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Bare Cybersecurity’s Social Media Performs 35% Better Than Competitors With Social Champ.

Bare Cybersecurity’s Social Media Performs 35% Better Than Competitors With Social Champ.

The cybersecurity industry is fiercely competitive, as it demands constant vigilance and innovation. For established giants, reaching customers can be a breeze. However, for a resourceful startup like Bare Cybersecurity, the challenge lies not only in offering cutting-edge solutions but also in making those solutions heard.

Bare Cybersecurity, a boutique firm catering to security-conscious SMEs in the technical field – particularly fintech companies across Northern Europe, the UK, and Ireland – understands this challenge intimately.

 “We are a newly established boutique cybersecurity company that opened business late last year,” explains a representative from Bare Cybersecurity.  

“We offer cybersecurity services and technologies that will reduce security exposure for our customers by partnering with the most innovative technology companies in cybersecurity.”

However, unlike established players, Bare Cybersecurity lacked the resources to build a large marketing team. This is where their story takes a turn towards automation and the power of a well-chosen tool, Social Champ. 

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Quick Questions With Paolo

Name: Paolo

Designation: Founder, CTO

Company Name: Bare Cybersecurity

Company Website: https://bare-consult.com

One Major Challenge: Bare Cybersecurity’s marketing runs on automation.

Best Feature: Scheduling, RSS feed import, and AI-powered posting optimization.

The Challenge: Reliance on Automation

Despite their focus on innovative solutions, Bare Cybersecurity faced a significant hurdle: limited resources.

“Being a new company, we simply cannot afford to have a dedicated marketing team, so we rely on automation.”

This meant that building brand awareness and generating leads required a more efficient and cost-effective approach. Automation became an essential tool, allowing Bare Cybersecurity to punch above its weight and compete in the crowded cybersecurity market.

The Solution: Advanced & Innovative Features at a Minimal Cost

Faced with the challenge of limited resources, Bare Cybersecurity turned to automation to bridge the marketing gap. Their search led them to Social Champ, a social media management platform that proved to be the ultimate solution.

“Social Champ’s features were essential to our purpose, we particularly value post-scheduling and the ability to import content from RSS feeds.” 

These features allowed the firm to consistently deliver valuable content to its target audience without dedicating a significant amount of time and manpower.

But Social Champ’s benefits extended beyond streamlining workflows. Bare Cybersecurity, a company built on innovation, appreciated the platform’s commitment to cutting-edge features. 

“We love innovation, and features like using AI to determine the best time to post are exactly what we look for. So, keep them coming!”

The Difference: Automation on a Budget

Social Champ proved to be a game-changer for Bare Cybersecurity. 

“[Social Champ provided] an easy way to automate and deliver on our marketing needs!”

This ease of use was a stark contrast to the complexities they might have faced with other social media management tools.

“We explored a few other options, but Social Champ’s free offer (which we are still at now) is unbeatable.”

Not only did it offer the core features the firm needed, like a comprehensive calendar view, automated posting capabilities, and the ability to leverage RSS feeds for a constant stream of relevant content, but it also boasted an unbeatable advantage: a free plan.

This free plan became a critical factor for Bare Cybersecurity. As a startup with limited resources, a cost-effective solution was paramount. Social Champ’s free tier gave them the necessary functionalities to establish a strong social media presence without breaking the bank. This allowed the firm to focus its resources on developing its core cybersecurity services and building a strong reputation within its target market.

The Result: 35% Better Engagement Than Competitors

Bare Cybersecurity achieved a 35% higher engagement rate compared to its competitors. This translates to a deeper audience connection.

Not only that, the firm was impressed by Social Champ’s affordability. 

“[Social Champ] offers value for money with its unbeatable free plan.” 

While growth is exciting, Bare Cybersecurity stays true to its values.

“We believe that our values and expertise are what our target customers want and, eventually, we will break through the noise and start being noticed for who we are and what we offer. Despite that, we still plan to remain a targeted, boutique cybersecurity firm as we feel that we can serve our customers best this way.”

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