Pinterest Marketing Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Know
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Pinterest Marketing Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Know

Pinterest Marketing Tools

Pinterest Marketing Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Know

Pinterest is one of the potential social media platforms to tap into for conversions and getting traffic to your website. Like Facebook, Instagram, and Google+, this is a platform that can bring 28% of traffic to your site. More women and a few percentages of men use Pinterest to find the visual content they need. There is a steady boost in the use of this social media tool. 

Pinterest marketing tools social media managers


You can use this tool to discover new content, get a broader reach, track performance, and monitor activities happening on Pinterest. It also has a built-in analytics tool. If you are looking for a tool that has better analytical tools, you can choose this tool. You can quickly grow your subscribers using this tool. You can search in broader categories for content using this tool. 


This tool can be used for searching for relevant searches. It comes with filters that let you widen your search and find the pins you are looking for. It comes with integration options that are broader and come with multiple functions. Pingrupie also helps various groups to collaborate and work as a team. It is easy to build group boards using these pins. It also helps you in sorting results that are relevant to you. You can find boards from various social media groups. 

Social Champ

A useful Pinterest marketing as well as a Pinterest scheduling tool that comes with many features that makes it easy to post pins. It can be used for scheduling multiple board pining and Pinterest accounts in a single instance. 

It comes with a feature that lets you do a bulk upload by allowing you to upload multiple pins at once. The built-in photo editor enables you to create high-quality images before posting them on the boards. It also has an analytics tool that helps you analyze the performance of the pinboards posted.  

You can simply add your Pinterest boards along with other social accounts in the app, to post and schedule pins directly. You can also add the description of your pin, and the website URL you want to redirect before posting.


This tool helps you in increasing the traffic towards your business. Use this tool for sharing visual content. Improve the look of your profiles and create content using this tool. It is easy to increase sales using this tool. You can make your content stand out using this content. It also helps you connect with influencers, get more followers, and interact with them. Your brand can get a good exposure using this tool. 


It helps you take a snapshot of any webpage when you are browsing and post it on Pinterest. You can directly add bookmarks to the Pinterest boards. It is easy to install this plugin to take screenshots from web pages and post them on the pinboards. With this tool, you can change the screen size of the screenshot that you take. URLs are converted to images faster, making them ready to be posted on the board.  


This is a free editing tool that lets you create images in any dimensions and features you want. You can use this tool to create new images as well. It is free to use and also comes with paid plans. Create high-quality images for your pins using these tools. 


This tool comes with many features and options for layouts and lets you build infographics, charts, photos, and customized edits. It has a large number of icons, objects, and shapes you can choose from to create infographics, charts, etc. It is free to use and can be embedded into any project. You can also create a presentation using a Piktochart.

Pinterest Widgets 

It is easy to integrate Pinterest content with your blogs and websites using these tools. It is easy to embed pins into a website by using various features of this widget. The profile widget lets you display the latest pins up to a count of 30 onto your website. You can also use the board widget to display the board on your website.  


This is a tool that helps you convert social media platform photos into pins. This is an effective tool that you can use for posting pictures of the brand, product, and services to your Pinterest boards. Pinvolve can be used for automatically as well as manually moving pictures to pinboards. 


Milotree is easy to integrate Milotree plugin with your website and email and use it for marketing and branding. It is easy to increase traffic to your Pinterest boards with this tool. It pop-ups the content on your boards on the website and mail when you integrate it. Your subscribers and followers will be able to get updates as and when you update the content.  


Woobox is a simple marketing tool to create polls, coupons, giveaways, contents, forms, and other marketing campaigns. It is easy to create a Pinterest tab on your social media pages with Woobox like Facebook page, etc. It showcases how many Facebook followers you have and lets you gain more popularity on your social media profiles by increasing the followers. Woobox also gives you options to follow on Pinterest. 

Traffic Wonker 

Traffic wonker helps in increasing the traffic on your Pinterest account by automatically posting relevant pins to your account. It takes less effort on your part to pick pins that are of relevance to your targeted audience. It adds as much as 50 pins automatically within a few seconds and beckons the attention of users increasing the following on the account.

Ninja Pinner 

This tool enables many features on your Pinterest account and displays them. It helps you use filters for content that you are posting for the targeted audience. It is easy to follow, unfollow, comment, and options for posting. These features are automated using this tool.  


You can create top-quality content for the Pinterest account using this tool. It is easy to create content that is visually appealing and pleasing to the eyes. You can beckon the attention of your followers and users creating content using this tool for a Pinterest account. 


When you want to create design boards that have all the features, choose this tool. It comes with many design elements and features that boost the visual appeal of the content that you post in your Pinterest account. You can create a collage using this tool. You can as well take snippets from web pages and post them on the Pinterest boards. It is easy to convert web pages into Pinboards using this tool.


This is a useful tool that performs small and a variety of tasks on Pinterest for you. It is easy to accomplish several tasks using this tool. You can post pictures from several social media accounts in a single go and post it automatically in your Pinterest account.  


Using this tool you get an email notification every time when someone pins some content from yours or your competitor’s website. It gives you an insight into the kind of content users are looking for and like to find it shareable. You can optimize the content on your website using this tool from the notifications you get. 


Create a smart pin from any type of content using this tool. It could be an image, text, website, song, profile, location, video, or any other type of content. This tool lets you build an image from a variety of content available online. This content is created and shared within seconds. 


This tool is used for building images quickly. You can quickly create engaging content using this tool. Create quotes, images, testimonials, and more using this tool. It is easy to resize any images and photos using this tool. You can get more followers on your social media pages using this tool as it does the job quickly and eliminates the use of using software such as Photoshop. 


This is a multipurpose tool used for Pinterest analytics. Various widgets are used for analyzing the content using this tool. It is easy to monitor the content on several networks. It comes with a free as well as a paid version. You can use up to five widgets in the free account.  


There are many free as well as paid tools you can use for completing various tasks as well as optimize the content on your Pinterest account. You can choose from a wide variety of these tools and choose the one that best suits your needs.  

pinterest marketing tools

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