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8 Fail-Proof Ways to Create an Effective Social Media Engagement Strategy


8 Fail-Proof Ways to Create an Effective Social Media Engagement Strategy

Every producer or distributor needs to get across to potential customers, and the only way to do so is via effective marketing. Marketing to every company, producer, or entrepreneur is gold. Below are some ways to create an effective social media engagement strategy.

1. Understand the customer’s interest

No customer wants a seller who isn’t willing to at least hear them out. A social media engagement strategy would infer one in which it makes the customer as the prime goal and target.


Understanding your customer’s interest involves putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. This means trying to see what the customer sees and how he/she thinks. This means looking at the financial impact it would have on the customer and the other options he/she may have.

This would help you get a full range of your competitors and help you anticipate their next moves. Focus on what the customer’s fears are and try to quench them. Envision future hazards and try solving them via scenario planning.

Frankly, understanding your customer’s interest might be quite tiring and frustrating. It might bring you to a realization of how difficult it might be to get your goods across to a particular customer- but in every problem or difficulty you encounter, always try to listen with your third ear as an anthropologist would.

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2. Pay more attention to headlines

As much as you invest time in finding potential customers, spend more time paying attention to the surrounding headlines. You must talk to your customer about your product all the time? Come on!!

Marketing to post-millennial customers would involve you being conversant with happenings around you. Chipping in some sports talks is not a crime, is it?


Although, even as much as you want to avoid boring your customer with talks about your products all the time; chip in these headlines in moderation.

You would not want to waste your customer’s time talking about irrelevance matters, would you?

Also, paying attention to headlines might come in handy when creating videos for YouTube or putting up articles on Instagram. Do you know what it does? – it attracts customers.

3. Cause Marketing

This means capitalizing on the customer’s empathic nature.  This particular type of marketing involves one which is of mutual benefit to both the producer and the customer.  To use this strategy in marketing, you need an obvious connection between your business and the cause in mention.

For instance, if you are involved in the selling of tree seedlings or flowers, you could make your customers aware of the benefits of having trees around- benefits such as the reduction in global warming by the exchange of carbon dioxide with oxygen thereby creating a conducive atmosphere.

Strategies such as this could steer up the customer interest in purchasing your goods- especially when the customer is fully aware that it might be for a greater good.

4. Storytelling

A story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Storytelling is an obvious way of involving in engaging marketing. Neither does your story have to be as long as a novel, nor do you have to produce a short film. The story just needs to have an idea it might portray.

For instance, if your customer has trust issues, you could–with the permission of the involved persons tell a story of how a previous customer had trust issues just like him/her and ended up giving wonderful testimonies after trying your product.

You could prove you are not only making a facade by accompanying your story with audio recordings, video posts, tweets, or even Instagram captions.

Storytelling involves killing two birds with one stone- both solving your customer’s trust issues and keeping him/her engaged. 

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5. Referral Marketing

Referrals involve existing customers bringing new customers using incentives. These incentives could include discounts or even cash. The purpose of referrals is attracting potential customers using existing customers, taking advantage of the trust factor. Allow me to explain what I mean by this.

If my friend- who is a consumer of a specific product tells me about this product, the probability of me trying this product out is more compared to when a stranger walks up to me in the car park to talk about the same product.

So, you simultaneously tend to gain your potential customers trust barely meeting him/her and also keeping your existing consumer engaged and in touch. Amazing, right?

6. Follow up and get feedback

Marketing involves not only selling your goods but also making sure the products meet the consumer’s needs- bringing utmost satisfaction. This shows not only your genuine interest in meeting his/her needs, but it also helps in keeping the consumer engaged.

Follow-ups are imperative in keeping your customer’s interest to heart. It helps you identify the various complaints and work on improving your product.

7. Social media engagement

Marketing would also involve you getting active on social media platforms. Take, for instance, if you an active commenter on Twitter or Instagram, the probability of meeting potential customers increases.

Although this might be quite tasking, it must be done. Also, whenever a complaint is logged on either your website or Facebook page, be quick to respond- customers’ value quick responses.

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8. Friendliness

A hostile behavior won’t earn you a social media engagement strategy. No matter how good your product is, or how good your doughnuts taste or how fast your services are, if you approach your customers with a hostile appeal, you would end up losing more customers than you can imagine.

Friendliness could be expressed in many ways- appreciating her lovely dress or acknowledging his sense of humor. It could mean opening the door for that elderly woman as she walked out of the store or helping the kid pick up his books as he returns from school. You can express it, just find a way to be friendly. Always appreciate your customer in one way or another.

You can customize your own unique way to create a social media engagement marketing strategy but always have one thing in mind- customer first!

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Duncan Kingori from Izea
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