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Ace your local marketing games by keeping your Google My Business page up-to-date. Automate your Google My Business posts right now!

Schedule for Times Ahead!

How awesome would it be to just schedule Google My Business posts for a week, a month, even a year for all your social media platforms in one place? Social Champ offers its services to make your work better, simpler and so much more fun!

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Keep a Lookout on Analytics

Our analytics assist you in keeping track of your posts and their activity. You can measure the overall performance of your posts and repost the top performing content easily.

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Drive Visitors To Your Website

Add Call-To-Actions through Social Champ to your Google My Business posts to encourage visitors to check out your site, product page or social profile!

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Post On Your Own Timings

QUEUE and QNEXT features give you the power to set custom timings for all your social profiles. Select the time slots for your posts, save the timings, now simply add your posts in the queue. Your posts will be scheduled based on your set timings.

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Aim For More Than Just Your Fans

Post updates and share news to your local Google My Business posts and listings and let every visitor take notice of your business!

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Industry Hashtags

If you want your post to reach a wider audience, use 5 to 10 relevant hashtags, avoiding the most common or mainstream ones. Social Champ offers a variety of hashtags relevant to your content through the software!

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Rank higher on Google Search Results

Regular updates on your Google My Business listing make Google rank your business higher on its search results pages - so your customers can find your business easily!

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