#ChampsTalk Highlights: Shruti Deshpande Discusses Email Marketing Tactics

Email marketing has long been a favorite among digital marketers because of the high ROI and impact on the brand reputation.

That’s why email is an essential aspect of almost every marketing campaign. It is also the reason why opt-in forms have become a necessary requirement of website design. These days, a common experience is to provide an email address for downloading resources, scheduling a product demo, or talking to customer support.

However, in order to get the most out of email marketing, you need careful planning and attention to detail. From choosing when to send an email to the metrics to track for optimizing campaign performance, email marketing has the potential to bring in customers and elevate your brand way ahead of the competition.

To help you improve your email marketing game, please meet Shruti Deshpande. She is an experienced digital marketer with experience in planning and executing multi-channel campaigns.

We are glad to have Shruti In this episode of #ChampsTalk. She would share her expertise in planning and tracking the performance of email marketing campaigns.

Let’s begin!

With that, we close This #ChampsTalk session. Thank you, Shruti, for your time and great responses. We hope this session would help the readers streamline their email marketing campaigns and get the insights to optimize their marketing operations.

Now it’s the readers’ turn. Do comment below and tell us who we should feature next in the upcoming #ChampsTalk sessions.

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