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5 TIPS TO MAKE Website Visually Appealing?

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Your website has the power to either make or break your business. You may already have a site or hoping to design a new one, in any case, if it is an inadequately designed, all your ideas and goals related to your business will go down the drain. Critical components of a compelling website are appearance, content, functionality, and search engine optimization.

The primary reason for making your website is to create a sharp brand image. So what does this mean for your site? It needs to contain insights about your organization, the services you offer, and an approach to contact you. Influencing your business to emerge takes a parcel of doing. By keeping up a consistent blog that mirrors your brand’s identity, you can make a brand character. A decent website generates potential customers. It is also a great way to retain your existing customers and do some brand marketing.

Can a Good Website Boost Sales?

Managing your website efficiently can boost sales and SEO, and social media has a vital part in driving potential clients to your site. Visually appealing websites are the best way to bring some customers in.

 “You can make money from a website in several ways. You could set up Google Adsense, which will show Google ads on your website,” says Sweales. “Or you could accept banner ads on your website; this is more time consuming, and both can distract from your core objective. If you have a website that markets your business, I wouldn’t be swayed to accept ads if it affects business branding. It’s worth setting up your business on Google Places for free as well as key directory sites like Yelp and Yell as they can help in the interim,” opines Sweales.

“If you do create a website, a must is setting up your Google Analytics. This tells you how many website visits you get, where they come from, and where your inquiries or sales come from. Setting up a website without it is like throwing your money away as you can’t measure any marketing you are doing.”

Let us begin

Now that we know how important a website is for your business, we can look to revamp it. The following tips will help you modify it if you already one. However, if you do not. Then use these tips to begin your website, and you will have the perfect jump start.

Tips to Make Website Visually Appealing

1.   Be clear cut!

Remember that the proper construction of your website will have a lasting impact on your customers. When a client opens your site, the first thing they see needs to communicate the essence of your brand image and quality. Therefore, for a website to have a steady flow of traffic, the message it puts out must be straightforward and easy to grasp for everyone. An identity on your landing page will let the viewers realize what your brand is about.

Most brands neglect to use their site to its fullest potential. Remember, the first impression is the last.
The award-winning website of the ESPN Sports programming serves as a great example here.  The site has everything that you want from the brand. It is vibrant and has many elements. However, each of them has its own identity as well.
Through the process, keep in mind that your brand needs to have its branding down already. Branding allows your brand to make an image for itself. When you show this on the website, your customers will recognize you for good.

2.   Convenient Usability of Your Website

An essential yet neglected component of a useful website is its level of ease of use. Your site must be anything but difficult to understand, comprehend, and use. Adding additional elements to your website makes it difficult to scroll around.

A great way to go about it is to try it yourself. Will you honestly put so much time and effort on any other website?
Will you ever take out time to see how it works? If the answer to these is no, then your website needs some severe easing down.
Additionally, place your menu items at an easily accessible place. Limit your menu items to 10 or fewer for the audience to grasp the information quickly. Remember, your visitors are in a hurry- don’t make them hunt for information.

Make your website for the user and not for yourself.

3.   Don’t be afraid to add art

One of the most important aspects of any website is the graphics. Imagine going to a website that is just monotone or has some dull graphics. You may not have a problem with it. But the subconscious mind has
a major influence on colors.

This does not mean going on a limb and throwing these on the face of the user. Be subtle and add important colors around your website. Make it lively so that people remain hooked to it.

Number two on the award-winning websites is the mix book website.  The layout is full of information all around the pages. They do not use a lot of different colors. However, the ones that they use are engaging. Having visually appealing websites works on psychological levels as well. 

4.   Do not forget the font!

Of course, your priority is making your website vibrant and standing out. This does not mean you can play with the font too. This also includes the background of the website. You cannot use hard to read fonts with vibrant colors and even worst contrasting backgrounds. You may think they add a splash of color. However, they make it very confusing. Your visitor does not have the time or the energy to squint their eyes and read your stuff.

While we are on the topic, make your language is proper too. Do not use words that you will not apply in your daily life. No matter what style you choose, make sure it reaches out to the maximum number of your target audience.

The best example is the world’s worst website ever! That’s the name and it stands to its name! Of course you want a visually appealing website to make it but not all colors don’t go with each other!


5.   Don’t forget SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to bring your website into sight. The easiest way to do this is to have a ‘blog’ section on your website. Regardless of what your brand is, you will find this helpful. The blog can cover relevant information of the relevant data of your brand.

Once you use the right keywords, Google will automatically list it higher as the relevancy increases. You can also share these blogs on your brand’s social media page.

To do both of these things, Social Champ plays an essential role if you do not know how to bring relevant topic content, no problem! Social Champ’s content curation feature allows you to simply curate content from amongst the best quality articles from the internet.

Another great thing that you can do with Social Champ is to attaching your website’s links on your social media post. The Auto RSS feature helps you do so without having to go through any other hassles. You can also make one post and tailor it according to the different platforms along with your Auto RSS link.  
Visually Appealing Websites

Get set, go!

Once you understand all the steps above, it is time to get up and get going and make visually appealing websites. Your new website is now the host to several potential customers. All you have to do is continually keep update and be available for your website!

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