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The ultimate debate: blogging vs vlogging

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If you live on this planet, it is almost impossible that you haven’t heard about blogging vs Vlogging! We won’t get into details about what these too much. However, for those of you that do not have an idea, let us clear it a little bit.

Blogging is generally about a platform where people come together to share their ideas, opinions, or anything to their “followers.” Apart from essential website blogs, the current trend is Instagram blogs. It is no surprise that a massive platform like Instagram works great to get your word out and start your blog. All you need is one picture and some words, and you are good to go.

Since bloggers have a high following, marketers incorporate brands into them and increase reach. In 2017, about
92% of marketers thought that bloggers on Instagram helped them with their campaigns.

Vlogs are video blogs. They are a more visual way to bring your word forward. One of the most common vlog platforms is YouTube. Since YouTube is fast and free, the only thing standing between the vlogger and vlog is their equipment.

Yes, Vlogging takes more equipment. But the camera phones are the easiest way to start. Another material is also now very reasonable. YouTube marketing is equally important and influential. Take, for instance, young moms.
90% of young moms trust YouTube vloggers for products.

Overall, both of these seem to have an excellent influence for marketers all around the world. Let us move on to see which one truly works best in 2020.

Blog vs Vlog: Which Is More Effective for Website Traffic?

Of course, the importance of either depends on the traffic they generate. Generating website traffic means making potential customers. From the marketing point of view, each person visiting the website is a potential customer. From the website owner’s point of view, every visitor is the source of better income and more recognition. In short, traffic is significant.

On some raw stats, a website that utilizes video has a
4.8% conversion rate. Of course, this does not seem significant. However, compare that to the 2.9% rate of websites without video, it is a frenzy.

However, there is a significant catch. Irrelevant, inappropriate, and low-quality videos seem to show a lack of effort.

Comparing this to write-ups, that are blogs, videos seem to do better. Stats show that only
20% of the text on a website is read by users. The question here stands, which 20%?
Is it the first part? Is it mid? Or is it the very last? No matter what part, most of the information misses out, and the point of the blog dissolves.

Overall, stats prove that Vlogging might have more turnover than blogging.

But let us not rush. Hold your horses until we look at more angles.

Blogging vs Vlogging in Marketing

Vlogging and blogging are the new trends in the market. Anything new in the market is easily usable in the marketing of different things. Of course, as both of these gain their popularity, marketers tend to look at them carefully and blogging opportunities.

However, businesses tend to love vlogs more! It is not a surprise, is it? How many of us prefer reading over watching a quick video. All over the world, businesses, on average, create
18 vlogs per month!

However, one significant advantage of vlogs is that they do not show up on web searches all the time. Of course, a few keywords help. However, they do not show up as well as the content does, which is blogging.

It is quite confusing, isn’t it? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Let us talk about a solution now!

Who Is the Audience for Blogging?

Blogging is much more than sharing stories through words posted online.

“One must be keen to listen to be good at blogging because it’s about a conversation.”

Businesses reach out to have this conversation. Bloggers tell a story with their customers, which can help influence the decision-making process. In fact,
social media influencing has become a primary digital marketing strategy across most commercial industries.

SEO or search engine optimization is an essential skill for bloggers. When you use Google or another search engine, it ranks the most popular pages that contain keywords. Further Meta description summarizes the entire blog in just one sentence and attracts more readers.

Blogs are best when the information you need to convey is long or complicated. You can include convenient headings so your readers can see exactly what each article is about immediately. If some readers are looking for specific information or researching their vlogs or blogs, they can find the information quickly and easily without having to sit through a video.

Who Is the Audience for Vlogging?

Vlogging, of course, is a bit more in-depth and usually contains a whole lot more content than smaller captions. Websites with video have nearly double the conversion rate. The vlog is the easiest and fastest way to add a video to your website or Facebook page. For example, you can make a video that shows people exactly how to apply attractive makeup, make fun crafts, or assemble your company’s products. Vlogs are also great for interviewing guests or showing people all the amenities in hotels or tourist attractions.

Watching videos is faster than reading articles, and multitasking by cleaning or getting ready for work at the same time is more natural. Usually, shorter videos with complete information are more effective. Longer duration with extra exaggerating of some steps in the tutorial can make a “boring” impact on others. For example, if I am making a tutorial for any social media account handling on Social Champ, overstressing on just one step makes it dull, and the subscriber would leave the page or click something else.


Vlogger or Blogger?

Now that we have seen the marketing angle, we need to decide, vlogger, or blogger?

Let us get the basics out of the way first.

If you are someone with a lot to say through your writing, then blogging is for you. All you need is a good camera or even a camera phone. This is not essential, but it gives you a boost. You should also get a tool like Social Champ.

Social champ helps in keeping you consistent in your postings. You do not have to remember to post all the time manually. The scheduling feature helps in ensuring that you ease. This means that you can easily schedule content a lot at once and then wait for it to upload as per your requirement.

Moreover, this tool will help you recycle your content and tailor it according to different websites. This way, you will have more ease in redirecting people towards your website or main blog page.

If you are more interactive in public speaking and not camera-shy, then Vlogging will work the best for you! However, you will need some equipment like lights, a great camera, and even a microphone.  This is the only disadvantage you will find in Vlogging.

However, the significant advantage is that Vlogging gives more natural exposure and faster exposure. This means that you can make a quick buck with Vlogging.

Socialchamp tutorial

Is Vlogging Killing Blogging?

No, of course not. This is like saying that movies are killing books? Vlogging may have some advantages. However, blogging is still much more reachable in terms of SEO. There is no killing involved here!

What Should You Start in 2020?

Why choose when you can have both!

You can see earlier in the article, the different types of advantages people get from both of these. So do not select.

Here is a great tip:
Whatever you write, make a vlog for that too. Many people do it and find their platforms higher than the ones who just do one!

Content Curation

Wrap Up!

Vlogging vs blogging, no matter what you do, you need to have the right tool. Vlogging has equipment, and blogging has social champ.

If you want to do either of them right, then you have to ensure that you have all the equipment in hand before starting!

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