Fill Your Board With Creatives Through Pinterest Pin Scheduler!

Social Champ lets you keep your board fresh and attractive and keeps your audience interested in your content while being a Pinterest scheduling tool.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Through Direct Links on the Pins

Social Champ lets you link your pins directly to your blog. So the link will directly pop up when the pin is clicked, instead of going through the link in the bio of the pin!

Pinterest Direct Link

Use Several Hashtags

To drive relevant traffic you need relevant content! Use the suggested hashtags that Social Champ offers to relate your content to the audience! Hashtags create relevancy and helps your brand interact with the audience without being too obvious!

Pinterest Hashtags

Share Directly Through the Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension of Social Champ enables you to share pictures directly from the source to your board with your blog link on the pin through the Pinterest post scheduler!

Pinterest Chrome Extension

Bulk Up on Pins and Schedule Them From One Place

With Pinterest pin scheduler on Social Champ, you can schedule weeks, months, even a year worth of content for your Pinterest board.

Pinterest Bulk Schedule

Pump Up The Pins With Content Suggestions

Suggestions make your board fun and relatable. You can easily find the content suggestions that you get through Social Champ! All you need to do is start typing the word you’re looking the blog for, and VOILA!

Pinterest Pin Hashtags

Schedule Your Pins To Stay Ahead Of Time!

Schedule with Pinterest scheduling tool and be free to enjoy the good things in life without worrying about posting your pins in time for your audience to be present and active!

Pinterest Schedule Pins