Social Media Automation Tool for Small Business

Why Social Media Automation Is True Friend To Small Businesses

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Marketing in business is a significant element that cannot be removed from the business itself. It would not be wrong to say that marketing defines a company. How effective a business’ sales and revenue generation will turn out depends on the level of marketing. And coupled with other essential factors. Much more, for small businesses, marketing is crucial to business growth and expansion. It also helps to reach a broader range of customers and prospective clients.

The limitation, however, for small businesses is that they do not have enough resources to make use of specific marketing and advertising platforms such as placing adverts on Televisions and Radios. Placing adverts on these media is way too expensive for most small businesses to afford.

Social Media Marketing and Small Businesses

There goes leverage for small businesses, though. Social Media. Because it costs quite much for small businesses to erect their company’s banners on the highways or on major roads, the best alternative remains the social media. The internet has been a true friend to both big companies and small businesses importantly. All sizes of businesses indeed have benefitted from the advent of social media in terms of marketing and reaching out to a broad audience in similar manner businesses have enjoyed the benefits of virtual data rooms (VDRs) for activities.

Welcome to the Digital Era of Marketing!

We are in the digital age, which means that virtually all activities done in the world today are digital and online. This is such that digital marketing is the order of the day among small businesses as a result of the numerous benefits that it offers. Everyone wants to connect to the whole world on the social media platforms that exist today, and small businesses are not left out.

To make things much more convenient and more accessible for small businesses, automation seems to be the next move. Since it saves a lot of stress, small businesses are all gunning for social media automation for use in reaching their broad audience and the numerous citizens on the internet.

What Social Media Automation Really Is

Social Media Automation allows for sending updates and posts on your social media pages automatically. It is just as it sounds. However, most social media users and digital marketing experts have a divisive ground on whether social media automation is beneficial to small businesses or not. Some digital experts believe that social media automation has a subtle negative effect on small businesses. But, the truth is that going by the numerous benefits that the automation process offers, it would be safe that it indeed has more advantages to small businesses.

Operating several social media accounts can prove to be very herculean and time-consuming. Social media automation then serves as a process to automate all demanding tasks that come with handling multiple business social media accounts to regularly engage the vast audience and also to keep the social media accounts updated. Also, there may be feedbacks or comments from customers on specific content on the business social media accounts. It is imperative to always and regularly reply to such comments. It is then evident that the automation of social media accounts offers a wide array of benefits to business owners and those in charge of media in a business or organization who have had to deal with a lot of tedious activities online.

Social Media Platforms For Marketing Your Business

By a far stretch, social media presents itself as an excellent platform for small businesses to reach more customers. There are numerous social media platforms today. Although these platforms exist basically for interaction and communication, yet they are effective means of achieving a broad audience with information relating to business. This is an excellent opportunity for small businesses that do not have what it takes to compete with other top businesses.

Some of the popular social media platforms that can be used by small businesses include the following but are not limited to these;

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business, etc.

All these platforms can be used by small businesses to engage their ever teeming audience. Digg, an online survey group, carried out a survey on the vast number of social media users and the frequency at which this is done. It found out that more than 9 million internet users log in to their Facebook accounts in a minute. And while there are more than 3.8 million search entries on Google every minute.

In essence, social media is full of fluxes of activities each second. This makes for a perfect opportunity for small businesses to harness. Rather than paying quite some on advert placements on televisions, social media has a ready audience to reach.

However, such activities as keeping the audience engaged regularly could prove exhausting and quite time-consuming. In some other businesses, the business owner also handles social media accounts. This is very demanding, and it is the more reason why social media automation is advised for businesses to adopt.

Benefits of Automating Your Social Media Accounts

Here we have decided to intimate you with the vast benefits of social media automation and why your business needs to set up one. To promote your brand and business effectively, you need an excellent social media presence and regular engagement of your audience. In addition to the mentioned advantages of automating your social media accounts, automation does the following for you and your business;

1. It Saves Quality Time

Sometimes, you feel like there is not enough time in a day to handle all your media accounts. Handling and constantly uploading posts, as well as replying to questions and comments, may be time-consuming. It is no doubt that being active on your business’ multiple social media accounts is overwhelming. This is why you need to switch to media automation as it saves you a lot of time.

Automation tools let you respond to all necessary tasks on your multiple social media accounts from a spot. The good thing about social media automation is that you do not have to log in manually to all various accounts that you have. From a single spot, you can easily keep tabs with all your social media accounts. The tools also assist you in finding relevant and popular topics that would interest your target customers and audience.

Also, social media automation tools enable you to test which marketing campaign is more effective. You will be able to gather feedback from the contents that you put out and then determine what to focus more on in subsequent marketing campaigns.

2. Your Business Gets More Visibility Online

p>Social media automation helps you to improve your business’ visibility on social media. As your posts are automated and you keep engaging your audience, more social media users will be able to know about your business. By this, you will be able to build an effective media strategy to reach your audience on time.

Another notable benefit that a social media automation tool offers is that it works at all times 24/7. This makes it moiré effective than having a human media manager who definitely cannot be online every time. By having an all-round media presence, you get to build your social media accounts efficiently.

Automation tools put you in absolute control of all content that you share. Whenever you are uploading posts on your business website or on any of your social media accounts, you get to decide which particular posts to upload as well as the set time of upload. This leaves no room for mistakes or irregularity as it is well automated.

3. Consistent Updating of Your Social Media Accounts

Being consistent is an important attribute when it comes to handling your social media pages effectively. Social media automation makes your audience and followers to trust that they can always count on you to post consistently. Once they know the regular times of the day you always put posts online, they will get engaged and look forward to that. Automation helps you to achieve this post consistency.

Whether you would be busy throughout the day, social media automation tools will post on your behalf once you have assigned the posts. And the exact time you desire. When you deliver your business content online as at when due consistently, it will make your audience and follower base increase tremendously than you would achieve as a human manager. It is right then to say that scheduling your business posts on social media using automation tools is an effective and efficient method of growing your business.

The Perfect Social Media Automation Tool for Small Business

The business market nowadays is such that businesses with better online presence and content thrive more than others. As earlier emphasized, marketing has become primarily digital, where the bulk of competition lies.

For small businesses to survive, they need to make use of resources such as social media automation tools that will help stake a claim online. Here’s the simplest and easy to use automation tool for small business.

Social Champ – Benefiting Small Businesses in Automation Marketing

Social Champ is a perfect social media automation tool for every small business. It has outstanding features that make it every business’s choice. Some of these include these;

  • Simple to use and easy to understand user interface, which gives the full power to use all the features without any intricate knowledge.
  • You will be able to track and analyze the conversion and performance rate on your social media accounts via the Analytics.
  • Engage – the social inbox allows you to respond to keep tabs with your customers and prospective clients on all your multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Regardless of your hectic tasks, you will yet be able to update your media accounts by scheduling posts using Social Champ.
  • Social Champ’s content suggestion feature will help you to create and know the right kind of content that matches each social media platform. And that also goes down well with your audience.

What’s More?

Social Champ is one of the social media automation tools for small businesses, that is well known among digital marketers and business owners. Its features make it stand out as a useful tool for automating content posts on social media and also to make your marketing campaigns more organized. By using Social Champ as your business’ social media automation tool, you will be able to:

  • Monitor all instant updates on your social media accounts from a spot.
  • Get regular reports, insights, and social media analytics that will serve as pointers to the next step of action to take on your website or social media accounts, whether about the times to post or the frequency.
  • Know the opinions of your website guests and customers when they visit your social media pages.
  • Effectively handle comments, reports, or issues relating to your customer service. With Social Champ’s Engage, your customers get instant replies to their submissions or entries on your media accounts.

Worried about your budget?

When it comes to looking for a new tool, budget is one of the main concerns for small businesses. Most small businesses look for social media for marketing due to the same reason. A social media automation tool for small business should be reasonable in price. Social Champ’s plans are designed just according to your needs and budget.

social media automation tool for small business


Also, your audience will be able to trust your consistency with posting updates. As well as replying to their comments and suggestions on posts. Through this, your engagement with clients and online visibility will increase to boost your business. From a single automation tool location, you can then control the multiple social media accounts that your business runs. This allows for effective discharge as well as efficient service for your small business. 

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Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of home decor. If you are interested in gardening or lifestyle, you can find her on  Twitter & LinkedIn.

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