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Business Intelligence Group Case Study

Hootsuite, Buffer, & Sendible Outgrown! Business Intelligence Group Thrives with Social Champ

The Business Intelligence Group boasts a decade of excellence in recognizing industry leaders. They host a distinguished portfolio of 10 unique business and industry award programs, spanning diverse areas like customer service, best places to work, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology (AI and cloud computing, among others).  

“What sets these programs apart is the community of volunteer judges, who score and provide feedback for each nomination.”

However, managing the social media presence of such a multifaceted organization can be challenging. The group previously utilized platforms like Hootsuite, SocialHP, Buffer, and Sendible. While these tools served a purpose, they couldn’t adapt to the group’s expanding online presence.

“We schedule thousands of posts each year.”  

– Russ Fordyce, Managing Director

This case study explores how Social Champ came to the rescue, simplifying Business Intelligence Group’s social media management and equipping them to connect effectively with their audience while staying within budget.

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Quick Questions With Russ Fordyce

Name: Russ Fordyce
Designation: Managing Director

Company Name: Business Intelligence Group

Company Website: www.bintelligence.com

One Major Challenge: Existing platforms couldn’t keep up with the firm’s growth.

Best Feature: Bulk upload, Repeat auto-scheduling, and Video media import.

The Challenge: Scaling up and the Need for Flexibility

The Business Intelligence Group’s success brought its own set of challenges. Initially manageable with existing tools, their social media presence became cumbersome as their award programs gained recognition.

Managing multiple platforms for scheduling, content creation, and audience engagement across a growing online landscape proved inefficient. While helpful initially, these tools lacked the scalability and flexibility the group needed at a reasonable price. 

“We have recently moved to Social Champ from another similar platform that simply wasn’t keeping up. Social Champ was an easy choice for us because of the flexible bulk upload features and frankly, some of the “undo” features.”

The Solution: Simplified Social Media Management

Outgrown by their existing social media management tools, the Business Intelligence Group wrestled with inefficiency. Scheduling, content creation, and audience engagement became a tangled mess across multiple platforms. Social Champ swooped in with a solution that addressed their core issues.

Bulk upload and repeat scheduling tackled the group’s high-volume posting needs, saving them precious time and ensuring a consistent content flow.  The game-changer, however, was Social Champ’s simplified video integration. Hosting video URLs, adding titles, and posting across platforms became a breeze, streamlining the group’s video strategy and amplifying social media engagement. 

“We schedule thousands of posts each year, so the sophisticated yet easy-to-use upload and repeat template is great. The real trigger for us was the ability to host a video URL and title and post across multiple social channels. We are investing in improving engagement on social media, and the addition of video is driving remarkable results.”

Social Champ delivered the scalability and user-friendliness that the Business Intelligence Group required, enabling them to create a more impactful social media presence.

“Social Champ has made it easy to evolve to video to improve engagement and awareness.”

The Difference: Strong Feature Set for the Dollar

The Business Intelligence Group had previously used HootSuite, Buffer, Sendible, and SocialHP for their social media management. While these tools offered basic functionalities, they lacked the specific features and exceptional support the group desired. 

Social Champ, however, presented a distinct advantage. It not only boasted a great feature set for a competitive price, but it also delivered exceptional customer service. 

“I had a recent engagement with support around using Emoji in bulk imports after it failed the first time. Unlike when I ran into the same issue on another platform, the support person actually ran down the answer as to why the error happened and provided details of how Social Champ is programmed so I can use the right Emoji, the right way.” 

The Result: Organic Growth Takes Root

The implementation of Social Champ demonstrably enhanced the Business Intelligence Group’s social media strategy.  A core objective was to transition away from reliance on paid click-throughs and cultivate an organic audience that would generate sustainable website traffic. With Social Champ’s bulk upload, repeat auto-scheudling, and easy video imports; they are able to sustain and grow their digital presence. 

“The plan is to drive more organic traffic from social media referrals. It beats paying for those clicks!”

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