Leverage Socials for Marketing of Your Startups

The preference given to social media continues to grow, as marketers and founders endeavor to reap the advantages of its unique potential for virality for their startups.

Social Stats Of Audience

Stats show how Facebook caters to about 2-3 billion active users, Instagram has grown its audience by 900 million, Twitter crossed its followers with 400 million, whereas Linkedin became a hub for about 700 million professionals now! These vast numbers are proof of how social media has taken over traditional marketing methods and has become a world in itself.

Before pursuing any network, you need to determine where your startup's related audience exists.

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Communicating Through Social Media

It is a strong point to understand that social networks not only enable users to communicate beyond local or social boundaries but also offer possibilities to share user-generated content, the kind of content that is relatable like photos and videos and features such as social games.

Social advertising and social gaming are two significant points of revenue for social networks, which will help any startups to socialize without much effort.

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Strategize Your Social Plans

Social media is a cost-effective mean of marketing. You need to maintain a steady presence. You must generate a content strategy and distribution system before starting posts on your startup's social media accounts. Without a definite direction, you'll be distracted. Use analytics to create a laser-focused action plan that will make your marketing strategy shine. You can also schedule your posts in advance so that you don't skip out on any significant event. All you need is automation tools like Social Champ to get bulks of your content across the social media platforms!

Social media has tremendous power to attract people, generate new leads, and increase revenue.

Find Your Target Audience

Apart from all the social platforms, there are niche related socials too. What you need to resolve is where your target audience is! Many social platforms offer the prospect to market using properties such as interests, age, behavior, area, country, and bio's, similar to your startup's niche. Targeting your audience will not only get your startup to earn an excellent reputation, but it will also ease out the connection with people interested in your startup and brand recall.

You have to nail the right zones of the fit audience to extract some sales.

Go Live! Go Visual!

Live Video streaming has earned gigantic popularity in the past year, and it helps startups to interact with their audience without any hindrance in between directly. In this way, you can collect live reviews and comments from your customers that also strengthens the trust of people on your suggested service or product. Encourage your audience to comment and counter to their questions. Don't forget to call out their names. It addresses people and makes them feel special to hear their names in your live video.

Live drives real-time engagement. Also, it's all about representing your startup graphically and enticing your customers to click on your advertisements.

Track Your Data

The myth goes, the more content you push out, the more engagement you get. WRONG! It isn't necessary that every piece of content that you give out is gold or does wonders. You should always keep a compressed look at your content's social metrics about how much engagement, impressions, views, and reach it is creating. Another thing to reflect is the time to post. There are specific times when an audience isn't active on social media, and you should avoid posting your content at that time. Social media tools like Social Champ help you keep track of analytics of each post separately.

If you have a conventional look at your startup's social media metrics, you will know the do's and don'ts of your startup's social media marketing strategy.

Utilize the Trends

Facebook and Twitter present you with complete insights concerning the top trends on social media. Use this information to make a social media marketing plan for your startup. You necessitate to keep an eye on all the latest trends and see which one you can capitalize according to your brand. Social Champ not only helps you curate content through suggestions of trends, but it also helps generate top trending hashtags once a word is mentioned!

Think outside the box and always do experiments with your social activities, you can learn a lot from practical knowledge rather than book knowledge.