Tweak Your Content According to Platforms!

Minor changes like hashtags and mentions not only strengthen your content, but they also help you reach a wider audience!

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Tailor Your Posts To Best Fit the Profiles!

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Tailor Your Posts To Best Fit the Profiles!

One of the main factors of achievement for any business is being able to define your target market accurately. Being specific enables you to tailor posts that will address directly to your customers in their language. Meanwhile, also keeping in mind what the audience of each platform expects out of you! Tailor your content to be rewarded with the engagement that makes social media so powerful!

Here’s how you can modify your content through Custom Content Composer on Social Champ in just a few simple steps! Let’s have a brief look first.

Log in to your Social Champ Account.

Add your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Accounts to your newly made Social Champ account.

Now, select the social media accounts on which you have to post the content.

Add your content.

Click on “Customize for each network”

You will be shown individual composers for each platform selected.

Customize your content accordingly, adding images, mentions, hashtags, etc.

Voila! You’re all settled to post/schedule your content!

Watch the video to learn more!