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Bulk Uploader: How To Bulk Upload With Social Champ

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Uploading With Social Champ Bulk Uploader.

Are you a blogger? Or an online marketer? Do you have the cumbersome task of uploading lots of content on social media to engage with your audience regularly?

You wish to upload all your posts in a single go without having to switch between accounts monotonously, don’t you?


Social Champ, the latest social media management tool is a one-stop place to not only to create, post, schedule, but you can also analyze all of your social media efforts!

Yes, you read it right, We can help you in eliminating the monotonous task of having to switch tabs between dozens of accounts.

With Social Champ, you can have a skillful stream of all your blogs, social media campaigns, and other content posting on different networking channels at the same time.

Why Upload in Bulk?

When you’re a busy marketer, pre-scheduling a lot of social media posts can be a lifesaver. That’s why we’re pleased to offer new bulk upload capabilities for Facebook and LinkedIn posts in the social publishing tool, similar to how you’ve been able to bulk upload Tweets.

Who can deny social media’s role in today’s marketing world? And if you’re a busy marketer, getting your social media fixed ahead of time can save you a lot of time to be productive.

Everyone has to upload stuff on social media every now and then to have an impressively active presence on social media and connect to a broader audience every time we log in. However, with the help of a Bulk Uploader, thousands of posts can be scheduled and uploaded all at once without having to log in to our accounts every time we want to schedule a post for later. To help you manage your bulk uploads on social media, we have a tutorial absolutely ready for you!

You’re Almost There.

Here’s how you can upload your posts in bulk with Social Champ in just a few simple steps! Let’s have a brief look first.

1. Make your personal Social Champ Account.
2. Add your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Accounts to your newly made Social Champ account.
3. Go to Bulk Uploader and select a profile.
4. Download the Template, and edit it according to your preferences.
5. Upload the CSV File and forget all your worries!

#1. Make Your Social Champ Account

The first step is obvious. Go to Social Champ’s website. Click on the login button at the top-right corner of your screen to make a personalized account.

#2. Add Your Accounts to Your Newly Created Social Champ Account

Add multiple accounts on social networking sites that you use to your newly made Social Champ account.
As soon as you click on +Account, you will see some social media platforms that you can link with your Social Champ account. Add as many as you want to!

bulk uploader
#3. Go to Bulk Uploader and Select a Profile

Click on the Bulk Uploader link. A box will appear having options to download a CSV template and upload one too. But first, you need to select which profile you want to post on.

Click on a profile (e.g., Twitter) that appears in your Social Champ account to select it. This means that you want to upload your posts on that social media profile in bulk.

#4. Download the Template and Edit It According to Your Preferences

Once you open the downloaded file, you’ll see columns named Text, Year, Month, Time Gap, etc.

Social champ template
You can fill in to organize all your posts. Remember to save all the changes you made in that sheet. Here is a sample of it.

Bulk Uploader Social Champ

#5. Upload the Csv File and Forget All Your Worries!

Then go to the ‘Upload CSV File’ option, select your updated sheet and click on upload.

Upload Csv file Social Champ
Your posts are now ready to be uploaded in bulk!

Be a Smart Social Media Enthusiast With Social Champ’s Bulk Uploading!

With Social Champ’s Bulk Uploader, you don’t have to worry about managing your posting schedule every now and then.

With the stats edited in the CSV file, your posts will continue to be uploaded according to your preferences. The bulk upload spreadsheet lets you collect information for multiple locations in one place, and upload the data to verify various business locations at once.

You can customize your spreadsheets for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and upload large files, photos, videos, and all sorts of content very conveniently with Social Champ!

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Social Champ Editorial

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