Social Media – A Powerful Tool to Increase Sales and Revenue for E-commerce Businesses

With buyers spending more time on social media, the opportunity of driving traffic through social is real for e-commerce.

Reforming the Concept of Shopping

If you think that social media is nothing more than following your friends and getting the latest gossips about celebs, then you might be wrong. It has reformed the whole concept of shopping. By 2021, more than 2.14 billion people worldwide will be buying products and services online.

From posting simple pictures of your product or blog post links to creating targeted marketing campaigns, plan and implement a social media strategy with Social Champ.

Reforming the concept of shopping
Generate Traffic, Increase Sales

Generate Traffic, Increase Sales and Grow your Business through Social Media

Social media is a place to openly interact with your customers and tell them more about your brand. Target the potential customers, keep them updated by posting about your new products, features and on-going sales across all social platforms.

Market your products and services on social media to grow and expand your online business.

How E-commerce Businesses Can Generate Sales Using Social Media

Introduce people to your brand

Today, more than 65% of small businesses are on social media to increase traffic and leads. Social media marketing is not a preference anymore. Create exciting content on social networks according to your niche to be in the game and to grab your viewers’ attention. Create the hype about your up-coming product on social media before launching it in the market. Give them a clue and ask what would be the next big thing coming.

For example, if you’re an online bookstore introducing any new series of books, ask your followers which books they’d like to read. Start posting about them on social media before getting them on the bookshelf.

Maintain a consistent voice

Start planning the overall social media strategy by understanding who your audience is. Defining a consistent tone of voice for the brand is the most integral part of your social media strategy. Find the tone that goes with your brand’s value and is consistent with your brand’s tone and style. Take your time to create high-quality product photographs with your business logo.

Maintain an overall theme in your social media posts. Keep an eye on your post’s analytics with Social Champ to know which one is performing the best.

Drive them to buy your product

More than 70% of the people today proudly admit that they’ve bought something just because it was on social media. An e-commerce business can’t afford to be inactive on social media. Almost 80% of the millennials turn to social media for help before buying a product online. E-commerce merchants can achieve their sales goals easily through social media platforms by putting the right efforts. Get a social media influencer on board to make your brand visible on social media. Use a neutral tone while introducing them to your brand. People aren’t on social media for your sale pitches.

Keep the focus on building trustworthy relationships with your customers through social media rather than overselling your brand.

Make the buying process convenient for customers

In today’s digital market, all that matters to the customer is convenience. People have gotten more options to select from. World’s largest e-commerce company, Amazon offers a two-hour delivery of their products. You can get all your groceries delivered right next to your door in just two hours! That’s how convenient your customers want you to be. Make the whole buying process easy for them. Create campaigns based on demographics and interests to get them in real-time.

Make it effortless for your audience to share your content or buy your product. Use visible call-to-action buttons leading them to your product purchasing page.

Strengthen your customer support

Listen and learn from customers on social media. Use social platforms to build your community stronger. 45% of online consumers expect a response within 60 minutes on social media. And around 56% of the consumers return to your brand because of excellent customer support. You can improve your Facebook page response rate by replying to the queries on time. This will build your credibility and will let people trust your business more.

Helping customers in tracking their orders, listening and resolving their complaints timely is something that can strengthen your overall customer experience.