Uplift Your Business Through Scheduling Twitter Posts

Grow your audience by conversing with them regularly through your scheduled tweets, monitoring your Twitter automated posts, posting gifs and videos on Twitter, all at one place!

Upload Videos Directly on Twitter

Let the creative juices flow and create videos that appeal to your audience. and post or schedule them through Social Champ. Using a Twitter automation tool will help you be constant in posting your content!

Upload Twitter Videos

Repeat Your Tweets To Outshine the Rest

Repeating social media posts is a very effective way that can solve almost every marketer’s problems. Repeating tweets will not only familiarize your audience with your brand but also compel them to click on your links to finally discover what the frenzy is all about!

Repeat your tweets

Mention People to Personalize the Tweet

Whenever you mention a handle (username) of a person in your content that is to be scheduled on Social Champ, it automatically helps you tag that particular person in your Twitter automated posts!

Twitter Tags, Twitter Mentions

Schedule Tweets In Large Quantity

With the help of Bulk Uploader, schedule loads of tweets, for a week, a month or even a year! Scheduling Twitter posts in advance will let you have more time to try out other marketing strategies!

Twitter Bulk Upload

Tweet With GIFs

What better way to relate to your audience than a playful GIF here and there? Easily search, schedule, and share videos, and GIFs on Twitter right from Social Champ! Keep your tweets fresh and in sync with the trends!

Tweet with GIFs

Groovy Hashtags

Hashtags provide insight into content that naturally performs well. They are a way to connect to the audience. Social Champ offers a range of hashtags that can help you in making your posts relatable!

Twitter Hashtags

Advanced Analytics

Track engagement and interactions on the tweets you've shared, so you know how well your content is being received and how it is performing across all over the Twitter platform.

Twitter Analytics

Get Content from Your Favorite Blogs Posted Directly

A Twitter automation tool is the best solution to share the content related to your marketing strategies and business through the RSS feed feature, which connects the blogs of your choice to your profiles, and auto posts new blogs directly through Social Champ.

Twitter RSS Feeds

Upload - Schedule - RECYCLE!

Upload content (like quotations, etc.) in bulk and schedule it to be posted according to the dates and days that you allot. And as soon as all the content has been posted according to the schedule, Social Champ will recycle the entire chain of content and post from the start!

Twitter Schedule Tweets

Posts Tailored to Your Liking!

You can search Social Champ for blogs of your liking and it will suggest you articles that you might like to post on your profiles. This will help you easily visualize and plan your upcoming social media content!

Twitter Curated Content