Trends That Need To Die In 2019

Trends That Need To Die In 2019

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Trends that need to die in 2019, because they’re just a big NO in 2018! It had been a rough year in pretty much every aspect of life.

In 2018, we have been blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it) with a myriad of new and exciting and disturbing trends.

Better or worse is a debate for some other time, the blog right now shows how the trends of 2018 took over the Internet by storm and inspired people to follow the same silly and weird patterns.

They weren’t even sure if the trends they followed looked any good on them, they just wanted to do it because they knew it was in.

Trends That Need To Die In 2019
Let’s do a roundup of all the trends that were wacky or weird or downright disasters in 2018.
People have mercilessly butchered the food that was so beloved to everyone in the name of trends and they thought they were making it better.  ALAS!

Whether it be beauty or food, lifestyle or music, let’s take a look!

Making Food Turn into Unicorns!


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
The trend that followed to every food group was the trend of adding colors to each and every food loved by everyone. Let it be donuts, ice-cream, and CHEESE!

Who does that?

Mediocre grilled cheese that’s blue, green, red, and purple is still mediocre grilled cheese.
Food should not be rainbow colored. Drinks should not be rainbow colored.


Tiny sunglasses


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
Tiny sunglasses were just one of many ’90s trends that came back into fashion this year, and honestly,
I’m here for it.
The less functional, the more I like them.



Trends That Need To Die In 2019
Glitter was added to all the goodness of the world. Coffee, cupcakes, cakes, you name it!
It is fair to say that this trend was disastrous.
Glitter sticks to everything.
I don’t want it on my insides.
Also, they ruined pizza. I’m outraged! THEY RUINED PIIIIZZZAAA!!
These are the trends the NEEEED to die!

Fake news jeans


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
Honestly, of all the news items that people claimed were fake this year, I wish this one actually was.
Who bought these?
I want to talk to this person. (I am assuming only one person bought these.)

The Lip Challenge



The most trending topic on the social media concerning the Kardashian’s family (after Kim Kardashian’s butt in 2014) was concerning Kylie Jenner’s lips, and this too was breaking the internet.
Every girl wanted to have those plump lips this year, but none of them knew the consequences that came with huge lips.

There were many reported cases of people trying to have a vessel sucked over their lips for way too long and losing sensation in that area of their face, and resulting in terrible balloons instead of lips!

Die! Oh please GOD! These are trends that need to die in 2019!!

Big Ball of Water Desserts


Trends That Need To Die In 2019

Then there were desserts that looked like a big ball of water (raindrop cake) and tasted, well like water.
Sweet jiggly water, maybe?

So why go through all the trouble? Add sugar to water, stir and drink and if you’re feeling experimental, freeze it and Voila! Ice-lolly!



Rainbow teeth


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
No No No Noooo! There aren’t enough “no’s” in the world for this.

Why is this even a thing?!

“Creative” brows


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
Halo brows, Wire brows, Garden brows, Fishtail brows.
These were most definitely a “lewk.”
There have been a lot of bad eyebrow trends, and I would say these take the cake!
Except I think the pencil-thin brows I had between seventh and ninth grade were actually worse.

NOPE. These still top it!

Edible Cookie Dough


Trends That Need To Die In 2019


Uncooked cookie dough is only acceptable as tiny little nuggets in ice cream.
I don’t want my entire cone full of gooey grossness.
Uh, WHAT!? NO! Definitely tops the list of the trends that need to die in 2019!!
Cookies are perfect when cooked. Let’s keep them that way.
Or else, Santa will sure not be happy!


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
Just when we were getting the hang of the latest trend in foods as being rainbow colored, a new color has arrived that threatens to darken the mood, but in a good way perhaps.
Yes, pitch-black foods (and beverages!)
They are sweeping the Internet, from hamburger buns and savory crackers to ice cream cones and Ikea hot dogs.

Uh, no thank you, NEXT!



Trends That Need To Die In 2019
2018 was very slimy!

No, for reals!

People loved making slime, playing with it, making huge bubbles out of it.

Maybe fun, but having so much of jiggly slime in my hands still gives me goosebumps, not in a good way!
This is one of the trends that need to die in 2019 for sure!

Baby Shark


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
Talk about being annoying, yet super catchy!
This song crept under my skin, but heck I still hummed it now and then.
A perfect example of trends; irritating but addictive.
Just writing about it makes me hum, UGH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Strange Nail Trends


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
Not just one, there were several nail trends that caught on this year, correction several DUMB* nail trends!
Like putting actual bugs in your nail art! Yeah, not for the faint-hearted!
Heart shaped nails. Valentine’s Day nail art – sounds like a concept everyone can get behind, right? NOPE!
Corkscrew nails – Hey, whatever gets the wine bottle open, right?
No seriously, though, do they work on wine bottles?

Flower Vase HairTrends That Need To Die In 2019 I really hope these women know that they look exactly like Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss’ Whoville.

As long as they know that, they can keep doing this.
This might not be as extreme of the trends that need to die in 2019, but still!
Pretty silly, eh!?




This trend made me question my hearing abilities.
Like seriously, I know the pitches had to do with it and blah blah!
But still, two different things heard by normal people with normal hearing.

I was *shook!*

Tide Pods


The start of 2018 brought a challenge, a challenge so dangerous that it could lead to serious health issues. It involved people popping the small laundry detergent packs, and then posting videos of themselves chewing and gagging on the oozing product online.

“That’ll be appetizing.”

It’s all so gimmicky and all so unnecessary.
Who comes up with these things? 

PUBG and Fortnite War


Trends That Need To Die In 2019
It’s no secret that Fortnite has more concurrent players than PUBG.
PUBG’s player base has already hit its all-time peak and has fewer players every day.
Fortnite is still gaining more active players every day.
I still side with PUBG though.
Because I want “chicken dinner” evvvverydayyy!
But this is one of those trends that we might want to keep but also, trends that need to die in 2019.
Because we need newer games to get addidcted to!!

TikTok Madness


Honestly, TikTok isn’t for me!

It’s annoying, but fun to watch.

Again, another definition of “trends.”
TikTok emerged as the younger sibling of
Then, it gained tons of upvotes.
And still remains to be one of the fastest growing apps of 2018.

Summing Up!

Endless selfies, food porn, and bikini photos are just some of the delights we now see regularly thanks to Social media. The latest social-category to give thanks for? Weird (I repeat, WEIRD) trends. But then again, trends are your friends!

With new trends and fashion tendencies popping up on social media every day, it’s important to remember that ultimately it’s you who decides what’s hot and what’s not. And what are the trends that need to die in 2019 and NEVERRRR come back!

Squiggle brows, and colorful teeth aside, nothing looks better than a good dose of confidence.
All you need to keep in mind is how it will affect you and if it’s dangerous or not.

Because being a daredevil is all cool and stuff.

Someday, your grandchildren are going to ask what life was like in 2018, and you shouldn’t be full of regrets then! Just let that sink in!

We need to make sure that we don’t repeat the worst mistakes we made as a society in the past year. Don’t worry; we’re not getting political, here. We’re talking about crimes of beauty and fashion, and well, everything SOCIAL!

Let’s not go bonkers and really try and pull it together for 2019, ‘kay?

Happy New Year and Happy Trending!

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