Social Champ Launched Team Feature for Social Media Scheduling

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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”Steve Jobs

We have good news for you! Social Champ is all set for the launch of its new “Team feature” !! You can now add all your team’s profiles and pages to one single account and manage everything single-handedly! It’s the perfect platform to keep a check on your business marketing strategy while staying in touch with your entire team!

Having a team of people helping with your social media strategy can be a crucial asset in achieving your social media goals. You’re able to invite team members to our Awesome and Business Plans:

What’s In It For You?

Detailed analytics

Social Champ tracks the record of multiple kinds of responses on your content posted on the associated social networking sites and traces the number of likes, comments, and shares of your post in a simple and an easy-to-understand tabular representation, which helps you to analyze your brand’s/service’s growth trends and plan accordingly. With the new Team feature, Social Champ offers detailed comparison features that help you with sorting data and get aggregated stats.

Team collaboration

Social Champ Team Collaboration

Business teamwork is important because it enables companies to achieve their goals are quickly and efficiently. It is necessary to work as a team if you want to achieve your goals quicker as a company. If you encounter some kind of problem and all the members contribute to solving the problem, a solution will be found in a shorter time. Social Champ makes it convenient for you to keep in touch with your teams and give them access to your business accounts with approval features, admin rights, and more team members. 

Safeguard your social media presence

Social Champ Invite Team Members
With shared access to your company’s business accounts, it’s really important to protect all your social accounts and your brand from losing its strength. You can easily do that by managing access to your organization’s social media accounts without sharing passwords.

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Set custom permission levels

With Social Champ’s brand new and easy-to-use Team feature, you can avoid errors and rogue posts by managing approval workflows and user levels. Grant employees access to only the profiles, permissions, and networks they need to ensure a steady flow of work and completion of tasks online by every particular teammate.

Manage tasks and assignments

Social Champ Team Collaboration
Assigning social media tasks to the appropriate teams, departments, or regions was never this easy! Social Champ’s team feature lets you boost efficiency, accuracy, and response times which collectively help you create a strong impact on your audience.

Social Champ Accounts Management

Get everyone on the same page

Social Champ Invite Members
When your team has access to your business accounts, you can easily make sure that everyone’s on board with you without having to communicate to them individually. You can give team members access to a shared library of on-brand social content and assets, saving time and improving the consistency of responses.

Champ Packages!

Social Champ offers two amazing packages:

10 accounts for Agency Plan

If you have a big business with a large number of clients, try subscribing for the agency package which allows you to add up to 10 team members in your account that can help you manage your business accounts and pages.

5 accounts for Business Plan

If you are using Social Champ’s Business plan, You can easily add up to 5 teammates to have access to your account. This is preferable when your marketing campaigns are focused on a relatively smaller number of clients whom you need to keep in touch and sustain strong client relations with.

With these amazing features and unbelievable packages to facilitate your social media marketing strategies, Social Champ promises to keep your business pages and accounts alive and active in the eyes of your clients and customers and guarantees a mesmerizing online presence of your brand on social media 24/7!

Now Something That You Cannot Afford To Miss!


As part of much awaited launching of the Team Feature, Social Champ is offering flat 50% discount for lifetime if you sign up in the Early Bird Discount Period.!

This means, you can sign up for Business Champion Plan in just 25$ instead of 50$ whereas Agency Champion Plan can be availed in just 50$ instead of 100$!

Use promo code: TEAM50 while signing up and avail this massive discount.
Duration: 5th December 2017 to 12th December 2017

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Social Champ Editorial

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