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It’s Whackadoodle Time


“It’s whackadoodle time” is a playful expression often used on social media to describe something absurd. “whack” signifies craziness, while “doodle” adds a sense of whimsy or nonsense. Together, they convey a lighthearted acknowledgment of something bizarre or outlandish. 

This phrase is typically employed to humorously highlight the absurdity of a situation or idea. For example, someone might post a picture of a wacky outfit and caption it with, “It’s whackadoodle time!” to convey a sense of playful amusement or bemusement at the eccentricity of the attire.


“Alex, look! My pet is wearing a miniature top hat and sunglasses. Let me post it on   social media with the caption, “It’s whackadoodle time!” 

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