Reshaping Healthcare Experience through Social Media

As social media is taking over the world, healthcare organizations should also follow the lead by maintaining their active presence and being social.

More People are Searching for Heath Care Online

Five years ago, if someone was asked, where do you go for medical advice? The answer might have been “To the Doctor.” Today, with 80% of the adults having access to the Internet and social media, the answer is more likely any website or social media page.

Looking for health care or medical information is considered as one of the most popular activities online. Why not use social media to spread the authentic medical details?

Reforming the concept of shopping
Generate Traffic, Increase Sales

Communicate, Collaborate, and Grow Trust through Social Media

An endless amount of information is voluntarily available online. People are looking for medical advice online mostly through their social media channels. Connect with your potential audience by pushing out more content daily.

Share the latest updates, keep them engaged by scheduling content across all the platforms at once, connect with them to improve the quality of care.

How Healthcare Services Can Have a Greater Impact Using Social Media

Build trust and reach more audience

Digital marketing is not an option anymore. It’s a necessity for healthcare organizations now. To build trust and make an impact on your community, you can use social media as a powerful tool. Plan a social media strategy with Social Champ to earn patients’ confidence. Spread valuable medical information which benefits humanity. Share pictures of your organization’s work environment. Or you can get free high-quality images within the app.

For example, if you’re searching images for “diabetes” or “oral health” you don’t have to look outside the app for images. Get free images and directly upload it from there.

Improve patient’s experience

Let your patients know that you’re available online whenever they need you. Respond to their queries. Make sure to update any change in plans online. Having any new consultant onboard, post about it. Giving any discounts or setting up a free medical camp, share the news on all social networks at once. Write once and post it to many social media profiles at the same time through Social Champ.

Confirm appointments online to avoid the hassle. Improve your patients' overall experience using social media.

Help them in making healthy decisions

Let people know that you care about them through your social media networks. Share the most relevant and authentic medical news on your social accounts. Be a part of their journey of living healthy. Give them the right motivation and inspiration to make healthy decisions about their lifestyle. Make them believe in you and your healthcare services through social media. Let Social Champ take care of your content curation.

Connect websites with authentic medical information through Social Champ to get fresh content and share their blogs directly to your social profiles.

Spread awareness

There’s a lot of potential for online engagement in the healthcare sector. Most of the people today rely on the Internet for medical information. Curate digestible content for the general public to spread awareness about the medical conditions. You can get the best content suggestions through Social Champ. Search by entering any topic, for example, ”Endometriosis” or “Down Syndrome” and you will get a lot of relevant content suggestions which you can directly schedule or share to your social profiles.

Let your experienced consultants participate in spreading the valuable content that informs and educates people for a greater purpose. Tweet about it using relevant hashtags. Use Social Champ’s hashtag suggestions feature to find the best ones for you.

Listen and response online

Listen and learn from what your patients are saying about you online. This will help you in improving your healthcare services. Use social networks to build your community. Engage and support them to build your brand. Go live on Facebook and InstagramInstagram. Arrange a Q/A session to listen and respond.

Invite any medical professional to talk to your community. Get any online influencer onboard in your campaigns to spread your message and reach a larger crowd.