A few months ago, LinkedIn announced that it would upgrade the link preview feature on some posts—well! It has finally happened.

However, this is only for organic posts made by users on LinkedIn. The sponsored posts will remain the same and show full-size images like before.

Here’s what LinkedIn has mentioned in regards to the new image size:

“When a LinkedIn Page admin posts on their Page, it’s known as an organic post. A super or content admin can choose to sponsor an organic post on their Page in an ad campaign or boost a post from their LinkedIn Page, which will extend its reach beyond the Page’s followers to a broader target audience. 

As shown in the following image, when an organic post becomes a Sponsored Content ad, the ad looks different from the original organic post. The difference is that the small thumbnail preview image shown in the organic post is converted to an image with a minimum of 360 x 640 pixels and a maximum of 2430 x 4320 pixels.”

Screenshot of LinkedIn Link Preview in Posts

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