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Content Curation

Either Create or Curate!

Social Media Content Curation

Either Create or Curate!

Creating content is a powerful strategy but it might take a while and lower down your frequency resulting in losing audience! Social media content curation helps to fill the gap that takes you to create content!

Here’s how you can curate content with Social Champ in just a few simple steps! Let’s have a brief look first.

Make your personal Social Champ Account.

Add your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn to your newly made Social Champ account.

Click the Suggestions tab.

Search the topic you want the stories of.

Select the blog that you want to post and click “Make a Post”. The selected story shall now flourish your social feeds with good quality content related to your niche!

Go to "Queue" to check all your scheduled posts. You can also view them in the "Calendar View" to see them all.

There is one more automation you can apply to curate content and then turn Auto Posting via RSS turned on to automatically post any story that comes up on the topic you searched. To save your searches, you can click on “+RSS” button. You can also effortlessly curate content from your favorite blogs directly by using the Chrome extension!

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