Every social media platform is rolling out new AI features, and LinkedIn has recently made an update in this area. The platform announced a new initiative to simplify job seeking with AI assistance. This initiative will include features like conversational job search, enhanced job application processes, and LinkedIn learning tools, among others.

LinkedIn’s enhanced job search introduces new opportunities for job seekers through AI tools. These include AI-based job application feedback, conversational queries, and improved cover letters. These tools can be instrumental in discovering new job opportunities.

“Imagine finding an expert in their field and having a one-to-one conversation on topics they specialize in, like negotiation, well-being, or business strategy. While most professionals would love that kind of access to help them grow, not everyone has that opportunity. So, we’re beginning to pilot the ability to get personalized practical advice instantly from industry-leading business leaders & coaches on LinkedIn Learning, all powered by AI. The responses you’ll receive are trained by experts and represent a blend of insights that are personalized to each learner’s unique needs.” — LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is also launching new learning courses powered by AI tools, allowing professionals to share their knowledge with users. While these updates can simplify job searching for job seekers, they may pose some challenges for recruiters.

Introducing AI-based features can lead to some issues, as some job seekers might misuse these tools to misrepresent their experience. Despite this potential drawback, LinkedIn is moving forward with the update, aiming to make the platform as advanced as possible.

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