Say Goodbye to Manual Posting! Automate Your Social Profiles through RSS Post.

RSS Feed automation allows you to share the blogs from any websites on your social media profiles.

Bulk Upload Machine

Hassle-Free Way to Share Content from Your Favorite Websites

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Hassle-Free Way to Share Content from Your Favorite Websites

Are you tired of checking out each social platform separately? Social Champ’s Auto RSS Feed gives you the power to connect different websites to your social media profiles. Connect it once, and leave the rest on Social Champ.

How to Use Auto RSS Feed Feature in Social Champ in Just a Few Clicks! Let’s Have a Brief Look First.

Start with creating your Social Champ account.

Add your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles to your Social Champ account.

Go to Auto-post RSS Feeds. Click on “+RSS Link.”

Enter the website’s RSS feed link. The RSS link of any website is usually found by adding "/feed" at the end of the website’s blog (for example,

Now it's time to set auto posting options. Once you turn the option on, you need to set the maximum number of posts per hour and the format.

If you want to post them manually, simply add the RSS feed links and you can view them in suggestions.

Watch the video to learn more!