organizations and enables you to sync your leads to several CRM and automation tools.
Staining your website visitors on an account level is an extensive tactic that suits well with any other online lead generation strategy. By automatically recognizing your anonymous website callers, you can choose your sales pipeline with leads; you never knew you had.

4. Use lead databases

lead database
Use with discretion. When you are managing a  database someone else has built, you can nevermore be sure of its condition. As I discussed before, the B2B lead generation is all about the character of the leads.
If your business is unique or you need a big bump to your lead volume, lead databases can give that extra reservoir of leads you need.

LinkedIn can be deemed a database in this sense, too. LinkedIn is virtually an unlimited source of professionals from diverse fields. Inevitably some of them are involved in your products, so go examining!

5. Use marketing automation

Are you already accumulating email addresses? If not, you need to retaliate that as soon as possible.
When you have a cause of new email addresses, you can use marketing automation to sustain them and collect more data on your lead. Once they have improved in their acquisition cycle with your marketing automation, traffic can pick them up.

Use data to fragment your customers to express as relevant messages as possible. Never send the related materials to a new lead that you would give to your old consumers.

6. Answer questions on Q&A services

Quora can be a massive source of new sales leads. Your consumers are already in Quora trying to resolve the problems your service solves the most useful. If you go there to assist them, you’ll generate leads with a very confident attitude towards you.

7. Leverage someone else’s audience

LinkedIn Lead Gen 5
Guest blogging can be a very compelling way to expand your message further. If you don’t yet have the most influential audience, someone else does, and if you can present them with good content, they’ll let you distribute your post on their blog.

You can utilize tools to find people with influence and communicate them. You might even be capable to outsource the entire task to freelancers so that someone ghostwrites a study for you and pitches it to blogs and additional publications.

8. Chat with your users with live chat

Even though you’ve used valuable time to try to assure that all content on your website is consistent and all possible questions have been responded, some visitors just can’t discover what they are looking for.
According to studies, 42% of clients fancy live chat for their customer support issues, while 73% of those who get part in a chat are satisfied with the results.
Most live chat tools accumulate email addresses!

9. Make full use of your emails

A high email signature with links to social media profiles can improve your chances of quickly attain out more about your product.

You are seemingly already conducting quite a lot of emails from your email account. How many people do you have operating at your company and how frequent emails do you think you send per day? When you examine those numbers, it suddenly grows clear how valuable your personal email signature is.
Add links in your email signature and utilize them to improve your content or link to your LinkedIn account. If someone clicks one out of every 20 emails you send, it’s already very beneficial given the number of emails you reasonably send per year.

10. Participate in conversations

LinkedIn Lead Gen 6
Are you previously a member of relevant Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups?
Master to make sure your profile is in stable shape when taking part in conversations online!

11. Experiment with different content formats

Are you addressing blog content actively but you’ve never examined YouTube? You are wasting leads. Some of your candidates like to read, some fancy to watch videos. You should be catering for all needs.
Use all reasonable channels to augment your reach to generate leads from new channels. You can even contemplate translating your content to extend your reach.

12. Create lead magnets

Do you have specific data, an internal tool that could be beneficial for someone else, too? Can you formulate something like that?

Creating something of tremendous power, and giving it for free is a great way to make friends. And friends are exceptional leads!

This approach is often called a lead magnet.

Upwork is a tool to obtain a freelancer for various tasks. Don’t anticipate miracles from there, either. Posting a great ad and choosing a well-equipped freelancer is a tiresome task. If done accurately, Upwork can save a lot of time and money!
13. Promote customer referrals
Leads generated through consumer referrals are often excellent quality. Do you have an open process on how you utilize your happy consumers into promoters?
Use any methods to find out who’s the most feasible to promote your tool and assign them ideas on how they can expand the word. You’ll be amazed at how frequently they do!

14. Generate more online reviews

87% of B2B decision-makers survey online before purchasing. They will work and find trustworthy reviews to confirm their decisions. So to create more leads, you have to have reviews of your service/product accessible online.
But don’t even contemplate buying reviews. If you only have one consumer, make sure they’ll review you. Impartial reviews generate you leads. Fraudulent reviews can destroy your search engine rankings or do some other infliction. Don’t risk it.
Make sure your prospects find favorable reviews.

15. Create laser-focused landing pages

LinkedIn Lead Gen 7

Source: Lynda

If your consumer is searching for an online retailing specialist, don’t let them settle on a page about digital marketing.

Make certain you are serving all verticals with your landing pages and then optimize inside the verticals. Growth optimization should be a continuous project and #1 preference in all website renewals, too. Part of your SEO policy is to make sure visitors land on a related page.

Oh, and once you’ve built your lead magnets, produce well-optimized landing pages to go simultaneously.
By the way, while you can practice remarketing ads to get your companies back to your landing pages, most of the conditions the conversion occurs on the first-page view.

17. Increase website traffic with paid ads

Your website is probably already generating leads anyhow, and if you are following any of the tips here, you should have many ideas to increase your website traffic.

Increasing web traffic with paid B2B ads is simple, but you don’t want just any visitants. Use time and effort to produce campaigns that they generate sales leads and don’t only enhance your web traffic.

18. Make sure your SEO is in good shape

Google is making exploration better and better every day. That’s why you should consume a lot more time crafting good content than trying to mangle their algorithms and rank well with your critical content.
Still, it’s essential to have some immeasurable backlinks and at least some kind of knowledge of what keywords are relevant.

19. LinkedIn forms

LinkedIn LeadGen Forms are very beneficial in obtaining information; when a professional watches Ad posted on LinkedIn, their profile information is automatically collected in an in-app form which can be submitted instantly. LinkedIn Campaign manager and the reporting tools around them are accommodating in reducing the costs and also fetch reasonable Return on investment.

20. LinkedIn InMail

LinkedIn Lead Gen 9

Source: Wedoe e-Consult

Sponsored InMail campaigns allow reaching a prospect’s inbox straight away, which can be used to send rich content, promotions, etc. Also, decision-makers can be contacted in a secured manner using this feature. 

21. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn allows connecting with its group members, who are in-turn your potential leads. A business can establish its authority in the industry, by sharing its expert insights, answer questions, etc. and thereby add value to the group members.

22. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has targeting options, budgeting is flexible, and the ads can be created in minutes using LinkedIn AdStudio. Content magnets like whitepapers, case studies, surveys, etc. can be created, promoted as Ads, and then sent to specific well-designed landing pages.

23. Employee profiles

Employees can become brand ambassadors for your company. Sharing views about the company, reviews, and also sharing the contents the company generated can be beneficial for the company to accelerate the lead generation process. Nielsen consumer study reveals that 33% of buyers trust brands, while 90% of customers trust recommendations from people in their network.

24. Advantage of plugins

Amalgamating Plug-ins with LinkedIn can double the speed of the lead generation process. Plugins like LinkedIn Connection Revealer, LinMailPro, Headliner can be beneficial to marketers.

25. Get referrals

LinkedIn can be used as a platform to get good references, testimonials, and endorsements. The existing customers can be connected with the business, and a clear message asking for the referral will do the magic, and Angela lists the steps here.


LinkedIn conclusion
LinkedIn is one of the best lead prospecting platforms for B2B lead generation. If you understand how to work it, you can end up with some quality prospects to become your paying customers.
But as fruitful as a lead generation can be, it is also a time-taking task. If you don’t use the appropriate procedures to target the right people, it is easy to spend months and see no result.
I’ve pinpointed some of the tips and ideas you can go through this lead-generation process quickly.
Use the strategies, and you’ll see more leads to higher quality, without a massive time investment.

Happy Linking!

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