What's Happening at Social Champ?

We’re always looking to improve our users’ experience based on the feedback from our customers.
Find all the requested new features, updates, fixes, and other developments in Social Champ here.

December 2019


Engage - Social Inbox

A new product where you can connect all your social profiles and respond from one single place. Right now available for our current customers in the BETA version.


Team Feature Revamp

More powers are given to team members with respect to permissions and access.


GMB Support in Bulk Upload

You can now schedule Google My Business posts via bulk uploading.


New Updates in Mobile App

Our team feature is available in Social Champ’s mobile app now for both iOS and Android.


Calendar Day View Support

You can see your posts in the calendar view in hours too. The calendar view gives monthly, weekly and daily options now.

November 2019


Feature Added: Workspace

You can now group together accounts in one folder, based on clients, or interests, or social media platforms, etc. This will help you keep your social media platforms organized and will quicken your work.


Link Preview Fixed

Better and improved link preview now shows the title, image and meta description of the link given.


More Fixtures in Queue Tab

Failed post filter added, and Repost option available!
You have the option to repost an Instagram post that is queued. All the failed posts can be seen, by applying the ‘Failed Posts’ filter in the queue tab.


Swapping Posts

If you have a schedule-table made, and you have your posts scheduled according to the timeslots, then you can replace the posts of other timeslots on the schedule in the Queue tab.

October 2019


Repeat Settings Are Now Saved In Database

The number of your repetitions and time gap between the posts is now saved in the database. You can view your saved setting in a different browser or PC.


Personal Account Setting

A new option ‘Account Setting’ is added. It allows you to change your profile picture, password, and name in the app.
*This feature is not applicable for users who have logged in through their social accounts.


Platform Added: Google My Business

Now you can connect your Google My Business account to Social Champ to post and schedule directly. Automate your Google My Business posts to keep your profile up-to-date.


Queue Tab Revamped

Edit and add a video in your scheduled posts. Add Google My Business call to actions while editing your scheduled posts. The queue tab now shows different types of scheduled posts. Filter your scheduled posts. Empty all at once option added.

September 2019


Custom Content Composer For Different Platforms

Tweak your content according to the platform you are posting it on!


Introduced Custom Bitly Connector

Connect your social profiles and pages with Bitly for more real-time data.

August 2019


Media Library in Social Champ Editor

A long-requested feature has finally arrived in Social Champ Editor. No need to upload the same picture again and again. You can now view all your scheduled or previously uploaded images in ‘My Library’.


View Published Posts in Analytics

View the published post directly in the analytics. Other than direct reposting from analytics, view the published post right there.


Analytics Export Include Published Post Links

The CSV file now includes the published post links as well. You will have the link to your published post in the downloaded CSV file.

July 2019


Add GIFs to your posts

Add GIFs to your posts from the featured GIFs. Search for a specific one of your liking and add it to the post.


Library of Pictures Without Watermarks

Now offering a large range of royalty-free images (without a watermark) within the app to make your work easier by every second!

June 2019


Video Posting on Twitter

Happy to announce that you can now post/schedule videos on Twitter too!.


Access Team Feature in Champ Plan

The Champ Plan has access to our Team Feature. Offering 20% on upgrading your package now.

May 2019


Custom Login Option

Other than your social accounts, you can log in with any email address on Social Champ’s desktop and mobile app. No social accounts required.


Introducing Hashtag Suggestions

Use industry-related hashtags that Social Champ suggests according to the text that you compose. Providing lists of hashtags appearing according to the niche.

April 2019


Video Support in Bulk Upload

Bulk uploading feature supports video too. Upload your videos in bulk using the CSV file.


Mentions & Tags On Twitter & Facebook

Tag any of the Facebook pages in your posts within the app. Twitter mentions are also available. Compose your tweets by tagging different Facebook pages and Twitter profiles directly.


Video Support in Recycle Feature

Recycle content feature supports video too. Add videos in your collections.

March 2019


Re-Authorization Notification

Re-authorization simplified by sending a notification to the user in the app.


Added Further Repeating Options

Repeat content feature is not limited to just hours. Repeat your content for days, weeks, and months too.

February 2019


LinkedIn Image Support

Post and schedule images on LinkedIn using Social Champ.

January 2019


Empty Recycle Collection

Empty the recycle collection in just one click.