Key Takeaways From the Experts of Social Media Marketing World 2019
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Key Takeaways From the Experts of Social Media Marketing World 2019

Social Media Marketing World

Key Takeaways From the Experts of Social Media Marketing World 2019

If you’re a social media professional, you might have already heard of the most happening event of the year. The social media marketing conference Social Media Marketing World 2019 organized by Social Media Examiner is without any doubt the biggest & most incredible live event in the social media world. The event covers almost every top social media influencer in the world all under one umbrella. The three-day event, packed with almost 7,000 social media professionals, is happening in San Diego this year. From 20th to 22nd of March 2019, all the social media heroes would be there to give you the best insights on social media marketing.

Are you Excited for #SMMW19?

According to research an average person has around 5 social media accounts (on different media networking platforms). On average a person spends 116 minutes daily on social media. Apart from a few of the users, mostly social media is changing.  From the marketing point of view as well.  There is a significant shift of marketers from traditional marketing techniques to social media marketing.
A startup or an already established company, the digital marketing landscape is in “Constant Flux” for everyone.

social media marketing world

To be a digital marketing professional, you first need to be a student. To increase your brand awareness & engage better with your audience, you need to adopt & adapt new social media marketing techniques as quickly as possible. If you’re also looking on expert advice on how to embrace these changes, Social Media Marketing World is the perfect event for you. No activity is comparable to this one event held by Social Media Examiner.

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If you are lucky enough to attend the event, here are a few keynotes that you might have missed. And if you didn’t get the chance to participate in the game live, don’t worry Social Champ will be giving you the keynotes of the whole event of social media conference San Diego #SMMW19.
Experience the best of this phenomenal event with the world’s top social media expert’s advice & tips.

Grab your favorite reading spot & a cup of coffee, we are taking you through the journey of three days Social Media Marketing World 2019 conference happening in San Diego!


DUNCAN J WARDLE, How to Innovate by Thinking Differently: The Disney Way – @DuncanJWardle

Takeaways from the Session

  •  We tell ourselves and others to be brave, while no one typically gives us the tools to do it. Stay curious and be brave to design and cultivate innovation.
  •  “Iteration is not innovation.”
  •  Sometimes we have a pullback and think innovation before discussion business ideas to drove leads, etc.
  •  Excellence is in detail.
  •  “When you sit across the table from someone it triggers reductive thinking, not expansive thinking.”
  •  “The more people around you don’t think like you, the more innovative you will be.
  •  “As a brand, you need to have a purpose. If you don’t have one, you’re gone.”

PAT FLYNN – How to Discover Your Next Business Idea – @PatFlynn 

Takeaways from the Session

  • Emphasizes the importance of learning your audience’s language through talking with the people you serve (like IRL & on the phone)!
  •  There must be a better way of discovering your next business idea: Switchpod genesis. The power of observing people struggle with something.
  •  Ask your audience: they have the answer!
  •  Understand the language of your audience. It’s the spark of a connection.
  •  Success might be validating that an idea fails.
  •  Don’t get lost in the idea of the idea.

JESSIKA PHILLIPS – Relationship ROI: Driving Business Growth by Amplifying Relationships Online – @jessikaphillips

Takeaways from the Session

  •  Relationship marketing ROI is all about CARE.
    C = Capture attention.
    A = Articulate message.
    R = Relationships.
    E = Exceptional experience.
  • How do we get to the top of Google (search results)? You either pay for it OR answer a question better than anyone else does.
  • Relationships are crucial to everything we do. It makes our jobs easier and WAAAAAY more fun!

[bctt tweet=”Stop counting likes and start counting conversations. #SMMW19 @jessikaphillips” username=”socialchampsays”]

  •  Show. Don’t tell. Let your audience understand the story for you.

CLIFF RAVENSCRAFT -How to Develop a Mindset That Will Allow You to Achieve Any Goal – @cliffeotc

Takeaways from the Session

  • When there is a big enough “why,” the “how” will always follow.
  •  “If you want a different result, you need a different set of beliefs.”
  •  “You are 42% more likely to achieve a goal if you simply write it down.”
  •  “What we focus on consistently, we tend to manifest in our lives.”

CHRIS DAYLEY – How to Convert More Site Traffic With Split Testing – @Chrisdayley

Takeaways from the Session

  •  It’s so easy to call on mobile, not so much on the desktop. Adapt your structure.
  •  If we don’t challenge our assumptions, we miss out on considerable improvements in results.
  •  Every time you have a considerable increase/decrease with an A/B test, you should do a follow-up an experiment to understand that deeper & perform better.
  • You want to reduce anxiety as much as possible on your website, as it will peak when you ask them for data/credit card & that’s when people bail.
  • Every website has things that kill its conversion rate. Distraction: Contrasting buttons (vs. the CTA). Images. Other offers, menu, links, content, PopUp.
  • Give your audience enough room to tell you what they like, what they respond to.

SUNNY LENARDUZZI – Video Marketing: How to Generate Leads and Sales With Video – @SunnyLenarduzzi

Takeaways from the Session

  • Thankfully, YouTube is the only platform where you don’t have to be consistent in posting to be benefitting from your presence there.
  • YouTube is science, not art. Look at keywords. Search volume vs. search pool.
  • When filming your youtube video, always remember:  Camera is your friend. Film in small sections. Film chunk by chunk. You’re in control.

MIKE KIM – Magic Words: The Art of Using Persuasion, Psychology, and Nuance in Your Copy – @MikeKimTV

Takeaways from the Session

[bctt tweet=”The worst thing that can happen to a marketer is to become predictable. That means dead. #SMMW19 @mikekimtv” username=”socialchampsays”]

  •  Marketing isn’t about closing a sale. It’s about opening a relationship.
  •  People like to buy, but not to be sold.
  •  You are never too young to be a great GIF master, you’re never too old to be a better one.

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REBEKAH RADICE – How to Make Visual Content Your Social Media Secret Weapon – @RebekahRadice 

Takeaways from the Session

  • Shareworthy stories are linked to a specific goal.
  •  The human brain can focus only on one thing at a time. Design your visuals accordingly.
  •  “Create a vision that connects with your mission!”
  • 6 Ways to Live Like an Entrepreneur:  Don’t do it for the money.  Be self-motivated.  Become a strong leader. Take action.  Build a strong team.  Use your strengths.

ROBERT ROSE – Content Marketing Strategy: How to Create a Successful Content Plan – @Robert_Rose 

Takeaways from the Session

  • Netflix’s main problem isn’t PrimeVideo. It’s Sleep!
  •  A Strategic Approach is key with Content Marketing.
  •  A great Business story has 4 elements: A human. A goal. The resistance (not a competitor, but what’s in your audience’s way). The truth (what you want them to believe in).
  • Trust solves the problems with Funnel Marketing.
  • Put your audience’s information needs above all else in your Content Marketing.
  • Teach your customers how to be better customers with your content.
  • Content is a product, not a project. Build it with this mindset.
  • If you measure silly things (number of content), then don’t complain about silly behaviors.
  • Engaged audiences are the value. They want to receive our content.

MIKE RHODES – Artificial Intelligence and How It’s Changing Marketing on Google and Beyond – @thegoogleguy

Takeaways from the Session

  • If you can afford to pay more than your competitors you will win. If you give the machine better data, you will succeed.
  • AI will enter gradually, but suddenly it will be everywhere. Become an expert now. Be strategic.
  • You don’t get charged for YouTube ads until they click or reach the 30-sec mark.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t give Google money for no reason: Remove Apps! #SMMW19 @thegoogleguy” username=”socialchampsays”]

  • Over time, the only way to do Google Ads will be using the tools it gives you to optimize with their own AI.
  • When you run an Ad campaign, profit is kind of your only metric.

CHRIS DUCKER – How to Build and Monetize Your Personal Brand – @ChrisDucker

Takeaways from the Session

  • We need to develop our own ecosystems. No one size fits all. Can’t copy someone else.
  • Charge what you’re worth, and don’t apologize.
  • We need to sell ourselves. Every day. You must be seen to sell.
  • Answer questions and solve problems, and you will build relationships
  • It’s all about your people. Love, build trust, and they will work for you and your brand.
  • Forget B2B, forget B2C. Start thinking P2P (People to people).
  • We market like a magnet. We attract the best and repel the rest.

ILANA WECHSLER – How to Grow Your Business Using Google Display Ads – @greenarrowdigit

Takeaways from the Session

  • Make sure you change your message based on where your consumer is at in the funnel.
  • Google gives you the ability to find the right person at the right time, your creative addresses the right message.
  • Make your marketing ad message for an 8-year old: would they know what to do?

DANIEL HARMON – Creating Long-Form Video Ads That Sell – @harmonbros

Takeaways from the Session

  • Tip for creating long-form video ads that sell: Make your ads character driven.
  • Your brand is the helper, your customer is the hero. Create something fitting & surprising. Choose great products. Use good sales structure. Use rhythm.
  •  How long should an ad be? As long as it needs to be, but not a second longer.

[bctt tweet=”Let’s make it VIRAL! No; let’s make it so good that it doesn’t have to go viral. #SMMW19  @harmonbros” username=”socialchampsays”]

  • Let’s take the PROS of both approaches (immediate sales; building beloved brands over time) and mix them.
  • Your CUSTOMER is the HERO in their own journey.
  • Your brand character guides them to a solution and calls them to action so that they can succeed (or avoid failure).

JUSTIN BROWN – How to Create High-Quality Videos With Your Smartphone – @justinbrownPV

Takeaways from the Session

  • The quality of the journey you take your viewers on is more important than the quality of the video itself.
  • 5-step video structure. 1. Hook 2. Intro 3. Content 4. Bonus 5. Call to Action.
  •  How loud should music be in your video? A little quieter than you think it should be.
  • Instagram is toilet TV because everybody watches it while they’re sitting on the toilet.
  • Hot tip. Clean your camera lens on your phone. But of course, your photos and video will thank you.
  • A video is a communication between you and your clients. Videos stop…  Business stop.
  • Don’t let your pursuit of high quality keep you from creating content.

CATHY HACKL – Augmented Reality and the Future of Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know – @CathyHackl 

Takeaways from the Session

  • Snapchat is a camera company, not a social media company.
  • Cathy made an AR environment that made a box of animal crackers come to life. You could dry the animals off, give them milk, and more. While it sounds like you’re just playing with your food, you’re having an interactive, immersive, fun experience with those animal crackers that’s impossible without AR.
  • Visualization helps interior designers, retailers, clothing stores, etc.
  • AR isn’t all visualization, it can also be highly functional.

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PARK HOWELL – How to Clarify Your Brand Story to Amplify Your Impact and Simplify Your Life – @ParkHowell 

Takeaways from the Session

  • A story is primal. An anecdote is the antidote to connect.
  • The masses have become the media
  • Good stories have 1) setup 2) problem 3) solution

[bctt tweet=”Replace AND with BUT or THEREFORE for better storytelling. #SMMW19 @Parkhowell ” username=”socialchampsays”]

  • Creating a social media program, that delivers results and helps your business build relationships. It can be overwhelming. You might not know where to start. Unless you have a defined crystal clear story about yourself (or your brand) and understand it so well that you can empower your employees to understand it & amplify it to others – you’ll struggle to stand out.
  • You have to understand the magic to cast the spell.
  • It will not be the story you intend unless you intentionally tell the story.

RICH BROOKS – How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan – @therichbrooks

Takeaways from the Session

  • Questions to ask when starting a digital marketing plan:  Who are you? Who do you serve? Who you compete against?

JON LOOMER – How to Build a Facebook Sales Funnel – @jonloomer

Takeaways from the Session

  • If a fish nibbles, do we reel in and give up? No. You give that fish another ad.
  • Getting the like is easy. It’s a light action. Anything else requires trust.
  • Optimizing evergreen campaigns. Things to think about are the volume.
  • Understand the tools available to you if you want to find success with ads.

IAN ANDERSON GRAY –  Proven Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Live Video Broadcasts – @iagdotme 

Takeaways from the Session

  • Starting off strong! GEAR OF LIVE, FEAR OF LIVE, CONTENT OF LIVE.
  • Depending on your strategy, it’s better to do a shorter broadcast more often, than one long broadcast once every blue moon.
  • Don’t just click the live button without planning on what you’re going to say. Plan at least 3 points to discuss in your broadcast.

BRIAN FANZO – How to Turn Your Fans into Influencers – @BrianFanzo

Takeaways from the Session

  • The brands we care about are the brands who are human.
  • Data isn’t the story. You use data to help tell the story.
  • We are all in the business of trust. Our customer sees through marketing and sales, and they hate crappy content. Acknowledge, engage, amplify & celebrate your community.

[bctt tweet=”Social media will never replace a handshake, but social media done right will change the first meeting from a handshake to a hug. #SMMW19 @brianfanzo” username=”socialchampsays”]

AMANDA BOND – How to Use Facebook Ads and Organic Posts to Build a Sales Machine – @TheAdStrategist

Takeaways from the Session

  • How to build a Facebook Strategy for connecting with potential customers: 1. Create an ad to generate engagement. 2. Show people that you’re credible and trustworthy with a piece of content. 3. Serve up a testimonial as proof.
  • From 2014 to 2016, Facebook Ads were a near-guarantee. A cash cow. A lottery you couldn’t lose.

JENNIFER WATSON – How to Use Live Video to Amplify Your Brand Exposure – @JWatson_Wx

Takeaways from the Session

  • Provide value and give access to places/ info for your audience.
  • Unique and exclusive content gives fans the ability to engage in a two-way conversation.
  • Edit thumbnail image after the live broadcast ends so there is a more appealing image, instead of a random shot of the broadcast.
  • Humanize your brand. Be personable.
  • A great thing about the live video is that you can tell your story, showcase your employees, and showcase the passion behind your brand. This all fosters brand awareness.

BELLA VASTA – How to Get Your Facebook Group Posts Seen in the News Feed – @Bellas_Pets 

Takeaways from the Session

  • Facebook groups are like a backyard party where relationships are formed.
  • Be the destination.
  • Groups get 60-90% engagement if done correctly.

BRUCE IRVING – Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses: What Works Today – @Irvingmedia

Takeaways from the Session

  • Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.
  • Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.
  • Ignoring the problem doesn’t solve the problem.

NEAL SCHAFFER – How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy That Generates Results – @NealSchaffer 

Takeaways from the Session

  • Social Media should be about collaboration, not just marketing.
  • Many reasons to work with Nano/micro influencers:
    1: Higher Engagement rate.
    2: More Affordable.
    3: More Eager to work with you.
    4: will value your relationship more.
    5: More Flexible.
    6: want to become more influential.
    7: less chance of fake followers.
    8: Less reputation risk.

ERIN GARGAN KING – How to Create Profitable Alignment Between Social Marketing and Social Selling – @eringarganking

Takeaways from the Session

  • The difference between social selling and social marketing is simple. Revenue.
  • Whether or not sales and marketing can play nice in the social sandbox will determine business success or failure over the next 5 years.
  • Who are we selling to? What’s the message? When do we communicate? Where do we share the news? How? Are sales and marketing aligned on each of these?
  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

NICHOLAS KUSMICH – How to Create Ads That Convert: The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Ad – @nicholaskusmich

Takeaways from the Session

  • Marketers tend to forget the importance of establishing the right connections with customers.
  • If your target audience is 55+, then you can put text on your image.
  • We as entrepreneurs are in the business of releasing the happy hormones in other people.
  • Text overlay screams ‘marketer’ and we want to stay as native to the *social* experience as possible.
  • Good copy is when your ideal prospect feels understood by you.

ANDREW HUBBARD – How to Create Low-Cost, High Impact Video Ads to Grow Your Brand and Sales – @A_Hubbard 

Takeaways from the Session

  • If you’re making video content, are you adding text bars & captions? 75% of people watch the video without sound (it doesn’t matter how good the message is if no one hears it).

BRETT CURRY – How to Create a Full Funnel With YouTube Ads – @BrettCurry

Takeaways from the Session

  • People on YouTube are looking for the best (fill in the blank) in terms of products.
  • In a skip-able world, you have to earn attention on YouTube ads.
  • Let’s start at the bottom of the funnel. You can’t really go big unless the bottom of the funnel is in good shape.

BRYAN KRAMER – How to Build Trust and Humanize Your Brand – @bryankramer 

Takeaways from the Session

  • I believe it means if you aren’t doing what fills joy in your life, its work taking some risk “most of the time” to do that for yourself.
  • There are 3 vital elements to humanizing your brand: 1. Simplicity 2. Empathy 3. Embracing Imperfection.

[bctt tweet=”We are all Human to Human (H2H) not B2B or B2C. #SMMW19 @bryankramer” username=”socialchampsays”]

CHRIS STRUB – How to Network and Build Your Authority on Twitter – @ChrisStrub 

Takeaways from the Session

  • Don’t underestimate the power of using your voice to lift someone else up… Your voice matters.
  • It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, it’s how you make people feel.
  • Twitonomy enables you to monitor your attention.

CAITLIN BACHER – How to Create Engaging Content inside Your Facebook Group – @caitlinbacher

Takeaways from the Session

  • Your NEW life will cost you, your OLD one.
  • She recommends spending 30-45 minutes per day when starting a Facebook group. Once the group starts growing on its membership, you can spend less time on it.
  • A devoted 15 minutes to connect with the people is all you really need.
  • Caitlin also said that your approach depends on you and your bandwidth.
  • She also recommends that Facebook groups are great for not only for services but anyone who is selling physical products.
  • Also, stories are important because people are hardwired to learn and communicate via storytelling.

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DANA MALSTAFF – How to Create a Sustainable Community with Facebook Groups – @DanaMalstaff


Dana Malstaff at SMMW19

Takeaways from the Session

  • To create a community and a culture that will grow and thrive, you need to manage from the bottom up.
  • When communicating the group’s culture and rules, emphasize on what members can do as much as what they can’t.
  • Celebrate reaching a certain number of members, like every 100 people, if you’re a group host.
  • To prime, the algorithm successfully starts 6 weeks before you want to post the critical item and post at least once a week.

ANN HANDLEY – How to Write an Email Newsletter That People Clear Their Schedules to Read – @MarketingProfs

Takeaways from the Session

  • Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.
  • Be specific enough to be believable and universal enough to be relevant.
  • Email, when it’s done well, is like hot fire. It can burn like nobody’s business.
  • Email is the only place where people, not algorithms are in control.

[bctt tweet=”Write for a specific person but don’t fret over those who aren’t your person. #SMMW19 #EmailMarketing @marketingprofs” username=”socialchampsays”]

  • Do not fear the scroll. Make great content as short or long as it needs to be to give value to your audience.
  • Have ratings in every newsletter to judge the impact of the newsletter at the individual issue level.
  • Spend more time and effort on the LETTER part of an email newsletter.

BRIAN SOLIS – The Rise of Digital Distraction: How Businesses (and You) Need to Change – @briansolis

Takeaways from the Session

  • Attention is a Currency: When it comes to digital distractions, we are spending more than we can afford.
  • Believe in yourself, not your selfie!
  • Living your best life should actually be living with Productivity. Creativity. Happiness.
  • Intelligence in our days is much more than IQ. Is about a different perspective.
  • We have to take risks and believe we have value.

CHRISTOPHER PENN – Attribution Analysis: How Social Media Marketers Can Stay on the Leading Edge – @cspenn

Takeaways from the Session

  • Attribution analysis options:  1. Last touch (easy but lazy)  2. Assisted conversions (easy and more accurate than the last touch)  3. Create an attribution model in GA  4. Machine learning  5. Deep learning (account for everything)  Find the one that you can explain!
  • Comparing data that execs actually need to see vs. how marketers show it to a CVS receipt.

DERRAL EVES – How to Develop an Audience on YouTube – @derraleves

Takeaways from the Session

  • Communities will happen with or without you.
  • Middleman takes too much money. The way social media & Internet is working right now, you can get to the right person, at the right time with the right messaging. No Middleman.
  • People just want to consume what they want to consume, it’s not about the platforms anymore.
  • Content will sell on its own, and it will be distributed to multiple platforms.
  • Gen Z consumes more content than any other. We got to pay more attention to that market & where they’re going. I can tell you they are not on Facebook, that’s why Facebook brought Instagram because they’re on Instagram. They’re on Snapchat, Tiktok.
  • I would encourage everyone to look at Tiktok, because it will be the number #1 app, for sure.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN – How to Create Engaging Instagram Stories – @SueBZimmerman

Takeaways from the Session

  • Everyone has a story. It’s how you tell it that gets people to watch.
  • The Instagram newsfeed is like the resume for your content.
  • Instagram Live is the best way to distribute your content.
  • Conversions are the new currency on Instagram.
  • Drive the traffic on your YouTube channel by releasing the trailer of the video on IGTV & going on live.
  • You got to be sharing free content for like six months before you start selling something, & saying that you’re a go-to person in that niche. So that way people can build the trust & see you walk the talk.
  • Do an Instagram Live on the content that you have been working on for so long with a different spin. Talk about something that you don’t talk about anywhere else on your Instagram stories, & IGTV. People would love to come back.
  • Bring in, guests. Collaborate with other businesses & other brands. Get them live on your live broadcast.
  • Understanding where your target audience is & where they’re consuming your content mostly is so important.

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