Top LinkedIn Tools For 2020
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Top 5 LinkedIn Tools For Marketers and Brands

Top 5 LinkedIn Tools For Marketers and Brands

Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are always in the news because of funky new filters, or a Donald Trump tweet or Mark Zuckerberg himself. Linkedin on the other hand, a giant in its own right, is the quietest among them all. Quiet though it may be, it’s benefits to businesses are unparalleled.

In today’s article, we have covered all the Linkedin tools that you’ll need to help your business in 2020.

1. Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is not your run of the mill Linkedin tool. It’s a tool that recommends how to speak to a person based on their personality.Now, in a world of cold email automation and generic templates, Crystal Knows is a breath of fresh air. Click To Tweet

Using this tool will make you want to personalize your email to every single person based on their personality. Personalizing an email is a must and this tool aids that by giving data on how to speak, what tone to use, how much should be the length of your email and so on.

This is the ultimate data on understanding your recipient.

You can get the chrome extension which you can use with Linkedin.


Pricing : Free Plan + Basic Plan starts at $19/month

2. Find That Email

Find That Email is an accurate email finding tool that works well with Linkedin. You can find the email addresses of your prospects, straight from the browser. You can find hundreds of leads in minutes.

Find That Email has been rated as one of the most accurate email finding tools by Ahrefs. In a test they conducted, Find That Email’s services returned a 92% accuracy rate.

They don’t do any guesswork for finding the email addresses.

Pricing: Free Plan + Basic plan starts at $29

3. Linkedin Sales Navigator

You can’t have a list of Linkedin Tools without mentioning a Linkedin Product. Linkedin Sales Navigator is probably the best Linkedin tool out there. If you are a team with Sales People, Linkedin Sales Navigator is a must-have. Let’s see why.

Advanced Search

When you are out prospecting, you’ll need the maximum number of filters to find the perfect person to reach out to. Linkedin opens their filtering features and you can deep dive into this.


Lead Recommendations

Getting a list of potential prospects based on your target profile is another top feature that can help with quick lead building. Linkedin Sales Navigator takes the uses of Linkedin and amplifies it by 10X. It’s the perfect tool for hardcore sales teams.  

Pricing: Basic Plan starts at $79/month

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4. Brand 24

Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool. It brings to you all the mentions of your company on the Internet. This is an absolute requirement for a business that is surrounded by social media. Seeing the conversations that people are having about your brand can be a great way to understand how you are perceived. It’s great for amplifying and positive mentions and it’s also good for addressing immediately any negative mentions.  


Pricing: Basic Plan starts at $49/month

5. Social Champ

Social Champ is a social media automation tool. You can schedule posts and send content across all the social media channels with one click. The channels they support are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. One of the top features of Social Champ is the Bulk Schedule feature. Social Champ provides a CSV template where you fill-up the details of your post and the rest is taken care of by them.

The other valuable feature from Social Champ is their Post Repetition tool.

With post repetition, you can choose to repeat a post on Social Media a number of times and after certain time gaps. This makes sure that your content is always getting eyeballs.

This is a must-have feature if you are a social media influencer or marketer. The reason behind this is, the change of content in social media feeds is so rapid. In a few hours, feeds entirely change and to make sure your content is visible, you’ll need to repeat posts. You can automate this with Social Champ, which makes it a breeze on social media.


They also provide a content recommendation that is curated based on topics. This helps in keeping your customers engaged. There is immense traffic potential in aligning with trending news. This is the reason brands jump on hashtags and create content. The odds of going viral is very high.

With Social Champ’s content recommendation you can be part of the latest and trending stories that bring in a lot of social traffic.


Pricing: Free Plan + Basic Plan starts at $10/month

Don’t Waste LinkedIn!

Linkedin is an underrated tool and using these tools can help your business grow further. What tools have you used and found beneficial?

Let us know about your comments and suggestions and we will add it to the post if it’s truly valuable.

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