The Right Project Management Tool For Your Operations

Whether you are a small team working from an office, or a team of teams distributed across the world, you need to keep track of the time invested in various project activities.

While you can have each member prepare a spreadsheet, a better solution is to have a task tracking platform that shows what each member is doing and how much time has been invested in a particular project.

If you are in the market for such a tool, let us introduce you to ProofHub, a simple yet powerful platform that makes working together as a team easier. As a result, you can create an environment of transparency where everybody knows who’s working on what and what tasks have been accomplished.

ProofHub gives you everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach your goals.

What is ProofHub?

ProofHub is a project management and collaboration software that helps teams keep track of everything through a central platform. As a result, the teams can easily sort through the clutter and visualize their everyday tasks seamlessly.

Managers need to keep tabs on where the time invested by each individual of their team is going, who is working on what, and how much resources are being spent on every task. Being a shared space, ProofHub keeps everyone focused on the same goals so that teams can work together efficiently and deliver outstanding results.

It has a very gentle learning curve, thanks to an uncluttered interface, and the availability of the platform in several languages including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, and Polish.

What Does It Do?

  • ProofHub offers a central platform for all your project-related needs such as file sharing, resource management, team members, and communication.
  • It helps you assign, organize, and prioritize work transparently.
  • Within the platform, every important piece of information is in the right place so that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Managers can have a bird’ eye view of the progress and quickly determine whether the team is on the right track.
  • With ProofHub, you can make sure that the work is done right on time and stay ahead of your deadlines.
  • ProofHub allows you to easily communicate your goals to the team and ensure that everybody puts in maximum effort and stays on the same page.
  • You can easily manage project-related files and documents with ProofHub.

The ProofHub Features

ProofHub is known as an all-in-one tool for a reason. Right from creating a project, assigning tasks, keeping track of progress, communicating with your team to ultimately delivering your projects right on time, ProofHub has all the features you need to get your work done efficiently.

Workflows: With ProofHub, you will be able to use, reuse, edit and modify your workflows any way you want. These workflows can be visualized with Kanban boards that help you sort through tasks with “task cards” that store task descriptions and custom fields.

Table View: If you deal with a lot of data and want to manage it from a single window, the table view is your best bet. It helps you manage a lot of data seamlessly in the form of comprehensive lists. You can edit, filter, and sort these lists as per your requirements.

Gantt Charts: With the help of Gantt Charts, teams can easily plan their projects, modify schedules, and visualize tasks in a timeline view. You can even set task dependencies, highlight critical paths, associate milestones, track progress, drag and drop tasks as the projects evolve.

Notes: This is a particularly great feature meant for teams that like to record and document everything. Notes are one feature that allows teams to create different notebooks that help store information about different discussion points.

Chat: ProofHub is among the very few tools that offer the users a platform for seamless communication. ProofHub stands out from all the task/project management tools since it has an in-built chat feature. This feature allows both one-on-one instant messaging and group chats.

Proofing: Here’s what ProofHub has that blows its competitors right out of the water – Proofing. Proofing facilitates active annotation and mark-up features that help in providing actionable feedback. Even the smallest of changes can be implemented with the in-built proofing tool.

Mobile App: ProofHub makes it easy for teams to manage their work on the go. With ProofHub’s mobile app, teams can stay on top of their work from wherever they are. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Project Templates: With ProofHub’s project templates, teams can save loads of time by filling in all their critical data and get their work done in time without having to create a project template right from scratch.

File management: ProofHub lets you bring all your files and documents to one place. You can simply upload the file and get it saved in a safe place. Whether it is your design files, images, PDFs, or any other format that your team uses, you can easily store them all in one place and access them whenever you want.

Discussions: You have a dedicated space where you can have real-time conversations with your team members. You can even add files and attachments to it.

Integrations: ProofHub allows you to connect with the tools your team uses every day so that you can make sure that nothing is stuck. At the moment, ProofHub supports the following tools:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Calendar and iCal
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Slack
  • Freshbooks/Freshbooks Classics
  • QuickBooks

Who Is It For?

ProofHub is suitable for any organization that has teams working towards a shared goal and wish to manage projects efficiently in one place. ProofHub can be used by organizations of all sizes and types where teams, right from leadership to individual contributors, wish to move faster and focus on the things that actually do their best work.


ProofHub does not charge a per-user fee, making it quite economical for businesses that want to operate globally without investing too much. When you sign up for ProofHub, it provides you a 14-day trial which can be extended for some more time if you wish.

After the trial is over, teams can choose from two of ProofHub’s paid plans: Ultimate and Essential. The ultimate control plan starts at $89/month with all the core features of ProofHub. It lets you work on unlimited projects and provides you 100GB of space. You can work with as many people as you want at a single price.

The essential plan starts at $45/month. It lets you work on 40 projects and provides you a space of 15GB.

What Sets the Product Apart From Other Competitors?

What sets ProofHub apart from other project management software is its capabilities to provide its customers with everything they need to manage their teams and projects effortlessly in one place. Right from task management, communication, collaboration, file management, approval, and proofing to progress tracking, ProofHub provides you solutions for everything at your fingertips.

Also, there is no per-user fee, so you can add as many users as you want without paying any extra charges. Being an all-in-one solution at a flat price is something that helps ProofHub stand out from the crowd.

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