A Better Way to Schedule LinkedIn Posts

Manage all your LinkedIn profiles and company pages from one place. Create, Upload, and Schedule Posts on LinkedIn, Publish and Analysis of multiple LinkedIn accounts - all from one tool.

Search and Upload Images Directly

Tired of downloading and uploading images? Now you can search for watermark-free images within Social Champ’s app to make your work even more comfortable and fun!

Serach and upload images

Get Content Suggestions Before Posting

Get the stream of best, most popular, and latest content ideas, including articles, newsletters, blogs, or pictures to add directly to your LinkedIn posts. Go to suggestions, type anything you want, (for example, “LinkedIn Marketing”) there will be a lot of good quality stories related ready for you to share.

content suggestion

Use Hashtag Suggestions to Improve Your Reach

Use industry-related hashtags with hashtag suggestions according to the text that you compose! Add as many hashtags as you like and connect with your LinkedIn audience more effectively in no time!

Hashtag suggestion

Get Your Own Schedule

Make your own custom schedule for posting on LinkedIn. With QUEUE and QNEXT features, you can set your own schedule by saving the timeslots. Save it once, add your posts to queue to get them to publish on your custom timings for next time onwards.

Schedule Post on LinkedIn

Share Your LinkedIn Profiles and Pages with Team Members

Work with your team members on the same platform without sharing passwords. Add your team members by clicking on “My Team” and inviting them to manage your LinkedIn profile and business pages. Assign tasks to the team members or departments with Team feature and get them all under one software.

Share LinkedIn Profiles with team

Measure Your Performance

Keep track of your LinkedIn posts and their activities in our analytics section. Measure the overall performance of your posts, track the engagement on each post, and repost the top performing content easily.

Linkedin Analytics

Auto Post your Favorite RSS Feeds to LinkedIn

RSS feeds will help you in linking your favorite blogs to your social profiles. Add the RSS link of any website, the system will automatically check the feed for new content and will auto post based on your selected frequency. You can change, edit, or pause auto posting whenever you wish to.

Auto Post on Linked In

Schedule Posts on LinkedIn in Bulk

No need to schedule your posts one by one. Get it done in one go. Schedule hundreds of LinkedIn posts through CVS template in bulk. Go to Bulk Uploader and select your LinkedIn profile or page, download the template, and edit it with your content. Upload the CSV File, and there you go!

Post bulk on Linked In