How blogging has changed face of content marketing
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Vlogging vs Blogging; How to Pitch Perfect One for a Powerful Social Media Marketing


Vlogging vs Blogging; How to Pitch Perfect One for a Powerful Social Media Marketing

Combination with millions of new people and thousands of variations is not a big deal nowadays, without any additional enhancement we simply have social media in contemporary times with us, almost everyone has its admittance on a different level. From a single judgment to heavy tags and discussion we join thousands of people every single day— and vice versa. Posting is performed, chats are alright but— this is not just acceptable. Community making is higher proposal since ever, but now it is unconventional of any other medium rather than social media eminently. Blogging is a well-defined, particular and most informative attire among all social media. While making it less verbal more visual and demonstrative, “Vlogging” is the way for it!

We generally know the basic idea about Vlogging and Blogging! Alright?  But there are some important points to be discussed that elaborates them clearly, together! The word blog is an abbreviation of the word weblog, it could just as easily refer to a video blog, art blog, or photo-blog. Since, however, I will be juxtaposing the text blog and the video blog I will use this made us sounding word to my advantage in the interest of clarity and brevity.

On some raw stats, a website that utilizes video have a 4.8% conversion rate. Of course, that seems low, but compare that to the 2.9% rate of websites without video. This does not indicate how the videos are being used here but generally, we have seen irrelevant and inappropriate videos on websites, shows low effort videos with the little and improper understanding of medium while posting. Similarly, approximately 20% of the text on a website is read by users.

You can provide instructions, information, news updates, marketing, and customer reviews with a vlog or a blog. However, vlogs work best with subjects and images you can show viewers. While blogs are best when the information you need to convey is long or complex. You can include convenient headings so your readers can see exactly what each article is about immediately. It is just a brief thing we find in both in social media marketing, here. Obviously scheduling your content on social media is one of the most important things for a better reach. You can easily automate your social media profiles with Social Champ, but yes all this is in vain until you do not have any idea “what to use at where” for a proper and fruitful social media engagement.

Here, in following we are going to discuss Blogging and Vlogging for a perfect pitch without any versus in between them.

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Why Blogging Is Considered as Social Media.

Either it is a Pinterest board or Google+ timeline, blogging isn’t all about writing posts – it’s about community & conversation. Social bookmarking sites, life-streaming, social networks and file sharing sites all consist of content created, shared and discussed by the masses. Clearly social media. Now blogging and social media not only amicably coexist; they complement each other. The trick is to use a blog to enrich your social media with long-form posts, and to use social media and to promote your blog. Create key objectives and action items for your blog and social media campaigns. Successful blogs exist not only on their homepage but across the social web as a part of a community, though many traditional news sites also have great communities. But those active sites are also social media – and probably have writers and editors who are engaged in those communities.


Mack Collier writes that “being active in the blogosphere and on social sites IMPROVES the quality of the content you create on your blog! It gives you a better idea of what your readers are looking for, AND it exposes you to other viewpoints, which helps you solidify and strengthen your own thoughts. And as this is happening, you are also exposing your blog to other people, by interacting with them in their space.”

Blogging is much more than sharing stories through words posted online. “One must be keen to listen to be good at blogging because it’s about a conversation.” Businesses have been reaching out to have this conversation. Bloggers tell a story with their reading/viewing customers, which can help influence the decision-making process. In fact, social media influencing has become a major digital marketing strategy across most commercial industries. People blog because they believe they have something they wish to share with the world and for this sharing to be effective, an audience that is willing to read. SEO or search engine optimization is an important skill for bloggers. When you use Google or another search engine, it ranks the most popular pages that contain keywords. Further Meta description summarizes entire blog in just one sentence and attracts more readers.


Blogs are best when the information you need to convey is long or complex. You can include convenient headings so your readers can see exactly what each article is about immediately. If some readers are looking for specific information or doing research for their own vlogs or blogs, they can find the information quickly and easily without having to sit through a video.

Blogs appeal more to people who need detailed information. With a blog post, you can list all the sources for your article so that readers can check the facts. It is also easy to include links to other helpful information.


Vlogging; what’s so new in it

Vlogging has, predictably, grown a lot in popularity over the last decade. Equipment is no longer a much of a barrier in a video, opening the Vlogging world to endless personalities looking to a make a name for themselves. Video uses intriguing images and aural engagement to create an unmatched pace of information delivery. You can make polished, effective videos that end in one minute and I would caution not to go over two minutes maximum unless done for a specific reason. Vlogging is, in a sense, is a form of social media. It’s you or another individual expressing their reflections on any given topic at any given time.

Vlogging, of course, is a bit more in-depth and usually contains a whole lot more content than smaller captions. Websites with video have nearly double the conversion rate. The vlog is definitely the easiest and fastest way to add video to your website or Facebook page. For example, you can make a video that shows people exactly how to apply attractive makeup, make fun crafts, or assemble your company’s products. Vlogs are also great for interviewing guests or showing people all the amenities in hotels or at tourist attractions.


Adding brief captions can be helpful to create a better understanding of the audience. If some readers are looking for specific information or doing research for their own vlogs or blogs, they can find the information quickly and easily without having to sit through a video. Professionals are paid by the minute of watch-time, but in the world of marketing, you’re paid in conversion rates, an advantage that Vlogging has over blogging. You can still add links in the comments to your videos and mention affiliated products, but tracking is more difficult.

Vlogging is usually more expensive than blogging because it requires sophisticated equipment. For a quality vlog, you’ll need one or more microphones, a good camera, and a quiet place to make your videos. Some vloggers make elaborate sets or use a green screen to project different backgrounds. Others use advanced sound mixing equipment along with separate camera crews or sound specialists.

The vlogger need not have professional writing skills, as Vlogging is more inclined towards giving the audience a more conversational experience. As long as the topic or issue being discussed is interesting and engaging, vloggers and their respective vlogs can become very successful and popular. “Even if you do not prepare a complete script for your vlog, you should still put together a basic outline. Hosting guests, making a how-to video, or showing off the amenities at a mall, hotel, or restaurant will take some planning ahead.”

Online videos are easy to share, and they appeal to a range of people. For example, a vlog about making furniture at home could be interesting and entertaining even to someone who doesn’t have the tools or space needed to try it themselves. Also, watching videos is faster than reading articles, and multitasking by cleaning or getting ready for work at the same time is easier. Usually shorter videos with complete information are more effective. Longer duration with extra exaggerating of some step in the tutorial can make a “boring” impact on others. For example, if I am making a tutorial for any social media account handling on Social Champ, overstressing on just one step makes it boring and the subscriber would leave the page or click something else.


But, traffic from vlogs is harder to monetize since viewers can’t click on interesting links as easily as they can with blogs. If you mention your newest product in your vlog, there’s no good way to tell how many viewers plan to make a purchase.

The best of both worlds

In a nutshell, ‘Vlogging’ has an inherent value over blogging in this particular market, different people prefer to consume information in different ways. The clicks that video gets over simple text will continue to increase for the predictable future. The great news is, however, there is no real reason that you need to choose one over the other. The best method to reaching the most people is to blog with videos and text and choose the medium based on the subject matter.

Making the priority, listing and adjusting before started blog or Vlog can be a successful hit. Giving a detailed tutorial cannot be a good idea for blogging, same sharing some information long and serious topics with some headings or quotes. Social Media influencers and social media use both. Above is just an information to pitch the perfect one as per the subject. After all this successful marketing needs monitoring a well. Either it is just a ‘like’ or people contributing themselves to the blog like ‘comments’ and ‘discussion’, their response is a principal thing here. It can either review. Just an example see some household tip or cooking recipe and you find it good, alright you hit like button and move. Just moments before it appealed and get a nod of appreciation. But when you start to try it on your own, completely or just a part of it because of the same thing you watched (without other searches for same) — it is the effectiveness of that thing, it is the beginning of ‘engagement’ and a successful and on point conversation. The bigger ‘applause’ in engagement is getting replies and comments along with reviews over your content.

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