#ChampsTalk Highlights: Dennis Yu Shed Lights on Clubhouse [The Trending Social Network]

If you have been sticking on social media these days, then you would have heard about the hottest social network ‘Club House.’, So what exactly is it? What if you are on the phone and can have a live session with all your favorite influencers, marketers, or celebrities? That’s what Club House exactly is.

The clubhouse is one of the most exclusive social media apps, which allows you to chat in real-time, bounce new ideas using your voice instead of text, share stories, or collaborate.

Being a part of Clubhouse, you can join the club, moderate your rooms and build clubs. But what are the secrets and powers of Clubhouse? Uncover the top secrets of Clubhouse with Dennis Yu on our Twitter Chat Session #ChampsTalk.

Dennis Yu is the CEO of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that collaborates with schools to train young students. He is also a Chief Technical Officer at ChiroRevenue, a digital marketing company. Aside from his companies, he has held a leadership position at Yahoo! And American Airlines.

Just not this, but he has been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, Tech Crunch, Fox News, CNN, and many more.

In our previous last session, he answered all the essential questions related to the Clubhouse. Here’s a brief sketch of all the answers he has given. Hold your cup of tea, scroll down and take a look over.

Thank you for uncovering the secrets of the Clubhouse. We are grateful for your time and efforts you took to share your kind thoughts and experiences.

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