TikTok: Where is Social Media Headed?

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In this digital world, it should come off as no surprise that The Millennials and Generation Z love to spend their free time on the Internet, surfing through loads and loads of videos every day. TikTok, also known as Douyin in China, is carrying out the tradition of the 6-30 seconds videos, now that Vine is rolling in its grave and Musical.ly is practically dead.

TikTok is all about teens and people usually in their 20s, lip-syncing to their favorite songs or dialogues, and people being funny and bringing color to daily life struggles, or just mimicking memes and carrying out, some harmless mostly dangerous, challenges which might seem innocent but in an app that has millions and millions of videos being uploaded every day, it is almost impossible for the parents to skim out inappropriate and dangerous content depending on the age of the children.

The essence of streaming success is its longevity or lack thereof. In Vine’s heyday, it was pumping out future YouTubers in six seconds or less. This will continue until the app or musers couldn’t afford it anymore. TikTok, on the other hand, has become the fastest growing app across the world in the shortest time period.
The app-addicted generation gobbled up the idea of becoming online celebrities through @tiktok_us and started rolling out videos regularly. TikTok used the same name for its family that Musical.ly had initially introduced, ‘Musers’. Ages 12 and above are very welcome to share their videos, and be judged on?

Once you download the app, you can surf several videos but to follow a muser. Or make a video of your own, you’ll have to sign up. TikTok has all the content that Musical.ly hosted previously. So if you ever had a Musical.ly account, you will now be able to access this content on TikTok.

As much as we want our kids to be healthy and be outdoor-sy, and not spend more than half their day buried in the screens of their phones, tablets and what not, it has become nearly impossible to do so. It’s an all-too-familiar scene: whether it’s in the car or on the way to school, in between bites and sips at the lunch or dinner table, or sneaking in a last-minute snap right before bedtime/classes/exams, social media is now so entrenched in the lives of our kids that it is impossible to ignore.

Every new platform of communication and every new platform of sharing on social media comes with its own set of rules, uniqueness, and obstacles.

TikTok: The New “Cool” Thing to Do?

In the beginning, users could choose and follow the music to disguise they were singing the song, then shared with friends. This simple thing ignited a lot of users’ imitation. Gradually, the app spawned as viral trends and attracted more users into the big social system.

Hammering on the right video or content for your TikTok will take a few tries and it might feel like it’s tedious, but the best way to get well versed with the editing features is to keep filming and editing and keep swimming. You don’t have to post everything you record.

To efficiently get higher users growth, TikTok started to raise internet celebrity to reinforce the power in the social network. In addition, they also unveil how the video produced to allure audiences to imitate it. More and more similar videos spread to other apps, giving rise to many series of short videos, TikTok finally occupied many peoples’ eyes by its obvious identity and grabbed them into the social ecosystem.

Of course, many of my broader critiques and excuses of the TikTok application could also be because of the use of the “late” short-video app Vine, which, to be honest, had its moments. But it also promoted a truly horrid or useless or boring-at-times culture of “easy viral success and hollow fame”. The platform’s most unfortunate and irrelevant content came from a cadre or a collection if you will, of vapid Justin Bieber lookalikes who did little else but mug, make pout faces at the camera and half-heartedly act out unoriginal comedy skits.

TikTok: Double the Fun?

With comedy dramas and acting, users can create comic contents without putting much thought into it, because of the content which was already provided to them in the doses of dialogues on which they have to act on! It is also a place where people can let down their walls and guards, act aloof and explore their creativity, and abusive trolls don’t barrage them. There is a global community of creators, they inspire a user and he can follow and mimic their acts


Users of age 12 or older can get an account on TikTok but there are several videos starring people who appeared to be much younger and the content is never marked as age appropriate. Comedian Amy Schumer and YouTubers Logan and Jake Paul too have made TikTok videos.

Despite one of the fastest-growing apps, there were a lot of controversies surround TikTok’s adult content. This is because according to families many videos should not be viewed or can be termed as unlawful or just downright trash. A lot of parents complained that watching these type of content can be of tremendous harm to teenagers.

Also, videos include cussing and sexual lyrics which are not age-appropriate for kids, and so the app should not be used on their own by the children even if they are 12. It’s also easy to find people wearing revealing clothes and dancing suggestively.

And the presence of “pornographic, inappropriate and blasphemous content”. The ban didn’t last long (a week or so). After this ban, ByteDance, the Beijing-based technology giant that owns TikTok, gained a little moral and agreed to clear all indecent content and enhance security/morality functions of the app.

This included setting additional restrictions/ permissions on all users under 18, and raising the minimum age requirement from 12 to 13 (phew!). This still doesn’t sound like the kind of platform I am comfortable with the kids using without the support of an elder.

TikTok Has Greater Morals

In July this year, TikTok rolled out a series of updates to protect its younger users. These included:

  • Enhanced Privacy Settings: Allows users to set their videos to “Private” so that only approved followers can see them.
  • Account Deletion: Allows users to delete their account from the app directly. Previously, users had to email TikTok to delete their account.
  • Private Messaging: Ensures members can only receive messages from TikTok friends, and not from members they are not connected with.
  • Parental Controls: Gives parents additional tools to help its younger users use the app in an age-appropriate manner. Inappropriate videos had notification banners added to them.

TikTok: Global Celebrities.

TikTok is a way of relieving frustration for some, while for the others it may be a source of showing off their acting or dancing skills. With hundreds of challenges that TikTok has catered to, people have been kept engaged and excited. A few of the examples of such TikTok celebrities are below. They are not only stars of TikTok but the also know how to groove in real life, and they share their experience via this blog.

Noor Ahmed Khan

Noor Ahmed Khan is quite a pro at making awesome videos on TikTok. He shares how he loves to keep his life upbeat and loves creativity of all sorts. He likes to kill his time with viral content and is always up for the challenges TikTok has to offer.

Kinza Amjad

This is what Kinza Amjad had to say about her experience so far, “When I started out, it was something I was doing in my leisure time, but within a matter of days I realized this is my true calling because without investing money into it my content could reach to million people out there. All I needed was a smartphone, creative concept, and good lighting.”

Bunny Kazmi

Bunny Kazmi shared, “My experience till yet is quite amazing and it’s a platform where you can get fame by your talent and hard work.”

Pakistani Celebrities

Celebrities like Noor Hassan, Shahroz Sabzwari, Minal Khan, Zainab Ahmed, and many more love spending time between their scenes etc. making TikTok videos or getting featured in them. Here’s a compilation of a few.

TikTok: 2018 Roundup!

TikTokThe pictures above and below show how the downloads of 2018 changed and evolved. People are downloading this app like crazy! TikTok is a direct window into teen life: You’re in their houses, rooms, kitchens, classes, cars, every single place in their life! There are braces, dirty rooms, eye rolls, ugliness, semi-nudity, simple expressions of teenage ennui and creativity. But there’s something else: They’re sped up, pitch-shifted, shortening their arms, filtering faces, using other people’s legs, making silly poses.

But right now we’re still trying to comprehend what TikTok is: It’s fun! It’s annoying! It’s a true meme generator, and there’s a repetition to it, a repetition that everybody loves to follow to cool their nerves, and that is somewhat soothing.

Often, memes will disappear, but they are reappeared in a very different context or with a few changes in the dialogues, only to reappear in a different context weeks later, each user building on it with different music and visuals.

But the celebrities are already being onboard-ed, and the brands will come, and the app will see some different challenges.
In June, TikTok (known as Douyin in China) reported reaching a global monthly active user count of 500 million across 150 countries and regions, which is around the time when Instagram reached one billion monthly actives, for comparison’s sake.

“According to the researches, 200 million people are using Instagram Stories every day, compared to 160 million daily users for Snapchat”

Let’s Talk Stats!

– The number of people using TikTok.
500 million MAU (Monthly Active Users)
– The number of time TikTok has been downloaded this year.
800 million
– The amount of money TikTok earns monthly.
$1.4 million
– The percentage of monthly revenue that comes from USA.
– Total amount users have spent on TikTok
$50 million
– Percentage of TikTok user sessions that are on Android devices.
– Percentage of TikTok downloaders that open the app daily.
– The number of TikTok musers in India.
15 million
– The number of TikTok musers under the age of 21.
Approx 15 million
– Percentage of TikTok musers that are female.

Summed Up!

We don’t know for sure what the future holds for TikTok, so for now, enjoy the compilation of the top challenges that it had to offer! Happy watching!

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