Travel and Social Media - A Match Made in Digital Heaven!

Plan vacations, attend meetings and conferences, explore new locations by booking your essentials through social media!

Let Your Customers Be Your Best Sales Force!

Travel lies in the same field. Not only can people voice their opinions and experiences, but they can also put in a good word for the travel service that they choose!

There are things in life that people believe only through the word of mouth!

Reforming the concept of shopping
Generate Traffic, Increase Sales

Revolutionize Travel Industry Through Social Media

From traversing destinations to booking tours and sharing trips, social media activities have become indispensable to today’s digital travelers. The most eager among vacation-goers are millennials, who are known to be the biggest spenders while traveling and are reported to be the most active ones on social media.

73% of people procure vacation ideas from social media platforms!

Experience Traveling with Your Heart on Your Sleeves!

Showcase the Current Hottest Places and Spots To Be At!

Attract potential travelers with eye-catchy pictures! It also works as a public relations medium to show that you are a master in your field and that others can trust you. What you can do is use an automation tool like Social Champ to help you schedule these pictures in bulk all over your social media, so you don’t skip out on a day or two of posts!

The interactive nature of social media means that customers can ask questions directly, something they won’t get on a website.

It’s Not Just About The Destination, It’s About the Journey Too!

Learning about your audiences is crucial to relate to them! You need to make sure that they know each and every detail of the potential trip that they might take. When you know exactly what will capture the attention of your customers, that could really make the difference.

89% of millennials plan their travel activities and tours based on content posted by their peers about their journey online.

Social media is Key to Discovery.

What we learn from all the luxurious pictures flooding Instagram and Pinterest is that social media has the power to transform the idea of discovery that people were conventionally used to! So, the new discovery of places that people are making nowadays is why social media plays a vital role in tourism nowadays! Travel agencies should use that to their leverage and use social media tools like Social Champ to schedule posts according to the new places being discovered!

Very soon, we’ll see that social media will be influencing 80-90% of decisions people are going to make to discover the world on their terms!

Glad To Be At Service!

The vast preponderance brands have a social media signifies that is being used to make aware of and, when needed, to provide help to unsatisfied or confused customers. 97% of millennials have posted videos or images from their tours on their social media, this world is a sea for travelers looking to find their motivation, and for brands looking to grasp them in the right place at the right time. Communicate with your audience to ensure them of how safe and competent your agency really is when it comes to travel!

The companies that respond to complaints in a sincere and genuine manner develop a strong reputation among current and potential customers.

Loyalty Charms!

Since social media and travel agencies are joining forces to make a change in how marketing campaigns used to run earlier, deals and loyalty memberships are rolling in drastically! As behavior and ages of the consumers change, and visual and audiovisual content is ruling the Internet, agencies have swooped in with exciting opportunities to target the people who could end up being their most satisfied guests. You can attract the audience with posts that contain Gifs and royalty-free images that are available on Social Champ!

Customers, when satisfied, will be emotionally involved in your brand and will endorse you happily!