Who Are the Top 15 Virtual Influencers You Should Follow in 2024?

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Who would’ve thought the day would come when we’d be following not just people, but AI models on social media too!

In 2024, virtual influencers have become more than just animated characters on our screens. They’ve transformed into digital icons, shaping trends, sparking conversations, and attracting audiences worldwide. From their creative personas to their engaging content strategies, virtual influencers are redefining what it means to be an influencer in the current world.

The world of social media management and content creation has taken a fascinating turn with the rise of virtual personalities. These computer-generated avatars are captivating audiences on social media, promoting brands, and even advocating for social causes.

Whether you’re interested in fashion, gaming, or just curious about the future of influence, there’s a virtual influencer out there for you. In this article, we are going to disclose the top 15 virtual influencers that everyone should follow in 2024.

Let’s get started!

What Are Virtual Influencers?

Virtual influencers are digital personas or characters created using computer-generated imagery (CGI) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Unlike traditional influencers who are real individuals, virtual influencers are entirely fictional or semi-fictional entities designed to interact with audiences on social media platforms.

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These virtual influencers are often crafted with specific personalities, styles, and backstories, making them seem like real individuals to their followers. They can be designed to represent various demographics, interests, and niche markets, allowing brands and creators to target specific audiences effectively.

One of the key advantages of virtual influencers is their versatility and scalability. They can be programmed to engage in a wide range of activities, from promoting products and services to participating in social causes or even starring in digital entertainment content like music videos or short films.

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How Virtual Influencers Impact Brands

The influencer marketing world is no stranger to change, and the rise of virtual influencers (VIs) is no exception. These computer-generated personalities are shaking things up but how do VIs impact brands?

Let’s discuss this in detail.

  1. Targeted Audience Reach

    Virtual influencers allow brands to reach highly targeted audiences. By aligning the virtual influencer’s persona with the brand’s target demographic, companies can connect with consumers who are more likely to engage with their products or services.

  2. Brand Authenticity

    Virtual influencers offer a level of brand authenticity that is carefully curated and controlled. Brands can shape the virtual influencer’s personality, values, and messaging to reflect their own, creating a consistent brand image across social media platforms.

  3. Global Appeal

    Virtual influencers transcend geographical boundaries, making them ideal for brands with a global audience. They can speak multiple languages, adapt to different cultural contexts, and resonate with diverse consumer segments, helping brands expand their reach and market penetration.

  4. Innovative Partnerships

    Collaborating with virtual influencers opens doors to innovative partnerships. Brands can explore cross-promotional opportunities, co-creation of digital content, virtual events, and even integrate virtual influencers into augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) experiences for immersive brand experiences.

  5. A Bridge to the Metaverse

    As the metaverse takes shape, VIs are perfectly positioned to be brand ambassadors in this virtual space. They can seamlessly integrate with virtual worlds, creating unique and interactive marketing experiences for future audiences.

  6. Data-Driven Insights

    Virtual influencers generate valuable data and insights that brands can use for strategic decision-making. Analytics on engagement rates, audience demographics, content performance, and sentiment analysis can inform marketing strategies and optimize campaign effectiveness.

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List of Top 15 Virtual Influencers

Virtual influencers (VIs) are taking social media by storm, and we’re here to introduce you to the top 15 you should be following in 2024. From fashionistas to fitness gurus, get ready to discover a whole new crew of trendsetting avatars!

  1. Lil Miquela

    Lil Miquela’s content covers a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, music, lifestyle, and social issues. She shares outfit inspiration, makeup tutorials, music releases, behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life, and collaborations with brands and artists.

    Lil Miquela’s success as a virtual influencer stems from her ability to connect with her audience authentically, push boundaries in digital art and storytelling, and use her platform to promote positivity, inclusivity, and creativity.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  2. Noonoouri

    Noonoouri is a virtual fashionista who focuses on sustainable fashion and inclusivity. Her Instagram feed showcases stunning visuals while promoting important messages about environmental consciousness and diversity in the fashion industry.

    Her ability to blend artistry, storytelling, and advocacy has solidified her position as a leading virtual influencer in the world of fashion and digital artistry.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  3. Imma

    Imma is a Japanese virtual model and influencer known for her realistic appearance and versatile fashion choices. She often collaborates with brands and designers, creating visually appealing content that resonates with a global audience.

    Imma’s audience includes fans of anime and Japanese pop culture, digital art enthusiasts, fashion-forward individuals, and tech-savvy users intrigued by virtual influencers.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  4. Shudu

    Shudu is a digital supermodel created by photographer Cameron-James Wilson. Her photorealistic images and fashion shoots have gained widespread attention, highlighting the intersection of technology and art in the world of digital modeling.

    Her partnerships range from fashion editorials and brand collaborations to digital art projects and social impact initiatives. Brands value Shudu’s ability to embody their aesthetic vision while also promoting diversity and positive messaging.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  5. Body by Ralph

    Body by Ralph is a virtual influencer who embodies a passion for fitness, wellness, and healthy living. Ralph’s persona could reflect attributes like dedication, motivation, positivity, and a love for physical activity.

    The content shared by “Body by Ralph” could include workout routines, fitness tips, healthy meal ideas, mental wellness advice, motivational messages, and insights into maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  6. Astro

    Astro embodies the essence of futuristic innovation, curiosity, and exploration. This virtual influencer is portrayed as a space explorer or a digital avatar from a technologically advanced society, reflecting traits like intelligence, adaptability, and a thirst for knowledge about the cosmos and emerging technologies.

    Astro’s audience consists of tech enthusiasts, science lovers, futurists, students, and individuals interested in space exploration and cutting-edge technology. The influencer engages with followers through thought-provoking content, interactive experiences, and discussions about the possibilities and challenges of the future.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  7. Barbie

    Barbie is an iconic virtual influencer inspired by the famous Barbie doll. She embodies fashion, glamor, and positivity, promoting self-confidence and inclusivity.Barbie shares content related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and empowerment. Her posts often feature stylish outfits, makeup tutorials, inspirational quotes, and messages of self-love.

    While Barbie herself isn’t a virtual influencer, she has a significant influence on fashion, pop culture, and the toy industry, inspiring generations of individuals with her diverse representations and aspirational themes.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  8. Any Malu

    Any Malu is a virtual influencer known for her energetic personality, humor, and relatable content. She connects with her audience through comedic skits, challenges, and storytelling.

    Any Malu’s content often revolves around comedy, entertainment, and everyday life experiences. She addresses trending topics, social issues, and pop culture humorously and engagingly.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  9. Rozy

    Rozy is a virtual influencer known for her futuristic and edgy style. She embodies creativity, technology, and avant-garde fashion, attracting a niche audience interested in innovation.

    Rozy’s content features experimental fashion looks, digital artistry, and technology showcases. She explores themes related to virtual reality, cyberculture, and the intersection of fashion and technology.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  10. Bermuda

    Bermuda is a virtual influencer with a mysterious and enigmatic persona. She embodies intrigue, creativity, and a sense of mystique, engaging her audience through storytelling and visual aesthetics. Bermuda’s collaborations often involve storytelling campaigns, mystery-themed experiences, and partnerships that leverage her aura of intrigue.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  11. Lu do Magalu

    Lu do Magalu is a virtual influencer representing the Magazine Luiza brand in Brazil. She embodies a friendly, helpful, and tech-savvy persona, showcasing products and services offered by the brand. Lu do Magalu’s virtual presence strengthens the brand’s online presence, enhances customer engagement, and promotes products and services in an interactive and relatable manner.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  12. Kyra

    Kyra is a virtual influencer known for her vibrant and energetic persona. She embodies positivity, creativity, and youthfulness, creating content that inspires and uplifts her audience. Kyra’s audience includes young adults, lifestyle enthusiasts, content creators, and individuals seeking inspiration and positivity online.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  13. Maria

    Maria is a virtual influencer known for her elegant and sophisticated persona. She embodies timeless beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, showcasing a blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

    Maria’s audience comprises fashion enthusiasts, beauty lovers, home decor enthusiasts, and individuals interested in refined living. She appeals to those who appreciate style, elegance, and attention to detail.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  14. Lechat

    Lechat is a virtual influencer known for her quirky and playful persona. She embodies creativity, artistry, and a love for all things whimsical and colorful. Lechat’s collaborations with art supplies brands, creative workshops, DIY kits, and colorful products showcase her influence in the art and creativity space.

    She inspires her audience to explore their artistic side and engage with brands that promote self-expression and creativity.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  15. Ailynn

    Ailynn is a virtual influencer known for her wellness-focused persona. She embodies health, fitness, mindfulness, and holistic living, promoting a balanced and well-rounded lifestyle.

    Ailynn’s audience comprises health enthusiasts, fitness seekers, wellness advocates, and individuals interested in holistic living. She appeals to those who value physical health, mental wellness, and self-improvement.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram

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Wrapping It Up!

In 2024, the world of virtual influencers continues to dazzle and inspire with a diverse array of personalities and talents. From fashion icons and tech innovators to wellness advocates and artistic visionaries, the top 15 virtual influencers of this year offer a glimpse into the future of digital influence and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration, tech insights, artistic expression, or wellness guidance, these virtual luminaries have something unique to offer.

By following their journeys, engaging with their content, and exploring their collaborations, you can stay connected to the cutting edge of digital culture and find inspiration to enhance your own digital experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Future of Virtual Influencers?

The future of virtual influencers is poised for exponential growth and innovation. As technology continues to advance, virtual influencers will become even more lifelike, interactive, and integrated into everyday experiences. We can expect to see virtual influencers utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their capabilities, such as personalized interactions, real-time responsiveness, and hyper-targeted content creation.

2. What Brands Are Using Virtual Influencers?

Numerous brands across various industries are harnessing the power of virtual influencers to connect with their target audiences in innovative ways. Fashion brands like Balmain and Gucci have collaborated with virtual influencers to showcase their latest collections and reach a younger demographic. Even non-profit organizations and social causes have leveraged virtual influencers to raise awareness and drive social impact campaigns.

3. How Many AI Influencers Are There?

The exact number of AI influencers is difficult to quantify due to the rapid growth and evolving nature of the digital influencer landscape. However, it’s estimated that there are hundreds of AI social media influencers across various platforms, with new ones emerging regularly.

4. Who Is the Most Popular AI Influencer?

One of the most popular AI influencers currently is Lil Miquela (@lilmiquela). She has garnered a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, with millions of fans worldwide.

5. Can AI Replace Influencers?

AI influencers are definitely blowing up, but they’re not here to steal the show from real people. Human influencers bring that real-life spark, genuine connections, and fresh takes that AI just can’t quite capture. But that doesn’t mean AI influencers are useless! In the end, the future might be all about these two kinds of influencers working together, each playing to their strengths to create experiences that are awesome for both fans and brands.
Picture of Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah is a seasoned social media marketing expert with a proven track record of helping brands boost their online presence. Her innovative strategies and insights have driven success for numerous businesses.

Who Are the Top 15 Virtual Influencers You Should Follow in 2024?

Picture of Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah is a seasoned social media marketing expert with a proven track record of helping brands boost their online presence. Her innovative strategies and insights have driven success for numerous businesses.

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