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What Is Social Champ?

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Social Champ is already ahead of so many social media tools in such a short period. More than 35 million posts have been published on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ through Social Champ,  along with more than 10,000 social media profiles recorded.

How It All Got Started?

“It all started with a need, a birthday gift, followed by a bucket full of motivation. Every past failure is linked, the lessons learned are well revised and the dots all connected.”
Sameer Ahmed Khan, CEO Social Champ

What is Social Champ?

Social Champ is the dream-come-true app for social media managers and digital marketers!
An automated solution for your social content!

Because serving our customers is our highest priority, we are continually working on developing new features to make Social Champ perfect for you.

Let’s take a look at the features we offer that our customers love.

Write Once, Post to Many!

Aren’t you tired of switching tabs? Posting the same content on different social platforms in different browser tabs?

What if, you can get it done through a single app?

Add all your social accounts in Social Champ, and the next few clicks are as simple as they could be!
Write your post, add images, GIFs, videos, links, whatever you wish to add to your social media post, select all the accounts you want to publish the post and click on post.


Schedule Your Social Content

As a digital marketer, not just your browser has too many tabs open, so does your brain. It’s a daily struggle to break up your day to be more productive and get the most of social media.

Here’s how Social Champ contributes to improving your productivity.

How about scheduling all your social media posts?
You don’t always have to be online on every social network to post content. Schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest through Social Champ to save time and extra effort of switching tabs.  When posting on social media is the only thing on your mind, you won’t be able to focus on the bigger picture.
Automate your social profiles to grow more prominently. Schedule your content according to different timezones when your followers are active.

Social champ post to many

It doesn’t end here! Social Champ is a lot more than scheduling content.

Bulk Uploading

By using the bulk upload feature, users can upload and schedule thousands of posts all at once. You don’t have to log in to your accounts every single time you want to schedule a post for later.

To help you manage your bulk uploads on social media networks, we have a Tutorial absolutely ready for you!


Auto Post Content via RSS Feed

Want to share content from your favorite website automatically? Social Champ offers you auto post RSS feed which allows connecting your website directly to your social profiles. Connect it once and set the frequency.
Didn’t get it? Let us explain it to you.

For example, you have a blog section on your website, and you publish a new blog post on the site, you want to post it on social profiles too. Or let’s say, you own a healthcare page (or a news page, or whatever you want to own) and you need to publish the latest news from your favorite website. With RSS feed, all you have to do is, connect the link of the site and adjust the frequency of posts. Whenever there’s a new post about the category you selected, it will be directly posted to your profiles.

This allows a user to keep track of many different websites easily and stay updated. Learn more about Auto Post Content via RSS Feed here.


Repeat On Twitter & Facebook

Social Champ offers repeating the content that user posts on Twitter and Facebook. For both social media platforms, you can set the number of times, and the gap between the repeats, and let Social Champ handle the rest.

Keeping in mind the TOCs of these platforms, on Twitter, we give two creative options, either they can delete their previously posted tweet or, chose the option of auto-retweeting these previous tweets. However, on Facebook, we repeat along with the preference of ‘hiding the previous post from timeline’ so the account doesn’t look spammy. Get details here.

Analytics of each post, along with repeated ones, are also updated.

Note: We may have some not-to-say-publicly rules to ban users who use this feature to spam.

Repost, From Bulk Upload

Reposting is one of the most used features. It allows users to post the same post again, ‘weekly,’ ‘monthly’ or ‘yearly.’ Interestingly, you can also make ‘yearly’ posts ‘forever,’ for example wishing birthdays, Christmas posts, etc.

Recycle Content

Create a folder adding all your content into it and set a day to publish those posts. We will keep your social media queue filled with those posts.

Example: Imagine you want to post ‘Motivational Quotes’ on Monday, and post your blog posts on Wednesday. You can create two folders. One for motivational quotes and others for blog links, having 100+ posts. You can either fill your collections by writing manually or uploading them in bulk using CSV file.

Once the campaign is created, set the time slots to post in the recycle setting. Fill the time slots and activate your campaign.  Followed by select timing and date for those folders to be published, and we will choose content from that folder to post.
Get to know more about the ‘recycle content feature’ in this tutorial.


Content Suggestion

As they say, “content is king.” While planning a social media strategy looking for content suggestions is a hectic task. What to post that is relevant to your audience, and they will find it engaging? How about getting the top-performing content from the most official websites?

Find good quality and productive stories to share through Social Champ. The content suggestion feature allows the user to always have engaging content ready to be shared. Write the topic you want to search for, and we will get the best articles on the Internet on that topic. You can directly share it from there, either post it right away or schedule it for later.

Social Champ content suggestion

Draggable Calendar

Drag posts in the calendar view and quickly re-schedule or edit them. This enables the user to have a blueprint of the scheduled social media posts.

Social Champ Draggable Calendar

 Image Editor

Visuals are taking over the digital world. To be more active and engage with your audiences, you need to share more visual content. Not just visual content but high-quality visual content. And that requires editing! Sometimes, last-minute changes and modifications. Social Champ has the simple-to-use image editor within the app, so you don’t have to waste your time searching for it online.

Use the power of Adobe to edit your images by applying filters to stickers, backgrounds, and much more! You can find out more about the image editor in this post.

Image Editor

Tracking Analytics

Tracking performance is an essential part of social media management. Getting insights into how well your content is performing makes you set your future goals accordingly. When you keep track of the analytics of your published post, it helps you know what type of content your audience is interested in. Track clicks, likes, retweets, favorites through Social Champ.  analytics-social-champ-feature.png
View your published post directly in the analytics. Other than direct reposting from analytics, you can also view your published post right there. Schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and view them in analytics after publishing. The icon will take you directly to your profile or page.
You can also export them in CSV file. The CSV file also includes the published post links as well. Export your analytics by sorting them by favorites, retweets, clicks, likes, shares, or comments. You will have the link of your published post in the downloaded CSV file.

Social Champ upload in Bulk csv

 Chrome Extension, iOS & Android App

Picks the content right from the website and schedule.

Team Collaboration

If you’re a digital marketing agency, or a startup with more than just one team member, here’s how you can manage your social profiles without giving them full access to your account’s credentials. Social Champ’s team collaboration feature gives you the power to lt invite your team members and share your social profiles without sharing your passwords. You can monitor their activities, see what task they have performed and assign different tasks to different teams.

Team collaboration feature is perfect for you if you have a remote team, working in different timezones. Even if all of your team members are in the same room, it’s easy to have them on the same app too. It takes just an invitation request to add them to your team in Social Champ.

You Asked, We Delivered: New Features Our Customers Requested

We’re excited to announce the launch of four more powerful features to keep up with your social media goals.

Introducing Bitly Connector

At first, we had the option of simple link shortening, which lets the links get auto shortened and tracked using UTM codes. Now you can connect your social profiles and pages with Bitly for more real-time data. Connecting your profiles with Bitly account gives you the power of

  •  link shortening,
  •  rerouting existing ones,
  • customizing the back-half,
  • real-time tracking of daily, monthly & yearly engagement on your links,
  • associating them with campaigns across channels and devices,
  • comparing and contrasting engagement each country or city drove,
  • pulling a macro and micro view of how your link is performing,
  • getting clear and concise data about what’s working and what’s not, to make better strategic decisions,

And a lot more. Here’s how you can connect your profile or page to Bitly account in Social Champ.
Bitly account in Social Champ.

Media Library in Social Champ Editor

A long-requested feature has finally arrived in Social Champ Editor. No need to upload the same picture again and again. You can now view all your scheduled or previously uploaded images in ‘My Library.’  One thing to keep in mind is, you wouldn’t be able to view the photos uploaded or scheduled before this update in ‘My Library.’
Social Champ Editor

Social Champ Testimonials

Here’s what these Social Media influencers have got to say about Social Champ.

Updated: August 2019.

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