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Social Champ vs Edgar – Which One Is Better For Repetition?

Social Champ vs Edgar

Social Champ vs Edgar – Which One Is Better For Repetition?

Social Champ vs Edgar

Are you ready to boost your social media campaigns? If you want your social media marketing to be effective, you will need to invest in the right tools to help you to manage and optimize your posts. In this article, we’ll compare tools that will take your social media marketing to the next level.

Social media marketing continues to be one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies. it’s possible to grow your visibility and build awareness about your brand without directly paying for it, Unlike paid advertising.

However, if you want your social media campaigns to scale, you simply can’t do it without some important tools in your arsenal.

it’s highly likely when you are managing a business, that you have at least one or possibly a few social media platforms to manage. With a high social media presence at one point, there might come a need to start scheduling your posts. Different social media scheduling tools are available that aid you follow through on your marketing strategy and handle your channels with ease.

Why Not Repeat?

Yes, it’s true! Through Social Champ, you can now repeat your posts on Twitter as many times as you want to make sure that nobody misses it! Social Champ is recognized being the first-and-only social media tool that allows you to automate the repetition of your posts according to your own pre-designed schedule in order to uplevel your marketing strategy and maximize the number of views.  Repeating your posts on LinkedIn ensures that your posts stay on top throughout a selected period of time.

No worries! Social Champ has got your back!

Social Champ vs Edgar

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Recycling Is Always Beneficial

You can save a collection of 100+ quotes and post one of them on any selected day, For example, post on every Monday as ‘Monday motivation post.’

This campaign will be repeating and recycling. Now, you can use the same strategy and decide a time to post about your Blog, Discounts, Quotes whatever you want and here is how you can save up to 33 hours a month and can run a tension free and easiest social media marketing campaign on your social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

Social media optimization was never this easy, Social Champ introduced this feature recently with exceptionally positive reviews by users.


None Of Us Is As Smart As All Of Us

Assigning social media tasks to the suitable teams, departments, or regions was never this easy! Social Champ’s team feature lets you boost productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and response times which collectively help you create a strong impact on your audience.

When your team has access to your business accounts, you can easily make sure that everyone’s on board with you without having to communicate to them individually. You can give team members access to a shared library of on-brand social content and assets, saving time and improving the consistency of responses.

Social Champ vs Edgar

Maintain The Queue

Social Champ allows you to add multiple posts on several social networks. Queues are great when you share tips that aren’t as time-sensitive are equally useful when you’re running a promotion or contest and. They are particularly valuable for evergreen content like your best blogs and shareable posts as you can keep posting them almost endlessly. Once the frequency is set and the messages have been created, you can sit back and relax as any post added to the smart queue will go out at the next available time slot.

What’s more, the simplest method to do it is through the most recent and the most helpful social media management tool of 2018, Social Champ.


Run Out Of Posts? Try Suggestions

Social Champ offers a content suggestion feature, simply click on the Suggestion tab that opens a stream of suggestions for all the content daily uploaded on the internet which includes blogs, news, articles, newsletters, pictures and everything posted online which you can review and give a reference to in your own posts.

Tap on Suggestions and type something relevant to your post to see what stories you can share.


Utilize The Bulk Upload

Everyone has to upload stuff on the social media every now and then to have an impressively active presence on social media and connect to a larger audience every time we log in. Thousands of posts for months ahead can be scheduled and uploaded all at once without having to log in to our accounts every time we want to schedule a post for later, by utilizing Bulk Upload feature,  To help you manage your bulk uploads on social media, we have a tutorial absolutely ready for you!

With the details edited in the CSV file, your posts will continue to be uploaded according to your preferences. With Social Champ’s Bulk Uploader, you don’t have to worry about managing your posting schedule every now and then.With the bulk upload spreadsheet, you can collect information for numerous areas in a single place, and upload the data to verify multiple business locations without a moment’s delay. You can customize your spreadsheets for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest and upload large files, photos, videos and all sorts of content very conveniently with Social Champ!

Social Champ vs Edgar

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Connect Your Favourite Blogs

RSS feeds help linking web pages and websites through the exchange of content. If you add the RSS link of one website to another, the system will automatically check the RSS feed for new content, allowing the content to be automatically passed from website to website or from website to user. This allows a user to keep track of many different websites easily and stay updated.

if you have several blogs to share and all of the popular social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to share them on, you might end up being a bit overwhelmed. That’s where you need an efficient social media manager to manage all your posts and keep your profiles always updated with your blog posts. And what better way do it when you have Social Champ?


Worried About Price?

Social media marketing tool platforms can range in price from $50 to $1,600 per month. Fifty dollars, however, Social Champ is on the very low end. Along with the big variance in cost is a big variance in tool features.

Social Champ, for example, offers a “Professional Package” for $10 per month that allows for one user with fifteen accounts. Ranging from 10$ to 199$, Social Champ offers single user as well as Team accounts. This gives a big edge towards Social Champ as MeetEdgar offers a single plan of 49$ without the option of a free trial.

Social Champ vs Edgar

Vast Compatibility

Social Champ supports six platforms, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and even Twitter.

However, MeetEdgar only offers Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Why Prefer Social Champ?

Social Champ vs Edgar both are easy to use. The distinction is the automation of Social Champ’s recycling and it’s easy to use calendar view of all your accounts together or independently if required. This function makes your social media scheduling easy to see and manage. But while the recycling is useful you still need to keep an eye on your posts in order to remove the ones that are no longer relevant and should not be pushed anymore.

Social Champ is simpler and easy to use when starting out and need something that will satisfy your basic scheduling needs. Of course, one big plus that Social Champ has over MeetEdgar is that it has a free 14-Days trial option so if you are just starting out and don’t need as much automation as MeetEdgar offers, Social Champ could be just for you.

When using the more advanced plans of Social Champ you open up many possibilities like the analytics tab, Recycle Content, Bulk Upload, Auto Post from RSS Feeds and repeating one post more than once.

What Social Champ offers you that MeetEdgar doesn’t is the option to repeat posts with it. Of course, you can schedule posts multiple times but adding it once to your platforms and repeating it on the desired schedule is not an option in MeetEdgar but is in Social Champ.

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Well, things are not just limited here. Social Champ does not ignore your important features. Social Champ is perfectly designed to give a complete online solution of social media scheduling.

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Jibran Yousuf

Jibran is the Community Manager at Social Champ. He is a student of Software Engineering at UBIT-University of Karachi. His vast experience in the field of marketing along with his technical skills makes him a great social media marketer and a very sociable person. He is also a public speaker, web developer, and a travel enthusiast. you can follow him on twitter @JibranYKhan or email at Jibran@socialchamp.io.

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