How To Schedule Instagram Posts [Directly] And Why?

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Previously, we were missing something. It felt like a part of our identity was compromised, and we needed that one thing to fulfill the equation!

But now, the missing piece of our tool was finally available and ready to use, all thanks to Instagram’s Content Publishing API. After careful evaluation and review of our application, Instagram accepted our request and gave us full authority to provide direct posting!

With Social Champ now, you can schedule Instagram posts directly to your business profiles!

Say Hello To Instagram Direct Posting With Social Champ

More than ever, many brands are currently using Instagram to showcase their business and interact with their audience. People are keen on using Instagram business due to their no-nonsense attitude and straight-forward approach to social networks. This sets Instagram apart from its counterparts.

Marketers also love spending some quality time on the picture-sharing app due to its powerful visual content and high engagement rate of 1.22%, which is significantly higher than Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram marketing is one of the best ways to gain a huge following, target the right market, and engage with industry experts in a non-formal manner!

How To Schedule Instagram Post Using Social Champ?

After successfully integrating the Instagram Content Publishing API, here are a few easy steps with which you can start posting directly!

Important Note: If you already have an Instagram account connected with Social Champ for Reminders or Zapier, you first need to remove it before moving on to the next steps. Also, remove Social Champ from Facebook’s Business Integration settings and re-authorize using the Instagram business account.

Please remember that you need an Instagram Business Account for direct posting. Here is how you can convert from a normal account to a business account.

Read more: Why & How to Setup an Instagram Business Profile

Add Instagram Business Profile

    1. Log-in to your Social Champ account and direct yourself to the dashboard.
    2. On the Publish tab, click on the “Add Social Account”.social media publishing tool
    3. Select Instagram business from the list of profiles, which will re-direct you to your integrated Facebook profile.connect Instagram Accountconnect with Facebook
    4. Select your preferred Instagram business profile from the list of connected Instagram accounts.selecting-facebook-options-to-connect-instagramselecting pages to connect with social-champ
    5. You have now connected your Social Champ account with the Facebook page that links to the Instagram Business accounts.permission final step popup
    6. Enable necessary on done
    7. Connect Instagram business page to Social Champ, and voila, you’re done!social-champ page connect option

Directly Post To Instagram

  1. Select your Instagram Business Profile from the list of connected profiles
    add your instagram account
  2. Upload a picture, edit the image, and include a caption. You can also use hashtags, mentions, and tag people.
    schedule instagram posts
    social champ post the content
  3.  Check out your scheduled posts in the Social Media Calendar!
    social media calendar

Content Marketing On Instagram

Instagram is the undisputed king of the visual world; there are no two questions about it. Of course, it makes sense since Instagram is third in terms of youth advertising influence, behind Facebook (113.3 million) and Snapchat (66.9 million).

With over one billion-plus active users monthly and 500 million active users daily, Instagram is the one to keep on top of your content marketing strategies in 2021. Due to the new Instagram algorithm, you need a highly functional and relevant account to stay on top now more than ever.

The new algorithm thrives on saves more than likes, which is why the platform demands highly useable content that people will save for later use.

Here are a few more reasons why Instagram should be on the top of your digital marketing strategies:

  • Visual content can gain more views and engagement than text-based content. Instagram business is a public account, which means that more and more people can view your posts.
  • Instagram offers mentions and location tags, which means it can reach a considerable number of people faster. Relevant usage of hashtags also helps content reach a targeted audience and potential clients.
  • Real-time feedback with Instagram is rapid since it is really easy to engage on the platform. People can reach to stories or leave a quick comment on posts. When people leave comments or feedback on your services and products, take notes and use them as critical feedback to make or break your following.

However, it is not entirely okay to just rely on posting useable content. To nail content marketing on Instagram, it is imperative to know the right time to post. However, even after deciding the right time, all your efforts will go in vain if you don’t have the correct following.

To break it up, Instagram content marketing is dependent on highly relevant and useful content, targeting the right audience, and sticking to a posting schedule.

Automating the maximum of these tasks will enable your digital marketing team to create a loyal community with regular posts. Invest in a reliable Instagram post scheduler, such as Social Champ, to publish posts on Instagram!

Switch To Instagram Direct Posting!​​

No more push notifications with reminders for Instagram posts, just good old direct Instagram posting using Social Champ!

Why Is It Important To Schedule Instagram Posts?

Your Instagram page is a landing page that needs to give out what your style aesthetic is. A stunning feed is one of the best ways to get more followers and grow your brand. And while you should try to keep the flow as natural as possible, it is essential to make sure that your previous post aligns with the new one.

cohesive feed aesthetic example

As soon as a follower lands on your profile from the explore page, their eyes will fall onto the posts that appear on the top, so you must make an excellent first impression.

Try to associate your brand with a color scheme that you feel is your style. To find an aesthetic for your business account, focus on these critical points:

  1. Target audience. When making crucial decisions about your brand, always keep your audience in mind. A makeup or a fashion influencer will have a completely different style than a travel blogger!
  2. Core value proposition. What are your priorities when it comes to content? Your overall look and vibes on Instagram should align with the type of content you plan to create. I mean, going for a red color scheme for a nature blogger does not feel right!
  3. Vibes. Your strongest suit is the overall vibe that your profile gives out. This might sound like something out of the Gen-Z notebook, but it is very important to trust us. Are you a minimalist, or do you like being extra? Are you calm and collected, or you like being all over the place? Such questions will help you find out what your vibe is.

social media post idea

The key to maintaining a cohesive aesthetic on your feed is scheduling the posts in advance. Scheduling posts in one go for a particular aesthetic will ensure that you don’t miss out on any position in between and ruin your feed. Use Social Champ to schedule posts in a few steps!

Post On Prime Time

With the reach and engagement on Instagram declining steadily due to the algorithm change, optimizing content according to the best time to post is now essential more than ever.

Finding the best time to post can vary largely for all influencers and businesses alike because of the time zones that they are operating in and the time zones that their audience is based out of.

Based on these two features, try to find the best time to suit your audience and provide you with the highest ROI.

best time to post on instagram graph

Even after you figure the best time to post, it might not always be feasible for you or your team to post manually at that time. An Instagram post scheduler allows you to post at your preferred time without setting multiply alarms so that you don’t miss out on the right time.

If your preferred audience is highly active on Instagram at your posting time, you are more likely to drive higher engagement and, in turn, more leads. It’s pretty simple; higher visibility leads to higher engagement!

Hashtags, Mentions, and Tagging!

An Instagram scheduler mostly comes with an exclusive tab for platform-specific hashtag manager. When used in the best way possible, Instagram hashtags can help grow your business to get maximum reach, engagement, and followers.

Instagram Hashtag Ideas

However, to make the most out of Hashtags, it is essential to use them strategically to know precisely when and how to utilize them. For instance, if you are running a travel blog and use hashtags, such as #NatureLover or #InMyFeedToday, you can make collections of them on an Instagram post scheduler.

Using these hashtags instead of the regular generic ones, you can connect with the community in a much better way and drive higher engagement.

If you need some help finding the best industry hashtags, you can type a keyword in Social Champ’s Hashtag Manager and use the suggestions. Hashtag suggestions help you find the most relevant ones.

Additionally, if you habitually upload pictures from different locations, location tags will help you trend.

Plan Perfect Campaigns

If you plan a New Year, Christmas, or a similar campaign, it is very important to ensure that you plan everything to perfection. Starting from the announcement to the actual execution, ensure that you have all the dates and the content down a good few months before the starting date.

Run promotional campaigns before the big day by scheduling them through an Instagram scheduler. This gives you a truckload of time to work on all the other things before the launch.

An Instagram post scheduler allows you to run entire campaigns by simply publishing and scheduling them ahead of time. However, don’t forget that the campaigns are not limited to the launch date. It is essential to make sure that the hype doesn’t die after the main day.

Keep the conversation going around the topic, remind your followers that the campaign is still alive, and reuse it to its full potential.

An Instagram scheduler, such as Social Champ, usually comes with the option to recycle posts by creating a campaign, engage with the audience from one tab, run paid ads, and re-post content!

However, all this is only possible if the campaign is highly effective with all the details penned down carefully and executed perfectly. From mapping out the announcement posts in the feed to announcing the campaigns with hashtags and mentions, an Instagram scheduler is your saving grace!

Write Captions And CTAs That Convert

Beyond the aesthetic feed, one of the most important and time-consuming parts to schedule Instagram posts are the captions and CTAs. A stunning feed has the power to drive more followers but converting that traffic to actual customers requires a crisp and well-written piece of content.

A good caption can make all the difference in the world whether someone clicks on the link in the bio or not, sends you a quick message, or comments on your post. Something as crucial as this cannot be written on the spot.

Rather than putting yourself on the line, use an Instagram post scheduler to write captions in the tool and publish it later. Once you are in the creative zone, you can write captions for all the posts in advance and save them in one go!

Have your content writer or copy-writer create captions for the entire week or even the month and be on your merry way to a hassle-free and stress-free Instagram business experience.

To Wrap Up

Since an average Instagram account posts at least one post a day, you can save yourself and your digital marketing team a bucket load of time using an Instagram post scheduler.

The reasons mentioned above are just a few basic ways in which an Instagram scheduler can help you build a winning strategy for your business in 2021.

In a nutshell, Instagram direct posting with a scheduler, such as Social Champ, enables you to spend less time posting and more time creating, scale your brand faster, and build a happy community, just like #ChampFam!

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