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Social Champ vs. Metricool: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Social Champ vs. Metricool

Social Champ is the tool that I use the most for my social media efforts. It’s the cleanest and most efficient tool that I’ve found.

Guy Kawasaki | Author, Speaker, Evangelist

Social Champ isn't just a usual scheduling tool - it satisfies your inner-geek, boosts productivity, & effectiveness for SMM.

Ian Anderson Gray | Social Media Tool Guy, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Social Champ is an innovative solution that helps you publish your content in an intelligent way to maximize exposure.

Neal Schaffer | Social Media Tool Guy, Speaker, Coach, Consultant


  • 10 Social accounts
  • Free plan
  • 24/7 support

Social Champ

  • 12 social accounts
  • Free plan
  • 24/7 support

Metricool vs. Social Champ: Pricing

Social Champ and Metricool both offer free plans to get you started. Social Champ focuses on scheduling, allowing you to manage up to 3 social accounts and schedule 15 posts per account for free. 

  • Free Plan- $0/mo:  3 social accounts for multiple brands,15 scheduled posts / social accounts, and 1 user.
  • Champion Plan- $29/mo: 12 social accounts for multiple brands, unlimited post scheduling, and 2 users.
  • Business Plan– $99/mo: 40 social accounts for multiple brands, unlimited post scheduling, and 6 users.
  • Agency Plan- (Custom): 100+ social accounts for multiple brands, unlimited post scheduling, and 10+ users.

*VAT included in pricing

Metricool also extends a free plan. However, the plan does not support LinkedIn or provide LinkedIn and X (Twitter) analytics. With Metricool’s free plan, you can manage the social accounts of just one brand

  • Free Plan  $0/mo: Multiple social accounts for one brand, 50 post scheduling in total, and 1 user.
  • Starter Plan ($18 for 5 brands and $38 for 10 brands): 2000 post scheduling and 1 user.
  • Advanced Plan ($45 for 15 brands and $88 for 25 brands): 5000 post scheduling and unlimited users.
  • Enterprise Plan ($172 for 50 brands, and custom pricing for 50+ brands): 1000 post-scheduling and unlimited users. 

*VAT is NOT included in pricing 

While both platforms offer competitive pricing, Social Champ is a more attractive option for post scheduling due to its flexibility and cost transparency. Unlike Metricool, Social Champ doesn’t restrict you to specific brands when scheduling posts, giving you more freedom in your social media strategy.

Social Champ vs. Metricool: A Breakdown of User Reviews

Here’s what real users on Capterra and G2 have to say about these social media management tools to help you decide which one fits your needs best.

social champ logo metricool logo
Easy-to-Use Interface 4.5 4.5
Value for Money 4.5 4.3
G2 Reviews 4.5 4.5
Customer Support 4.4 4.2
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Schedule Without Limits With Social Champ!

Tired of restrictions? Social Champ offers unlimited post scheduling across 10 social platforms!

Social Champ vs. Metricool: Feature Face-off

Social Champ goes beyond scheduling, offering powerful features like in-depth analytics, automated posting, trending hashtag suggestions, and the exclusive AI Champ Suite for content optimization.

FEATURES social champ logo metricool logo
Free Plan Yes Yes
Unrestricted Free Trial Yes No
AI Caption Writer Yes Yes
AI Image Generator Yes No
Social Inbox Yes Yes
VistaCreate Integration Yes No
Canva Integration Yes Yes
Stock Photo Library Yes Yes
First Comment Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes
Mastodon & Bluesky Integration Yes No
Approval Workflow & Post Yes Only for Advanced & Enterprise Plans
Content Suggestions Yes No
AI-powered Best Time to Post Yes Yes
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Grow Your Brand with a White-Label Tool

Both Social Champ and Metricool are white-label tools, allowing you to create custom, on-brand reports.

Social champ analytics
social champ logo
  • White Label Tool

  • White Label Reports

  • White Label Tool

  • White Label Reports

Focus on Growth, Not Management With Social Champ!

Social Champ streamlines scheduling, engagement, and analytics to help you focus on what matters - growing your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Social Champ and Metricool are great social media management tools, but they cater to slightly different needs. Social Champ excels in streamlining scheduling, post creation, and engagement, making it ideal for businesses that prioritize efficiency and growth. Metricool offers a wider range of features, which can be useful for brands focused on in-depth social media insights. However, if you need a user-friendly platform to manage and grow your social media presence, Social Champ is the perfect fit.

Yes! Social Champ provides detailed analytics to track your social media performance. You can track individual post engagement, audience demographics, and brand reach, among others.

Social Champ offers a generous free trial period, allowing you to explore the platform's full set of features and see if it aligns with your needs. After the trial, you can choose from various subscription plans to suit your budget and team size or continue using the free plan.

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