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12 Incredible Hootsuite Alternatives in 2021

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Are you on the hunt for the best Hootsuite alternatives that won’t dig deeper into your pockets & will help you save time while managing your social media marketing efforts? Here’s all you need to know about the ‘what & whys’ of social media management tools and the best you can find as alternatives to Hootsuite.

Managing all social networks all on your own isn’t an easy task. If you’re a social media manager or a digital marketer, you know the daily struggles of brainstorming, crafting, designing, & posting content on different social networks. And the cycle doesn’t end there! Then comes the tracking, engaging & reporting numbers. Each of these tasks requires a lot of time, energy & effort. Whether you’re a team of one or part of a larger team, managing social accounts can be a little tricky.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Social Media Manager?

One of the greatest challenges working in social marketing is that you’re never done learning. With the recent changes in their field, social media managers need to evolve continuously. They have to adapt to the latest trends, develop the strategies according to different social networks, post the content at the perfect timings, manage organic & paid campaigns, engage with the community, and everything in between.

Communication, creativity, writing, organizing & management skills are critical features required in a social media person.

He needs to be a copywriter and designer. He also can be a strategist, and marketer, analyst, or customer service representative at times. Sometimes, all in just one day.

And with all these tasks, the two things that keep the person sane are coffee & a social media management tool.

If you’re a part of a larger team, you might be introduced to a lot of tools by your supervisor that can help you manage & prioritize your daily tasks. But what if all you need is just one tool?

The Best Friend Any Social Media Manager Can Ever Ask For

You’re In Good Hands

Are you in doubt about using Hootsuite for your social media management needs? Looking for a reliable tool that fits your budget, solves all your problems & can replace Hootsuite?

Welcome to the life of a social media manager, where you struggle daily on how to break up your day to get the most out of your day and social media.

Jake is a social media manager at a retail company. He manages the social media accounts of his companies. He’s responsible for creating, curating, and posting content on the company’s social accounts. Jake also has to monitor the engagement on the posts and report it weekly to his boss.

If there’s a comment, reply, or message on any social network, that’s his job too.

He is the researcher, creator, strategist, marketer & customer advocate.

If you only take his posting schedule, this is what it looks like:

He has to post content daily on all social networks but at different times. His Facebook page is most active from  4 pm to 5 pm. The Instagram post goes live from 8 pm to 10 pm. LinkedIn updates are for lunch, & tweets are served with dinner.

Can you imagine the browser tabs opened on his laptop? Now you know the reason he’s glued to his phone all time.

Post Content. Check all the social accounts. Post again.

Welcome to the life of a social media manager!

If you’re managing multiple social media accounts with or without scheduling tools, you can relate to a schedule like Jake’s. Perhaps you do more than what he does. Or maybe your daily tasks are different. That’s the beauty of being in digital marketing!

A social media scheduling tool maximizes the powers of a social media manager. If you’re already using a social media tool like Hootsuite or Buffer (the most common one in the industry), you know how they can help you manage socials.

While starting the hunt for a perfect social media tool, managers or marketers usually find Hootsuite or Buffer first. Some might consider Hootsuite as the Michael Jordan of social media management tools and stick to it. Sure, everyone knows Hootsuite, but there are dozens of Hootsuite alternative tools with more features, less pricey & improved UI that can make your life easier. There was a time when Buffer or Hootsuite were the only two options available in the market; now you can get more than that!

But before you invest in a tool, let’s see a few things you should consider:

What Should You Consider Before Investing In a Social Media Management Tool?

Social media management isn’t just about posting c