Old School Ninja Tips, You cannot Ignore for Successful Social Media Even in 2018

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Social media is a maze, difficult but much more to explore! Nowadays, specifically, it is a huge platform for a massive use, from very basic communications and entertainment to creating heavy allowance marketing campaigns for business. Just one click and online setup are here to serve.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have reached a point where these platforms are just not for casual use or in association with people to just get connected to a large number of people but also professionals for whom they might be the only platform to run their businesses. Leave the number of apps, integrations, and add-ons aside, by just figuring out which network you should ’invest in’ is a striker itself.

Social networks are sometimes called as “relationship networks,” help people and organizations connect online to share information and ideas in a very life penetrating manner while these networks are not the oldest type of social media, they certainly define it now. Switching between different platforms is the main hurdle when you have to be present everywhere.

Well, the Social Champ is here to manage your profiles and automate your posts. You can schedule your all post once and set yourself free from getting entangled. We can say that “These channels started as relatively simple services—for example, Twitter was the place to answer the question ‘what are you doing?’ and Facebook was where you might check the relationship status of that cute Economics 101 classmate.” Now, and especially since the rise of the mobile internet, these networks have become hubs that transform nearly every aspect of modern life—from reading news to sharing vacation photos to finding a new job—into a social experience.

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Facebook Management

For those of you who have audiences outside your territory, demographic research like this is simple enough with Google Analytics to understand where your own audience is, giving you the opportunity to target their time zones accordingly. Facebook always leads to potential buyers if you target them wisely.

  • You can target French and English speaking prospects, between the ages of 21-45, who live in a 15-mile radius of Tyler, TX, who are looking for social media marketing solutions while Facebook Ads Targeting, where you can easily create a location, gender or age-specific adverts and reach the potential prospects.
  • Facebook gives its users the ability to create polls with some handy features that can be utilized to get a better insight of what customers expect from your business.
  • Diversifying your content marketing strategy can lead to increase in sales volume for your brand through Facebook, as Neal Schaffer suggested, 3-6 Months are enough for you to be in the competitive lead in your industry if you utilize Social Media effectively.

Facebook Management

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a fast-growing platform and businesses are eager to establish a presence and encourage engagement on the network. It is might be harder to hoist your flag in tough competition but yes not so impossible. Maybe your main idea behind Instagram using is a large number of followers, but this is not the end. For personal use, Instagram is fun and spontaneous.

But if you want to use it as a social media marketing tool, you have to be a little more calculating with it that is one of the most important parts for formal digital community interactions and in social status, independent of the clear pictures on the profile wall.

  • One of the first things you should do upon signing up for Instagram for your business is to create a ‘Bio’ On Instagram, you have very limited space to grab someone’s attention. That is why so many social media experts will put emphasis on crafting the best Instagram bios for your business.
  • An Instagram wall is the just square arrangement of perfectly squared clicks and yes no one is going to tap that square unless it appeals them. Snap-in square while doing an Instagram shoot, for a better composition.
  • You need to create some digital marketing strategies even on the best visuals. Making good visuals is just not enough for a greater Instagram engagement. In Instagram marketing, you are not alone, you have to get a rank among hundreds of the competitors.
  • Select trending hashtags having a better reach to the audience but make sure you’re your chosen hashtags are relevant to the content you are going to post. If these trending tags are relevant to your brand, include them in timely posts to aid discovery.
  • Cross-promote whenever you can! The trend on Instagram now is to share the love, so to speak, by tagging others or even by outright promoting other companies, products, and services.


Twitter Handling

Twitter is a short message social media communication tool that allows you to send out messages or updates termed as tweets up to 280 characters long to people who subscribe to you termed as followers.

It can include your regular updates as well as a link to any web content (blog post, website page, PDF document, etc.) or a photograph or video. Images Speak Louder than Words, adding an image to a tweet greatly expands what you can share to beyond the 140-character limit for tweets.

  • A little creative, negotiated and planned, yet perfect Twitter handles for your business.
  • You should have a bio that effectively tells other people and your followers about your business, who you are, and what you do. Furthermore, it should also include a link to the landing page or website of your company.
  • Twitter Lists will help you see the stream of tweets from your favorite leaders, influencers, social media marketers or even brands. Building a brand or even managing an already built business requires your interaction with the experts and influencers.
  • Your Twitter profile should tell the story of your business in a single glance, so select visual elements that best represent you.
  • Retweeting someone else’s tweet is a good way to build social capital and cultivate credibility. Also, this activity prompts the account owner to get notification enabling to get noticed and build relationships with top-notch influencers.


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LinkedIn Expert Marketing

Maintaining a LinkedIn profile is not a big deal to welcome a greater engagement, this leads even greater things in case of social media marketing and promotions. LinkedIn marketing landscape on its algorithm and then what steps can we take to a wide engagement on posts after these algorithms.

  • Linkedin sources are fairly clear on what they want the focus of their platform to be: the professional world. Instead of animated GIFs, Ellen videos and personal screenshots, the LinkedIn algorithm aims to show users news, job posts and timely, popular content that be of value to someone’s career (whether as a business owner or employee), be relevant to the industry in which you operate in, offer a tip related to business growth, or a career.
  • There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is pushing posts that originate from LinkedIn Publisher tool, which end up on LinkedIn Pulse, now integrated with the homepage feed.
  • Relevance, credibility, followers, and connections play a big part in the LinkedIn algorithms 2018, it goes without saying you should be growing your personal or business audience (or both) on LinkedIn.
  • Make sure your profile is public, so more people can find you, add you and see your posts.
  • Whether you run a personal profile or a Company Page on LinkedIn, be sure to fill out your personal profile and Company Page as completely as you can, and keep them updated
  • Choosing perfect timing to make a post is really important. If you’re posting at 2 a.m., when most of your network is asleep (time-zone nuances aside), your post can be up for hours before receiving likes or comments, no matter how good it is.
  • The content you post on LinkedIn should be optimized for engagement and quality. Keep it short and include a link, image, or video. It can have puns or funny jokes to make professionals laugh—usually at their industry, useful, career-related tips, impressive industry or company stats.


Pinterest Board Management

Pinterest has 200 million active monthly users, performing 2 BILLION searches per month. That level of activity makes Pinterest a search engine in its own right. Google wants to give people the search results they want from a Google search. So, you’re likely to see Pinterest boards and Pins appear high up in Google search results. Which means that your Pinterest board management efforts will spread your content far beyond the platform itself.

Make It P-interesting

Keep your Pinterest boards active by scheduling pins through Social Champ.
  • Make it Easy for Others to Pin Your Blog Posts with Quality Visuals. MAGE SETTING, a must thing to do, Pinterest is all about good images or infographic that appeals people from scratch to read your blog.
  • Pinterest provides a way for you to build your authority on different topics. Create boards around your blog topics. Since people can easily get drawn into the visual land of pinning, it is easy to forget that it’s still designed for inspiration, resource, and value.
  • Creating a board called ‘My Blog Posts’ or something like that to give it a limitation of yourself is not a good idea at all. If people want a snapshot of your blog, they should just…GO TO YOUR BLOG.
  • Are you a big tweeter? Create a board with the profiles of people you don’t ever want to miss on Twitter. If you write Twitter recaps, include those on this board as well.


Final Words

Well, these are the medium you use in everyday life, either for a personal online presence or a business purpose. These are the basics but extremely important professional tips not to be ignored at all. Either it’s your business marketing or community management, working against algorithm is not a good idea. Instead, use these tips to get a good, fruitful result.

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