Top 9 Email Fails That Could Happen With Every Email Marketing Campaign

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No matter how well-planned an email marketing campaign might be, there is always a possibility for mistakes to happen. Whether it’s a startup or a well-established company, there are many different mistakes that can happen. Remember to make these mistakes as a way to learn and improve your strategies. Here are some of the most common email marketing fails that can happen to anyone.

1. Accidentally Sending Out a Test Email

Test emails are a great way to make sure that your email will look exactly the way you envisioned it. Many companies use test emails at the beginning of their email marketing journey. While others continue to systematically use the help of test emails so they can avoid making simple and avoidable mistakes in their daily or weekly emails to their subscribers. There is a possibility for you to get confused or simply misclick and send out your test email to the wrong contacts before it is fully ready. 

In case this happens, you should not panic. These things can happen easier than you think. And you can simply reach out to the contact you sent it to and apologize. Or even use this as an opportunity to ask for feedback from someone new.

2. Not Choosing a Catchy Email Subject

Email subjects might not seem like the most important aspect of the emails. They can truly play an important part in your email marketing strategy. 

Many people will decide whether opening and reading an email is worth their time solely by the subject line.

“A subject which is rather generic and not fully related to the content of the email will definitely not catch the reader’s eye and your email will end up passing by unnoticed.”

advises Mark Lennor, Marketing Analyst for Studicus.

On the other hand, an email with a subject line that looks forced will also not work in your favor. As there is a great possibility that your subscribers will confuse it with a junk email that accidentally made it to their inbox.

The best thing you can do is work on finding a balance between extreme and uninteresting. And also collect feedback from your audience and your email statistics while experimenting with different subject lines. So you know exactly what works in your favor the most or not.

3. Not Personalizing Your Emails Enough

A big aspect of any successful email marketing strategy is email personalization. And there are quite a few ways through which you can customize your emails and give your campaign a new perspective.

The most common mistake is to send out the same emails to every person on your email list. While in the past companies cared mostly about using their subscribers’ first names when sending out emails. Customers have become accustomed to this strategy and consider it something not all that interesting anymore. 

Separating your email list in subcategories and paying attention to the individual interests of your customers is far more important than simply greeting them by their name.

The best way of personalizing emails adequately and avoid this mistake is by taking the time to include each contact in the right email list and send out content they will enjoy.

This way they will be far less likely to unsubscribe from your email list and far more likely to continue opening and reading your emails on a regular basis. This will help ensure that your email marketing strategy is a success.

4. Sending Your Emails at the Wrong Times

If you didn’t know when you should be sending out your emails, time to rethink your strategy. While you might think that your customers will remember to open and read your email whenever they find time during the day, this is not the reality for most people.

In fact, there are certain times during the day when you will be able to send out an email and have it read immediately by a big part of your email list. For most people, this part is during the evening. Where they have finished their office jobs and are finally finding some time to relax on their couches after a long day.

Sending emails at random times throughout the week is not helping your audience remember you. If you don’t send them out regularly and at particular times, they are most likely to be lost in a sea of hundreds of other daily emails.

You should make sure you don’t send your emails during what most people consider their working hours. As they will not have time to go through their phones or look at anything that is not business-related when it comes to their email inboxes.

5. Sending a Targeted Email to the Wrong Contacts

One of the email marketing fails that can happen as a result of bad planning is sending emails to the wrong contacts. There are certain things in email marketing campaigns that can simply not happen by hand. This is exactly why email automation is something you need to incorporate into your email campaigns to avoid making such mistakes.

Email automation will allow you to send the right content to the right people with just a few clicks. And helps you know that the right people will receive your content every time. This way you won’t have to worry about who received your newest emails and if everyone got a welcome email or not.

6. Including Broken Inbound Links

Something that many companies benefit from when it comes to their email marketing strategies is using inbound links to promote certain content on their websites. While there are many ways for you to promote new blog posts, products or upcoming sales online, email marketing gives you the chance to target customers that will already be interested in what you have to offer.

Including inbound links that are not working is a big email marketing fail that many companies can accidentally make. And this just comes to highlight the importance of creating and sending out test emails once again. If the links you have used to redirect someone to your website are not working, you should not expect them to go out of their way to view what you had to show them.

Customers expect everything you sent to them to be functional and to need the least amount of effort from their sides in order to complete it. There are very few people who will deliberately search for an item on your website if the link you included is not working. 

Therefore, you should always make sure the links you use are functional and take your customers to the exact page of your website you wish for them to view, so they don’t have to spend time searching for something that would have taken two seconds to find through the right link.

7. Not Planning Your Content in Advance

Many companies might not think about planning content when it comes to an email marketing campaign. But, in reality, it can be far more useful than you can imagine. While social media posts and blog posts on your website can easily be planned in advance, emails might seem a lot more spontaneous to create.

In reality, every time you plan on creating any new post on your social media or your website you should also plan on creating an email to reach out to those subscribers who will be interested in the topic you will be covering. 

Planning an email can help you edit it exactly how you envision it and it can help you make sure it is customized for the reasons you need it for. This will make your audience a lot more interesting in going through it and seeing what you have to say, even if you send more than a couple of emails every week.

8. Not Proofreading the Email Content

Another common mistake is not taking the time needed to go through the written content of the email. And proofread it accordingly. It really helps improve the appearance of your emails.

Imagine going through a piece of text someone sent you which is full of grammar and spelling errors and other simple mistakes that make it difficult to read and enjoy. Even if the mistakes in your written content are few, they can seriously degrade the quality of your emails and make your brand look less professional as you didn’t pay enough attention to detail.

While you can go ahead and work on proofreading your content by yourself, it is more than possible that you will make mistakes that will be easy to miss. There are quite a few ways for you to proofread and edit your emails without having to break the bank and still produce a polished result which your audience will enjoy.

There are tools you can use such as Grammarly, TrustMyPaper, Hemmingway Editor and WritingJudge which can help you either learn how to proofread your content by yourself easily and effectively or bring you in contact with a professional who will be able to do the job for you and save you from this hustle.

9. Not Including Links to Your Social Media Platforms

Another mistake many people make when handling an email marketing campaign is not including links to their social media platforms throughout the email. Your social media handles are a very important asset to your brand and they can truly help you attract even more people to your email list.

By incorporating links about new posts and even competitions running on your social media platforms in your emails, you are essentially motivating your current subscribers to interact with you on your social media. By making comments and sharing your posts they are essentially attracting more attention to your accounts and helping you attract more people who will be interested in what your brand has to offer.

This is a great way for you to expand your email list and to come in contact with more potential customers without having to go through the trouble of creating an independent social media marketing campaign to attract more people to your email list.

Creating the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

While you might think that after following all of these rules you will definitely create a perfect email marketing campaign, you need to keep in mind that no matter how well you prepare something, mistakes are always bound to happen.

The better prepared you are to make changes whenever necessary, the easier it will be for you to understand your mistakes and fix them without any issues. This is what will help you come closer to your audience and put together email marketing campaigns that will truly be a success.

Which of these email marketing fails have you tracked in your own campaigns in the past?

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