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Make The Most Of Your Marketing With Twitter Scheduling Tool

Twitter Automation - Publish And Schedule Tweets

Publish And Schedule Tweets

Use the Twitter automation tool to create content and schedule customized tweets for different Twitter profiles. A Twitter scheduling tool enables you to either schedule tweets using a custom timeline or a queue timeslot. With the scheduling options, set a time-frequency to suit your posting calendar. View all scheduled posts in a calendar view to drag-drop or repeat posts at any time. 

  • Curate custom content to post with the best tweet scheduler for maximum reach.
  • View all past and scheduled posts with the all-in-one calendar.
  • Use a queue to set time slots for the tweets to go up.
Publish the Content

Bulk Schedule & Auto RSS Feeds

Connect websites with profiles using Twitter automation feature Auto RSS for consistent posting and higher reach. Take out the extra manual labor from queuing and scheduling posts piece-by-piece by uploading content in bulk with one CSV file. Include RSS links, images, and text along with a timeline using the bulk uploader.

  • Schedule content in bulk to go up with regular intervals.
  • Set the custom frequency for posting through Auto RSS feed.
  • Connect with either a personal blog or an external link.
bulk uploader csv final
Twitter Automation - Bulk Schedule & Auto RSS Feeds
Twitter Automation - Find, Organize, And Save Hashtags

Find, Organize, And Save Hashtags

Take out the manual effort from retyping hashtags for each post using Social Champ’s best tweet scheduler. Find and save trending and fitting hashtags using the Hashtag Manager. Create and save groups of hashtags to reuse them in campaigns or future posts directly within the content composer. 

  • Build a bigger Twitter community and boost engagement with hashtags.
  • Mention businesses with custom Twitter handle to increase reach.
  • Save sets of frequently used hashtags to save time and effort.

Team Collaboration And Post Approvals

With Twitter automation, stay on the same page as other teammates and do more with less effort. Share access for selective Twitter profile functions to ensure that everyone is clear about their role in the team. Ensure seamless workflows with post approvals to reduce errors in posts. 

  • Assign roles, such as “admin,” “author,” “editor,” and “custom.”
  • Enable post approvals to keep a check on scheduled posts.
  • Create workspaces with social profiles used together frequently.
team collaboration 2
Twitter Automation - Team Collaboration And Post Approvals
Retweet & Recycle

An average life of a tweet is pretty small. But with the retweet and recycle feature, you can make use of your old evergreen tweets for maximum engagement so that none of your content goes to waste!

Multiple images

Twitter automation at its finest using multiple photos to accompany your text-based tweets. Use in-app visual integrations to design, edit, import, and schedule images within the dashboard.

Twitter Handle Mentions

Using Twitter automation with Social Champ, you can mention influencers or literally anyone else with the powerful content dashboard. This increases your chances of higher engagement.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the sentiments of all your Twitter posts to maintain a uniform brand voice within the 280 characters. This creates a consistent image across all channels and presents a better picture.

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Customer Testimonials

Hands down the number one thing I like the most about Social Champ is their integration with GMB, I can easily add and schedule Google My Business posts. Not many software are offering this type of feature.
Josh Bernthold
Agency Owner, The Hotshot group
I've been using Social Champ for about a year and I really love it. This scheduler handles enough volume to allow me to handle all my important social accounts. Scheduling before Social Champ was a nightmare; it offered up new ways to share content; quick to respond whenever there is an issue.
June Brewer
June Brewer
Co-Editor at Georgia Dressage
You get all the features you would normally get from any social media management tool. I'm a big fan of integrations specifically the free media library which also offers image editing before posting it to my social accounts.
Jorge Edel
Jorge Edel A.
CEO Veeme Media
Social Champ has been my main social media management software to repeat my posts. It saves me a lot of time. I really like the flexibility of options when it comes to scheduling out content. Mainly it's feature to schedule repeat content and it’s ability to automatically delete the previous post.
Fred V
Owner, Marketing and Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter automation is the process of automating tasks such as direct messages, scheduling tweets, replying to mentions, following, and unfollowing.

Using Twitter automation, you can schedule tweets well in advance using tools such as Social Champ.

With Social Champ, you can either schedule tweets to go every day at once using bulk upload, or you can manually do it each week. 

Yes, Twitter automation allows you to post at the best time, which boosts engagement and helps you build a better Twitter community. 

Yes, you can schedule single tweets from the platform itself and multiple tweets to go at different times using a Twitter scheduling tool like Social Champ. 

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